Silence the Opposition

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Finding our purpose in Christ is a common struggle among Christians. We know we were created to worship God and have a growing relationship with Him. But when we consider our unique life plan, we get stuck. Perhaps, the problem isn’t in finding our purpose, but in silencing the opposition.

Most Christians have a sincere desire to serve and make a difference. They want to honor God with their resources, skills and even use their past struggles for a greater good. Unfortunately, some of us can become frustrated when we can’t recognize our elusive purpose.

If that’s you, I wish we could sit in a coffee shop, sip a fancy double-blended coffee drink, and chat. For decades, I felt the emptiness of deferred fulfillment.


Your Calling Is Often Unpredictable

Some people are fortunate to know their calling at a young age. In some cases, it’s been passed down from generation to generation. For others, it may take decades.

Although I served in church, I never felt like I was in my spiritual niche. I often filled administrative needs because people would say to me, “You have the gift of administration, Marisa.”

I often thought, If I’m skilled at pushing paper, then paperwork must be my purpose? 

Have you ever made the same assumption? Have you ever thought that God’s plan for your life had to revolve around your strongest skills or gifts?


Recognize the Opposition  

As I began to write and speak, God wanted me to follow a path where skills and gifts were nonexistent. My current strengths could no longer remain my default setting. I had to rely on God and silence every opposition.

The opposition is anything that stands in the way of God’s best for you, and it often whispers fear in our thoughts. For example, a negative view of our present life when it comes to our age, education, fitness, marriage, or current occupation can become an opposition. The skeptical comments from past or present people can become lingering memories that turn into oppositions.


Understand the Opposition

Our circumstances and our relationships consciously or unconsciously influence the choices we make. They weigh on our minds as we dare to dream about our Godly mission.

When we read a book, listen to the news, engage in social media, search the Internet, or watch a movie, we process information that ends up in our subconscious mind. Year after year, we add more information that can influence our judgment and become the opposition.

Experts say, “…we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person.” That makes me feel outnumbered by my thoughts, but God created our minds, and He doesn’t make mistakes.


Silence the Opposition

I believe God is speaking, but the burden of noise often muffles His voice. It keeps us preoccupied and busy, but we have the power to take captive every thought.

“We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ…”

2 Corinthians 10:5 New American Standard Bible

Dr. Carolyn Leaf has researched the human brain for decades. As a Christian and scientist, she views her labor as a study of God’s handiwork. She says that the human brain has “more processing power than all the computers in the world put together.”


Find Your Purpose in Solitude

We have the ability to silence the opposition and give Christ an undivided heart. When we consider the beauty of God’s handiwork, our free will, and the power of His Holy Spirit, we can conclude our future has incredible potential.

You don’t have to feel displaced or struggle to define your purpose. Our God-given purpose begins in quiet solitude.

[Tweet “Our God-given purpose begins in quiet solitude.”]

[Tweet “Our default setting has to be God.”]

[Tweet “God’s plan includes a future with incredible potential.”]


Marisa Shadrick

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