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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #43 Fearless Authenticity Will Unleash Your Potential

Fearless Authenticity Will Unleash Your Potential


Did you know that circumstances can’t limit your potential, but toxic thinking can lead to regrets?

In this podcast episode, my guest Michelle Margaret Marques openly shares her journey to mindset mastery.

  • What led Michelle to begin her online adventure.
  • Take what you have and create a new vision for your business.
  • Turn losses into a foundational message for your business.
  • From Scotland to New York City to begin an exciting and “delicious discovery year.”
  • Make sense of your inner longing to find a new purpose and a fulfilling life.
  • Discover how a healthy perspective can lead to a simple yet extraordinary life.
  • It’s time to respect yourself and believe you deserve success. 


Fearless Authenticity Will Unleash Your Potential

Michelle has written and self-published two books and is among the pioneers of Rich Litvin Transition excellence ICF certified coaches and a Mindvalley certified Holobody Coach. Her methods are ahead of the cutting edge in mindset and health practices. Michelle’s style has helped hundreds of people change their mindsets and become the person they were born to be in this world.

Her clients include leaders with integrity, vision, and purpose. Her bold, fierce approach to coaching supports the kind of clients whom you may not believe would need to change their thinking.


Mindset Mastery Summit, on April 7-10, 2022 

Michelle Margaret Marques is hosting Mindset Mastery Summit on April 7-10, 2022. 

It’s a 4-day virtual summit event of experts who speak on how to overcome personal development challenges.

Follow what these experts suggest, and you’ll start seeing a radical transformation in your life. 

The best part of this online summit event is that it’s free – but only for a LIMITED time!

Be sure to register for the Mindset Mastery Summit while it’s free.


I’ll be featured on April 9, Day 3. It will remain available for free viewing for 24 hours.


Fearless Authenticity Will Unleash Your Potential




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