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Resilient Faith Online
Episode #35 3 Reasons Why Webinars Fail and How Copy Can Help
3 Reasons Why Webinars Fail and How Copy Can Help
It’s the time of year when online entrepreneurs get ready to launch a product or service.
Typically, they’ll get the buzz out by offering a free event like a Bootcamp or Live training. These Live presentations are called webinars.


They’re excited and full of hope. Until…
  • Registration is thin
  • Attendance is low
  • Conversion is non-existant
I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Episode:
  • The Types of Copy Needed for a Webinar Launch
  • The Difference Between Creative Writing and Copywriting
  • The Secret to Stress-Free Launches
  • The Pixie Dust for Robust and Effective Copy.
  • A FREE Resource with a Copy-Planning Checklist

Find out how to access the resource.


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