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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode 58 Best Productivity Tip for Online Creators

The Best Productivity Tip for Online Creators

Best Productivity Tip for Online Creators

One morning, I grabbed my toothbrush, squeezed some paste, and brushed my teeth.

Immediately, the foul taste pulled me away from the webinar I was watching on my phone.

I mistakenly grabbed my facial scrub tube, identical to my toothpaste tube.

Yes, I exfoliated my teeth.

Trying to fill every moment of your day can backfire.


Similarly, creating an online business means managing many tasks. The question is, are you managing them well?  

You realize you’re not making progress, yet you’re busy. 

Being busy is not the problem; It’s being busy doing the wrong things. 


In this podcast episode, we’ll review the power of elimination. 

  • Why busyness isn’t a nasty word and how to maximize your time.  
  • The power of elimination and why less is more for you and your clients.
  • Discover what triggers a long to-do list that drags us into overwhelm
  • Seven tips to effectively execute a productivity plan 
  • Clear reasons why a community isn’t a distraction; instead, it’s a necessity


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