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Marisa Shadrick

5 Ways to Tap into Your Creativity-Even When You’re Busy

We are all creative, but we need a plan. Most of us want to be creative, but there’s one BIG problem that makes it extremely difficult. We don’t have time to stimulate the right hemisphere of our brain, where creativity and imagination live. Yes, it’s a brain thing. Unfortunately, producing heart-felt creative work isn’t like the magical goose that produced

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Stop Serving Lunch When People Want Breakfast

How in the world is this a marketing tip? Don’t give your audience what they don’t want or you will disappoint them or even lose them as a follower. Stay True to Your Audience 1. What problem can you solve for them? 2. What questions are they asking? 3. What quick win could you provide for them? If you’re not

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Daily Resilience and How it’s Part of Your Story

A Clear Identity Leads to Resilience Two fundamental questions will shape your life and lead to resilience. First, who do I say God is? Secondly, who do I say I am? The first question may generate a theological answer—an explanation from the study of God. But a better response is found within our hearts. This requires reflection and draws from

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The 5 Daily Power Habits for Resilience

So much of life can be left to chance rather than seeing it as a precious gift and maximizing all of who we are into an outcome that has no room for regrets. The Daily 5 for a Healthy Life Rhythm 1. Cultivate – Ourselves 2. Connect – We were meant to be in a community and not to live

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Create Change for Resilience

What stops you from fulfilling your dreams? Let me share a common problem and how you can overcome this obstacle. This is GOLD, and it’s what helped me overcome feelings of insecurity, fear, and limiting beliefs. In this broadcast, I give you a glimpse of my past struggles, but more importantly, how to create positive change in your life. Become

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