Reckless Abandon

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incredible sunsetThe Itsy Bitsy Spider would never survive the wrath of a protective mother.

My daughter doesn’t have Arachnophobia, but she would be a strong candidate; she hates spiders. The sight of a spider would trigger sheer panic. Her piercing scream would make anyone’s hair stand on end, and her arms would wave in the air as she’d run in circles. (Our family found it amusing when a speck on the floor prompted an episode.) As a new mother, however, my daughter (single-handedly) “took on” a huge, hairy beast when it tried to crawl all over my newborn granddaughter.

jamieCan you guess what made the difference? You and I know it was the power of love. Love is the secret weapon that overcomes fear.

My daughter’s unforeseen valor made me consider some thoughts. What fears would I face and what challenges would I endure if I loved God with reckless abandon. I’d like to think I do, but circumstances can bring love to a test.

The more I learn about God the more I want to love Him, but love is a verb—it’s an action. To love God with reckless abandon, I need to trust Him even when those itsy, bitsy fears try to get in the way. My daughter taught me that love responds without hesitation or fear. It’s true what the Bible says in 1 John 4:18; there’s no fear in love.

Have a blessed week.

Marisa Shadrick



Love is the secret weapon that overcomes fear. (Click to Tweet)

Love responds without hesitation or fear. (Click to Tweet)

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