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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #56 Heart-to-Heart Marketing Using Stories



Heart-to-Heart Marketing Using Stories!

Many believe the only way to get clients is to make promotional content ooze with hype and sales gimmicks.  

Stories help improve the content in several ways.

  1. The copy can become more relatable, engaging, and memorable. 
  2. It can create a deeper connection with the reader and even persuade them to believe what seems impossible.
  3. A story builds trust and naturally lowers resistance. 


… the single best way to reach into the reader’s heart, soul, and mind? The answer: a story, David Garfinkel 


This podcast episode will go beyond person, conflict, and resolution. You’ll discover: 

  • How you’ll effortlessly implement copywriting principles using stories.
  • The secret power of storytelling that magically reduces buyer resistance. 
  • Where and how to embed stories in your content marketing.
  • Reasons for a “story bank,” especially when facts, statistics, and features fall flat.
  • Why stories are the universal language that connects us human to human and effectively turns leads into clients. 

To summarize, copy that includes stories engage a reader and are more likely to compel action.


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