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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #12 From Doodles to Dollars
From Doodles to Dollars
From Doodles to Dollars
Are you too old to start an online business? 
Meet Anne Lafollette, an unknown superstar.
After a 25+ year career climbing the corporate ladder, Ann unexpectedly lost her job and found herself at a total loss. 


Exploring her creativity at the age of 55 was an adventure, and she quickly found that years of built-up expression emerged. Then, she discovered surface pattern design. Anne was HOOKED and still can’t wait to jump out of bed each morning to learn more and hone her skills.


Along this beautiful journey, she created a thriving entrepreneurial business providing online training & her coaching program, The Pattern Design Academy®.


In this episode, you’ll discover 
  1.  Why does corporate life pale in comparison to having an online business?
  2. How Anne found a lucrative niche in surface pattern design.
  3. How Anne went from doodle to dollars.
  4. Entrepreneurial secrets for getting started online?
  5. A motto that kept Anne going and scaled her business.
  6. Why age has nothing to do with online success
  7. How you can overcome the fear of technology.

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