Episode #71 Clients, Connections, and Collaborations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t a stuffy, suit-and-tie platform. It’s an engaging tool offering B2B businesses unique opportunities. We’re diving into a topic many of you have been asking about LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a professional and engaging social media platform that has given me more success than any other social media platform. I will share strategies and wins […]

Episode #70 Persuading Yourself to a Better Life [Ray Edwards]

Ray Edwards

A Sales Letter Can Transform Your Inner Dialogue and Save Your Life Book Release: “Read This or Die” In this episode, I introduce an extraordinary guest who harnessed the power of persuasion to ignite a profound transformation, ultimately rescuing his existence.  Prepare to hear a captivating conversation with the esteemed Ray Edwards, a renowned copywriter, […]

Episode #69 Finding Fulfillment in Helping Others through Business and Meaningful Work

Helping Others

Refocusing our energy and rearranging how we spend our time can help us find fulfillment as an entrepreneur. Today’s guest, Dan Cumberland, created The Meaning Movement to support entrepreneurs in finding fulfillment and connection. In this podcast episode, you’ll discover  ✅Learn the benefits of bridging the gap between ambition and the realities of running a […]

Podcast #68 How to Create a High-Value Offer

How to Create a High-Value Offer

Creating a high-value offer helps scale revenue growth and serves customers with our best resources for success. Many entrepreneurs assume that increasing their marketing efforts will increase sales. However, the reality is that the offer itself plays a significant role in the success of any promotion. While many entrepreneurs think information alone is enough for […]

Episode #67 Strategies for Achieving Greater Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Building a business doesn’t mean compromising your faith, family, and personal well-being. There’s a way to achieve work-life balance.   Guest Speakers Robert Fukui and Kay Lee Fukui share their work/life balance expertise.   In this episode, you’ll discover: ✅Celebrating the small wins can help build a supportive partnership.✅Collaborating to achieve your shared vision for […]

Episode #66 Growing Your Online Business With 12 Non-Automated Activities

Growing your online business

Online entrepreneurs often focus on automated sales funnels, lead magnets, and email campaigns, believing they are the only keys to success. While these tactics certainly have their place, don’t overlook the value of non-automated activities that can positively impact your business and personal fulfillment. In this episode, you’ll ✅ Discover the 12 non-automated activities to […]

Episode #65 Reducing the Mortality Rate through Patient Advocacy

caregiving, patient advocacy

As marketers, we understand that connection and relationships help build a healthy business. But more importantly, we can help reduce the mortality rate of loved ones recovering from a health crisis. In this week’s podcast, guest Steve Reiter, founder of the NEVER Alone Project, will discuss why screened family members are the best option for […]

Episode #64 Best SEO Practices for Online Entrepreneurs

Best SEO Practices for Online Entrepreneurs

Online entrepreneurs can implement simple and easy SEO tips to become more discoverable by their potential clients. As an online entrepreneur, your website is the face of your business and must be discoverable to potential customers. One way to achieve this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a technique that helps improve the visibility of your […]

Episode #63 Copywriting is Your BFF in Business

Copywriting is Your Business BFF

Copywriting is not just for direct-response sales pages. Copy is a fundamental skill for coaches, speakers, authors, and every type of business. It’s all about effective communication.   In this episode, you’ll discover the following: How copy helps nonprofits lead volunteers, grow communities, and secure donations. How copy helps effective communicators get paid to speak. […]

Episode #62 Will AI Tools Take Over Our Communication

Will AI Tools Take Over Our Communication

Will AI Tools Take Over Our Communication Whether a blogger, marketer, or business owner, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of using AI tools to generate quick and easy content. Here are a few questions to consider. Should you write your marketing content or rely on AI tools? Are there drawbacks to using AI tools? […]