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Finding daily resilience to create positive change in the world. 

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Resilient Faith Online
Resilient Faith Online
Episode #54 How to Market in a Fragile Economy
Resilient Faith Online Podcast

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No longer will the internal or external challenges of entrepreneurship keep you from achieving your goals.

Resilient Faith Online, hosted by Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter Marisa Shadrick is perfect for today’s faith-driven entrepreneur.

In this podcast, you’ll discover how to live with daily resilience as you launch your online business and grow your audience to create positive change in the world.  The podcast is a hybrid of monologue and expert interviews.

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Meet the Host

Marisa Shadrick Podcast

Marisa Shadrick

Marisa is a Ray Edwards certified copywriter and online marketing coach. 

She serves on coaching teams for Ray Edwards and Jonathan Milligan.  

“The internet is a means to bring positive change to the world. I love to rekindle the embers of suppressed dreams and ignite faith and purpose in others.” 

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Topics for consideration:

  • Overcoming Fear and Finding Daily Resilience for Success
  • How Copywriting is the secret sauce that scales a business. 
  • Stop Looking for Your Purpose and Start Living It

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