Episode #23 The Stories Behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes

The Stories Behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes

  The Stories Behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes If you need a little inspiration, this is for you. On Sept 29th I’ll celebrate my birthday. So I wanted to do something different for this podcast episode. (No, I’m not offering a “flash” sale.)   I decided to share the stories behind 5 Top Instagram Quotes […]

How to Automatically Post to Instagram for Free!

How to Automatically Post to Instagram for Free!

Instagram posting resolved; post to Instagram for free automatically!   Busy entrepreneurs shouldn’t stop what they’re doing to post on social media. That defeats the purpose of scheduling. Many scheduling tools have evolved throughout the years, but they’re not cheap. Here’s a free Facebook tool you can use. Let’s look at Creator Studio for auto-posting […]

Social Media Solutions for Busy Content Creators

Social Media Solutions for Busy Content Creators

Permission to Approach Social Media Differently I was attending a conference in the middle of the Periscope buzz. One of the presenters insisted everyone needed to be on Periscope. People grabbed their phones and downloaded the app. Periscope recently said farewell.   Social media can be difficult for content creators. A few years ago, you […]

Save Time With These Instagram Apps

Don’t you love apps? Heck, I remember when apps became a thing. I was transitioning from a Blackberry to a Smartphone. My colleagues would ask me, “So…what apps do you use?” Now, we can’t seem to get through a day without an app. If you haven’t used apps for Instagram, then this is for you. […]

Create an Instagram Video and Increase Your Organic Reach

Ready, set…action! Don’t let a video camera stop you from connecting with others.   5 Reasons You Should Choose Video Marketing. Video attracts an audience. Video is easy to consume. Video lets you share your authentic self. Video outperforms images. Video gets better organic reach!   Instagram is highly visual, so it’s a perfect platform […]

Grow Your Credibility with Carousel Posts

Use Instagram to Post Micro Content Posting on Instagram is a great way to provide valuable content and creatively showcase your knowledge. Although Instagram images are engaging, one picture isn’t always worth a thousand words. You may need multiple photos or videos to communicate your message. Carousel posts can help you grow your credibility as […]

How to Create an Engaging Instagram Story

Consider Instagram Stories to Promote Your Ministry or Business Do you scrunch your nose when someone says, “post on social media!” No shame, no guilt. I was there.  But if you want to share your message with the world, start with short pieces of content on social media. Why?  People are busy, so they’re looking […]