Episode #76 Top Email Marketing Tips for Business Growth with Kathy Farah

You don’t want to miss these top email marketing tips for business growth. Email marketing remains to be a powerful business strategy for turning warm leads into customers. In a recent podcast interview, email strategist expert Kathy Farah shares top email marketing tips that have propelled her online business forward as she helps her clients […]

Turn Your Lead Magnet Into a Lead-Generating Machine

Fine-tuning your lead magnet can turn it into a lead-generating machine. For coaches, service providers, and course creators, 4th quarter is a busy time to finish existing projects or tee up the new year. How about you? Is it time to fine-tune your marketing strategy with a compelling lead magnet? A lead magnet isn’t just […]

Episode #75 Leaders Never Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

In a world where business strategies often revolve around ads, funnels, and the latest systems, it’s easy to overlook the power of gratitude. But what if I told you that gratitude could be the key to personal fulfillment and business success? We’ll explore the connection between gratitude and prosperity. From building solid relationships to reducing […]

The Twisted Truth About Engaging Hooks

How to Create Engaging Hooks That Turn Casual Browsers into Readers: The Twisted Truth About Engaging Hooks!   I wanted to give you the latest insight on hooks. So, I asked a ten-year-old for some help. My granddaughter, Audrey, loves Disney’s twisted tales. They’re at the top of her gift list for special occasions. Her most […]

Adaptability is Not a Trait But a Needed Superpower

More than ever, the digital landscape continues to evolve at unprecedented speed, so being adaptable is not just a trait—but a needed superpower.     Are You Adaptable Enough to Keep Up?  Adaptability is the capacity to pivot and thrive in shifting circumstances. It’s the audacious flexibility that empowers you to overhaul strategies, redefine goals, and innovate relentlessly. […]

Episode #73 The Fortune is STILL in the Follow-Up: Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Are Your Marketing Strategies Falling Short? Discover the Power of ‘Follow-Up’ for Maximizing Sales Are you struggling to convert leads into profitable sales? You’re not alone, and the issue may not be your strategy but your follow-up—or lack thereof. As industry thought leader Jim Rohn eloquently said, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” In today’s […]

How the Big Names Built Unshakeable Brands—and How You Can Too

Have you ever wondered how the big names built unshakeable brands?  In a world where digital real estate is fiercely competitive, big names like Apple, Hilton, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital are unshakeable.These giants didn’t reach their towering heights by mere luck; it resulted from meticulous brand building. What’s more exciting is that brand mastery […]

Create More Content With Less Effort

Are you ready to supercharge your creation process and create more content with less effort?  Today, we’re diving into a powerful strategy that will help you effortlessly produce more valuable content by tapping into a resource often overlooked—your existing content. Yes, even if you haven’t tapped on your keyboard lately, you have content to share. […]

Content Creation Tips Without Writer’s Block

If you’re staring at a blank screen, wondering what to post next, you’ll love these content creation tips without writer’s block. Creating consistent, value-driven content can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially when your creative well seems to have run dry. We’ve all been there, but I have some tips that might help you […]

Episode #72 Golden Hustle: Passion and Profit After 55

Seniors Break Barriers And Embrace the Golden Hustle to Pursue Passion And Profit After 55! The digital age offers many opportunities, leveling the playing field for all—regardless of age or gender. Yet, many still question their worth, are hesitant by societal age biases, or are intimidated by technology. In this episode of Resilient Faith Online […]