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How to Position Your Products in a Crowded Market and Succeed

How to Position Your Products in a Crowded Market

Have you struggled to position your products in a crowded market? Does it feel impossible to get noticed and earn revenue?   Whatever you offer, there’s probably someone offering something similar. There’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You need to position your products for success. By now, you know what problem you solve

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Online Success with One Action--Hire a Strategy Coach

Online Success with One Action: Hire a Business Strategy Coach

Audio Version [audio_player style=”1″ url=”″] Everyone needs a Business Strategy Coach. Within your business, it’s difficult to self-assess to find areas of deficiency that need development. That’s why you need a business strategy coach. Bloggers, speakers, and service-based entrepreneurs often delay acquiring a business coach. They think a professional coach is for well-established brands with large teams. Deep down, they

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Write a Killer About Page and Engage Your Audience

Write a Killer “About” Page and Engage Your Audience

Your About page can engage your audience! The behind-the-scenes story that got you to where you are matters. Your journey and the discoveries within that story are important. It has value, and it becomes the first step toward audience connection.   The Power of Your Brand Story Don’t underestimate your story. It’s powerful, and here’s why. It Serves as an

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Mindset Matters: How to Cultivate Healthy Mental Habits

Does Mindset Matter? When growing an online business, you’ll soon go beyond your comfort zone. Cultivate healthy mental habits for business success.   Lessons From a Spork  What is a spork? It’s a plastic utensil that is both a spoon and a fork. In Toy Story 4, a spork was introduced named Forky! The story begins with Bonnie’s first scary

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Why Google and Social Analytics Helps You Improve Your Reach

Why Google Analytics Helps You Improve Your Reach

Ahhh, Google analytics, friend or foe? It’s analytics, baby! Analytics is where the rubber meets the road. The engines are cranking out business data. If only it were that exciting! Here’s WHAT IS exciting. Google and social analytics help you improve your reach. It’s like having an employee give you current and accurate advice–for free. When used correctly, analytics can

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