Marketing Strategies for 2023

How to elevate your brand and sell more products and services–without expensive ads, excessive social media, funnels, or bots! 

Don’t play a game you can’t win. Watch this sobering one-hour training!

Complexity Doesn't Equal Value

If you believe complexity equals value, that’s an unhealthy perspective. I spent excessive hours complicating my back-end processes, programs, and services because that’s what most do online. As a result, I hit the ceiling with a full calendar that almost led to burnout.

Your skills, experience, and knowledge have a unique value. So why does growing an online business feel complicated? It’s the “Reality of Execution.” 

The reality of execution is a term I coined when we underestimate the work needed to produce expected results. It may look something like this: 

  • Unexpected complexity of integrating technology into a project
  • Excessive amount of social media, we feel pressured to create feeding an unresponsive algorithm. 
  • Ridiculous cost of ads with a negative ROI forces a solopreneur to play a game they can’t win.  


On top of that, the complicated funnels can overwhelm most.

But what if you could simplify the process and create consistent revenue? 

I can help you do that with most of your existing assets. 

Your first step is to watch the video. Then decide if you’ll be ready to exponentially grow your business with the support of a mentor and community! 

What Others are Saying...

Ray Edwards
Communications Strategist, Copywriter, & Author "How to Write Copy That Sells"

Ray Edwards

You seldom run across someone with tenacity, mental stamina, and the skillset needed to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Marisa’s passionate about helping online content creators succeed with brand clarity and online strategies. She brings communication skills in writing, speaking, and copywriting to the table so you can connect with your audience, blaze through the virtual noise, and become a resilient creator.

Mike Kim
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, "You Are the Brand"

Mike Kim

Marisa Shadrick brings razor-sharp clarity to the often vague and mysterious “personal brand” industry like no other coach out there. She’s practical, generous, whip-smart, and most importantly stands strong on her values of integrity and authenticity. I’ve worked with and personally trained Marisa in the concepts I’ve used for years in personal branding, and her skill as a coach and copywriter can help you gain the clarity you need for your business and life.

Jonathan Milligan
Blogger, Speaker, Business Coach, & Author, "Your Message Matters"

Jonathan Milligan

Marisa’s an all-star. My email marketing is my heart and soul and how I communicate my brand to the people who are in my audience.

I was blown away by the first series of emails Marisa wrote for me. Not only was it in my voice, but we had better open rates, engagement, and clicks.