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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #46 Attract An Audience Even in a Distracted World


Attract An Audience Even in a Distracted World


Attract An Audience Even in a Distracted World

You know you have to attract a large online audience before you can create an impact.

But how do you get people to pay attention to your content in a world of constant distractions?


In this week’s podcast episode, you’ll discover 

  • The three types of attention in today’s distractive world (lessons from a yellow lab)
  • What is the Reticular Activating System, and why does it become a master switch for filtering information
  • Become more relevant to an audience regardless of online noise by understanding specificity
  • The benefits of relevance in today’s short attention span world (even it’s only eight seconds)  
  • Leverage traction within distraction and learn how turquoise, lace, and dopamine sold four shirts without selling 

Listen to my airport story, and begin to Attract An Audience Even in a Distracted World. 


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