Episode #75 Leaders Never Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

In a world where business strategies often revolve around ads, funnels, and the latest systems, it’s easy to overlook the power of gratitude. But what if I told you that gratitude could be the key to personal fulfillment and business success? We’ll explore the connection between gratitude and prosperity. From building solid relationships to reducing […]

Adaptability is Not a Trait But a Needed Superpower

More than ever, the digital landscape continues to evolve at unprecedented speed, so being adaptable is not just a trait—but a needed superpower.     Are You Adaptable Enough to Keep Up?  Adaptability is the capacity to pivot and thrive in shifting circumstances. It’s the audacious flexibility that empowers you to overhaul strategies, redefine goals, and innovate relentlessly. […]

Episode #72 Golden Hustle: Passion and Profit After 55

Seniors Break Barriers And Embrace the Golden Hustle to Pursue Passion And Profit After 55! The digital age offers many opportunities, leveling the playing field for all—regardless of age or gender. Yet, many still question their worth, are hesitant by societal age biases, or are intimidated by technology. In this episode of Resilient Faith Online […]

Episode #70 Persuading Yourself to a Better Life [Ray Edwards]

Ray Edwards

A Sales Letter Can Transform Your Inner Dialogue and Save Your Life Book Release: “Read This or Die” In this episode, I introduce an extraordinary guest who harnessed the power of persuasion to ignite a profound transformation, ultimately rescuing his existence.  Prepare to hear a captivating conversation with the esteemed Ray Edwards, a renowned copywriter, […]

Episode #69 Finding Fulfillment in Helping Others through Business and Meaningful Work

Helping Others

Refocusing our energy and rearranging how we spend our time can help us find fulfillment as an entrepreneur. Today’s guest, Dan Cumberland, created The Meaning Movement to support entrepreneurs in finding fulfillment and connection. In this podcast episode, you’ll discover  ✅Learn the benefits of bridging the gap between ambition and the realities of running a […]

Episode #65 Reducing the Mortality Rate through Patient Advocacy

caregiving, patient advocacy

As marketers, we understand that connection and relationships help build a healthy business. But more importantly, we can help reduce the mortality rate of loved ones recovering from a health crisis. In this week’s podcast, guest Steve Reiter, founder of the NEVER Alone Project, will discuss why screened family members are the best option for […]

Episode #56 Heart-to-Heart Marketing Using Stories

Heart-to-Heart Marketing Using Story

    Heart-to-Heart Marketing Using Stories! Many believe the only way to get clients is to make promotional content ooze with hype and sales gimmicks.   Stories help improve the content in several ways. The copy can become more relatable, engaging, and memorable.  It can create a deeper connection with the reader and even persuade […]

Episode #52 Rising Above Unexpected Situations: Guest Blake Beus

Rising Above Unexpected Situations: Guest Blake Beus

  Rising Above Unexpected Situations There will be times in your business when you face unexpected situations. It is how you handle these situations that will determine your future. It’s not always easy, but it is essential to stay healthy and prosperous.  My podcast guest Blake Beus understands unexpected challenges, and how they can make […]

Episode # 51: Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities: Guest Becky Zingale

Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

  Based on the New York Times bestselling book, the movie Wonder hit theatres in 2017. It brought to light Treacher Collins syndrome. The inspiring movie starred Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Remblay, who played the leading character Auggie Pullman. It’s a story of compassion and acceptance as Auggie enters mainstream school, not knowing […]

Episode #50 How to Distill Many Ideas into One Profitable Reality (PART II)

How to Distill Many Ideas into One Profitable Reality PART II

  How to Distill Many Ideas into One Profitable Reality PART II Last week, we talked about a problem many entrepreneurs have–too many ideas.    In this podcast episode, we continue with some practical tips you can implement today!  Silence Distraction and Amplify Actions How to implement one idea and minimize commitment anxiety  Three common […]