Episode #80 Turn Podcast Dread to Delight with Riverside: Guest Kendall Breitman

Turn Podcast Dread to Delight with Riverside: Guest Kendall Breitman

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting, finding the right tool to create high-quality podcast content can be a game-changer for your brand. In this episode of “Amplify Your Authority,” I sit down with Kendall Breitman, community manager for Riverside, to explore the impact of technology on the future of podcasting.   In this […]

Episode #79 From Skills to Influence: Recognize Your Authority

Many talented individuals struggle to recognize their authority because of common psychological hurdles that create a barrier to self-acknowledgment. It’s time to go from skills to influence. Authority is not a destination but a journey—one marked by continuous growth, overcoming self-doubt, and breaking through preconceived notions about what it means to be a leader.   […]

Episode #78 Three Needed Changes When Working Hard Is Not Enough

Three Needed Changes When Working Hard Is Not Enough

Are you tired of feeling like you’re working hard but not seeing the results you desire? When working hard is not enough, it’s time to make changes.   Transformative Shifts for Sustainable Business Growth As we transition into the new year, I’ve been reflecting on the pivotal changes needed when working hard isn’t working anymore. […]

Episode #77 2023 Marketing Shifts and Recommendations for Future Success

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, I’ve gathered my thoughts on 2023’s marketing shifts with recommendations for future success. What lies ahead is a different era in online business.   Technology continues to reshape marketing. Just as television transformed advertising in the mid-20th century and the rise of the internet gave advertisers a […]

Episode #76 Top Email Marketing Tips for Business Growth with Kathy Farah

You don’t want to miss these top email marketing tips for business growth. Email marketing remains to be a powerful business strategy for turning warm leads into customers. In a recent podcast interview, email strategist expert Kathy Farah shares top email marketing tips that have propelled her online business forward as she helps her clients […]

Episode #75 Leaders Never Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

In a world where business strategies often revolve around ads, funnels, and the latest systems, it’s easy to overlook the power of gratitude. But what if I told you that gratitude could be the key to personal fulfillment and business success? We’ll explore the connection between gratitude and prosperity. From building solid relationships to reducing […]

Episode #74 Flourishing After Adversity: Laura Broome’s Journey to Resilience and Hope

In today’s episode, the remarkable Laura Mangum Broome is joining us, sharing her journey to resilience and hope. Laura has overcome tremendous adversity, including facing breast cancer, heart failure, the tragic loss of her adopted son, divorce, and loss of her home and business. Despite these challenges, she embodies resilience and transformation and has even […]

Episode #73 The Fortune is STILL in the Follow-Up: Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Are Your Marketing Strategies Falling Short? Discover the Power of ‘Follow-Up’ for Maximizing Sales Are you struggling to convert leads into profitable sales? You’re not alone, and the issue may not be your strategy but your follow-up—or lack thereof. As industry thought leader Jim Rohn eloquently said, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” In today’s […]

Episode #72 Golden Hustle: Passion and Profit After 55

Seniors Break Barriers And Embrace the Golden Hustle to Pursue Passion And Profit After 55! The digital age offers many opportunities, leveling the playing field for all—regardless of age or gender. Yet, many still question their worth, are hesitant by societal age biases, or are intimidated by technology. In this episode of Resilient Faith Online […]