Episode #88 How to Choose an Online Marketing Coach

How to Choose an Online Marketing Coach

Many entrepreneurs are high achievers, self-starters, and very intelligent, but savvy entrepreneurs also value personal mentorship. Having a football coach, performance coach, or career coach was a logical option when we were in school. But adulthood doesn’t mean we stop learning from mentors. When I took public speaking seriously, I hired a speaker coach. I […]

Episode #75 Leaders Never Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

In a world where business strategies often revolve around ads, funnels, and the latest systems, it’s easy to overlook the power of gratitude. But what if I told you that gratitude could be the key to personal fulfillment and business success? We’ll explore the connection between gratitude and prosperity. From building solid relationships to reducing […]

Adaptability is Not a Trait But a Needed Superpower

More than ever, the digital landscape continues to evolve at unprecedented speed, so being adaptable is not just a trait—but a needed superpower.     Are You Adaptable Enough to Keep Up?  Adaptability is the capacity to pivot and thrive in shifting circumstances. It’s the audacious flexibility that empowers you to overhaul strategies, redefine goals, and innovate relentlessly. […]

Episode #70 Persuading Yourself to a Better Life [Ray Edwards]

Ray Edwards

A Sales Letter Can Transform Your Inner Dialogue and Save Your Life Book Release: “Read This or Die” In this episode, I introduce an extraordinary guest who harnessed the power of persuasion to ignite a profound transformation, ultimately rescuing his existence.  Prepare to hear a captivating conversation with the esteemed Ray Edwards, a renowned copywriter, […]

Episode #69 Finding Fulfillment in Helping Others through Business and Meaningful Work

Helping Others

Refocusing our energy and rearranging how we spend our time can help us find fulfillment as an entrepreneur. Today’s guest, Dan Cumberland, created The Meaning Movement to support entrepreneurs in finding fulfillment and connection. In this podcast episode, you’ll discover  ✅Learn the benefits of bridging the gap between ambition and the realities of running a […]

Episode #67 Strategies for Achieving Greater Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Building a business doesn’t mean compromising your faith, family, and personal well-being. There’s a way to achieve work-life balance.   Guest Speakers Robert Fukui and Kay Lee Fukui share their work/life balance expertise.   In this episode, you’ll discover: ✅Celebrating the small wins can help build a supportive partnership.✅Collaborating to achieve your shared vision for […]

Episode 59 How a Ministry Background Equips Online Startups

How a Ministry Background Equips Online Startups

  I thought ministry and work were separate, and I never mixed the two. 🤔⁠ Years later, I realized I didn’t have to separate work and ministry. My work is an extension of my heart and not my head. 😊⁠⁠ Mindset is an extension of faith.⁠ Coaching is an extension of love and service.⁠ Marketing […]

Episode 58 Best Productivity Tip for Online Creators

The Best Productivity Tip for Online Creators

Best Productivity Tip for Online Creators One morning, I grabbed my toothbrush, squeezed some paste, and brushed my teeth. Immediately, the foul taste pulled me away from the webinar I was watching on my phone. I mistakenly grabbed my facial scrub tube, identical to my toothpaste tube. Yes, I exfoliated my teeth. Trying to fill […]

Episode #55 Redefined to Live Your Best Life: Guest Ray Edwards

  Redefined to Live Your Best Life: Guest Ray Edwards Sometimes, hope is all you have, but the struggle to keep hope alive is real. It’s easy to let negativity seep into your heart and mind. It’s easy to allow uncertainty to consume you. It’s easy to become apathetic.   The truth is that life […]

Episode #53 The Journey to Development and Growth: Guest Joseph Bojang

The Journey to Development and Growth

  The Journey to Development and Growth: Guest Joseph Bojang Many begin online marketing with a funnel, ad money, and social media promotions. Unfortunately, this seldom works. My guest, Joseph Bojang, is a marketing-funnel expert helping large companies market their businesses. Joseph will be the first to tell you that a funnel is not enough. […]