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Episode #23 The Stories Behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes


The Stories Behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes

The Stories Behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes

If you need a little inspiration, this is for you.

On Sept 29th I’ll celebrate my birthday.

So I wanted to do something different for this podcast episode.

(No, I’m not offering a “flash” sale.)


I decided to share the stories behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes at @marisashadrick.copywriter.


Many of my Instagram quotes come straight out of my journal.

Some are old, and some are new, but their truths have served me well.


Heck, maybe I’m feeling a bit reflective, but…


Here’s my birthday wish.

May this episode inspire you to forge ahead with your dreams and goals.


Quote Topics include:

#1 Prayer

#2 Control

#3 Busyness

#4 Business

#5 Faith


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