Turn Launch Mistakes into an Innovative Strategy

Turn Launch Strategy Mistakes into Best Practices

Launching a new product or service can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn from your past launch. What went well? What was missing?​ What needs improvement?​​We all make mistakes, but ignoring them is not the answer. The key to a successful launch is turning mistakes into an innovative strategy.If you’re […]

Episode #85 How to Reverse-Engineer Free Lead Magnets

How to Reverse-Engineer Free Lead Magnets

Discover How to Reverse-Engineer Free Lead Magnets. Whether you’re offering something for free or selling a product, the strategy behind your promotion determines its success. It’s not enough to create a great lead magnet; you must also track its performance. Are people downloading your PDF? Are they signing up for your webinar? If not, it’s […]

Build an Effective Workflow that Protects Your Time and Sanity

Build an Effective Workflow that Protects Your Time and Sanity

A blank screen, lack of time, and the pressure to create content can add anxiety and produce ineffective posts.  Without an effective workflow, you’re shooting arrows without a target, which leads to exhaustion and frustration. ​Let’s think differently and create a workflow that aligns with your marketing strategy and simplifies your content creation. What is […]

Choosing the Right Online Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Outbound vs. Inbound: Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Online Marketing helps promote products and services to potential customers. But with so many choices, choosing the right marketing strategy for your business isn’t easy. Let’s Explore a Common Online Marketing Mistake Have you ever invested big bucks in an expensive step-by-step course?You learn how to write a book, create a membership, build a digital […]

Turn Your Lead Magnet Into a Lead-Generating Machine

Fine-tuning your lead magnet can turn it into a lead-generating machine. For coaches, service providers, and course creators, 4th quarter is a busy time to finish existing projects or tee up the new year. How about you? Is it time to fine-tune your marketing strategy with a compelling lead magnet? A lead magnet isn’t just […]

How the Big Names Built Unshakeable Brands—and How You Can Too

Have you ever wondered how the big names built unshakeable brands?  In a world where digital real estate is fiercely competitive, big names like Apple, Hilton, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital are unshakeable.These giants didn’t reach their towering heights by mere luck; it resulted from meticulous brand building. What’s more exciting is that brand mastery […]

Content Creation Tips Without Writer’s Block

If you’re staring at a blank screen, wondering what to post next, you’ll love these content creation tips without writer’s block. Creating consistent, value-driven content can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially when your creative well seems to have run dry. We’ve all been there, but I have some tips that might help you […]

The Unbeatable Advantages of One-on-One Coaching Over Group Coaching

Woman coaching online

  If you’re an independent coach trying to get your practice up and running, consider this unbeatable advantage–one-on-one coaching over group coaching. As an expert in relationship marketing strategies, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of personalized 1-2-1 coaching. While group coaching has its benefits, the unique advantages of one-on-one coaching are often overlooked—particularly for […]

Episode #71 Clients, Connections, and Collaborations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t a stuffy, suit-and-tie platform. It’s an engaging tool offering B2B businesses unique opportunities. We’re diving into a topic many of you have been asking about LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a professional and engaging social media platform that has given me more success than any other social media platform. I will share strategies and wins […]