5 Basic Elements You Need to Craft a Powerful Email

5 Basic Elements You Need to Craft a Powerful Email

What Elements Do You Need to Craft a Powerful Email? You want your readers excited about reading your emails, but what kind of pixie dust do you need? Writing emails can be an overwhelming experience – especially for entrepreneurs with so many things on their minds. You might say some even dread creating emails, so […]

Email Marketing Fundamentals and Why It’s Important

Email Marketing Fundamental and Why It's Important

I love getting emails from Vans, even though I know it’s an email marketing campaign. Why? I have seventeen pairs of Vans shoes, nine flannels, three sweatshirts, Christmas pajamas, and a couple of sweat pants. Yes, I’m a Vans fan. I want to take advantage of their sales and stay in the know. Believe it […]

How Headlines Attract and Engage An Audience

How Headlines Attract and Engage Your Audience

Headlines attract and engage an audience. The challenge is we have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention online. You have amazing ideas to share, services to offer, or products to sell. No doubt, your offer provides a solution… in less time with less pain (pain is simply a problem) that lowers cost that increases revenue […]

5 Ways to Convert and Increase Your Email List

5 Ways to Convert and Increase Your Email List

In the 80s I Never Considered an Email List I remember my first laptop back in the early eighties.  The Compaq Portable cost around $2,000 and weighed about 30 pounds, but it might as well been fifty–heavy.  The tiny screen cover by a keyboard lid brought PC innovation to the masses. It was a big […]

7 Tips for Compelling Website Copy

7 Copywriting Tips for a Compelling Website

For a Compelling Website, You Need Design and Website Copy   When someone is ready to start a business, the first thing on the “to-do” list is to build a website. Build it, and they will come!  Um, no! If you’re strategic with keywords, you may gain some organic traffic. What then? You only have […]