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Most create a PDF download, which is an excellent start for your website, but lead acquisition can’t be passive. It must be intentional and consistent. 

Watch the video, and I’ll clarify some common misconceptions.

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  • Turn Research Into Intuitive Writing: How to use research to connect with your audience.
  • Identify Emotional Connectors: Viseral words act as amplifiers, and keywords make them discoverable.
  • Lead Magnet Clarity: Types of lead magnets for evergreen and seasonal products.
  • AI Best Practices:  In this segment, I’ll offer AI prompt tips and a comparison between ChatGPT and Google Gemini to help you save time with your marketing efforts.
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Welcome to the "Amplify Your Messsage" Open House

From Idea to Execution!

Lead magnets are the lifeblood of your email marketing strategy. They are the key to attracting and engaging your ideal audience, nurturing them into loyal customers, and driving revenue for your business.

The market has changed, and you need more than a quick-win Canva template for today’s savvy consumer.

Your business growth will plateau without an effective lead magnet that grows your email list.


Amplify Your Message is a private community that helps:

  • Boost your lead-acquisition strategies
  • Create a free offer using “paid offer” copy techniques 
  • Leverage AI without compromising content integrity  
  • Build lead magnets that do the heavy lifting
Amplify Your Message

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Marisa, a Ray Edwards certified copywriter and marketing/brand expert, specializes in helping coaches and service providers strategically grow their online businesses. 
She provides one-to-one and group coaching programs, assisting clients to improve their prospecting strategies to generate more leads and sales through relationship marketing
Marisa is an award-winning international speaker, published author, founder of Amplify Your Copy, and host of the Amplify Your Authority podcast.
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