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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #50 How to Distill Many Ideas into One Profitable Reality (PART II)

How to Distill Many Ideas into One Profitable Reality PART II


How to Distill Many Ideas into One Profitable Reality PART II

Last week, we talked about a problem many entrepreneurs have–too many ideas. 


In this podcast episode, we continue with some practical tips you can implement today! 

  • Silence Distraction and Amplify Actions
  • How to implement one idea and minimize commitment anxiety 
  • Three common distractions that keep you from reaching your goals 
  • 30-min habits that will propel you and your business forward 
  • Why you shouldn’t be a company of one, but be in the company of many


We ended with a great quote, Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become. -Hal Elrod


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