The 5 Building Blocks to a Winning Homepage

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Consider the 5 building blocks that will help you create an engaging homepage.

Your homepage should communicate how you help those who visit your site.


You only have few seconds, so what they see matters.

Information overload or sensory overload is a problem for online entrepreneurs. People can’t keep up.

But this post will help.

First, let’s look at the 5 building blocks that will help you position yourself for success.


The 5 Building Blocks to a Winning Homepage

In this video, you’ll discover why you should use these building blocks, and how to implement them. 


Summary of the 5 Building Blocks to a Winning Homepage

These tips will turn a boring website into a lead-generating machine. 

  1. Awareness: O.P.E.N.
    • Headline & Bullets 
    • Narrative Marketing
    • More About Them, Less About You. 
  2. Pain or Aspiration
    • Market Research
    • Struggles or Questions
    • Promise Speaks To The Problem 
  3. Emotional Connection
    • The Heart of Why It’s Important
    • Always Benefit-driven
    • Write in 1st Person 
  4. Credibility 
    • Customer Endorsements
    • Featured Publications
    • Character Endorsements 
  5. Clarity
    • Don’t Be Clever; Be Clear
    • Don’t Think Transaction; Think Transformation.
    • Guide Them To A First Step


What To Include “Above the Fold” on Your Homepage

For online creators who sell digital products, coach, or provide a service, your homepage is your business card.

What lives “above the fold” matters. 

“Above the fold” is the first thing you see on your homepage. It’s right below the navigation bar. 

It’s called the header or banner. 

This area must have a clear message. It consists of a headline, some text or bullet points, and a button. 

The button typically leads visitors to a free resource, registration, or appointment.

Some optional elements on the homepage header/banner can be an image or video.  


Examples of “Above the Fold” Homepage Copy

Click the images for a closer look.

Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt
Stu McLaren
Stu McLaren
Ray Edwards
Ray Edwards
Donald Miller
Donald Miller
Mike Kim
Mike Kim
Jonathan Milligan
Jonathan Milligan
Amy Porteerfield
Amy Porterfield
Marisa Shadrick
Marisa Shadrick



Did you notice the pattern?

There’s a clear headline or value proposition with a call to action button “above the fold.” 

Now, it’s your turn.

When you finish the website pages, you’re ready to optimize every post using keywords.


Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter


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