The Director of Our Story

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Startled, Thea James sat upright. Her gaze darted about the bedroom. Light flickered and bounced off the walls, which seemed to shudder with the sound of sirens and gunfire. And screams.

A Vase of Mistaken Identity

by Cathy Elliott 


Most of us enjoy a thrilling cozy mystery. Did you know that stories usually model a three-act play?

The first act provides the background information filled with compelling characters, a colorful setting, and the events that introduce the story. Unexpectedly, the protagonist (main character) is face-to-face with a conflicting situation or a threatening antagonist (villain). Our protagonist needs to be saved.

The second act leads us through a series of events that build tension. It’s filled with moments of fear, and we’re not sure if our hero, or heroine, will prevail.

In Act III, tension subsides as the problem runs its course, and it’s no longer a threat. Resolution is found, and the protagonist is pleasantly changed by the experience.


Stories are entertaining, but when our lives resemble a theatrical drama, that’s a different story.  

Life can be like a series of three-act plays. We’re the protagonist in our drama or mystery. Our story unfolds, and conflict creates inner struggle. The plot thickens and tension escalates. We’re not sure how God will resolve our dilemma, and we feed doubt by rehearsing the same threatening scenarios, over and over. We want to rewrite our story or, at least, edit some of the scenes. We’re uncomfortable with our assigned role and dissatisfied with our story. Desperation builds, and our hearts are consumed with anxiety until we remember who can save us.

The director of our story is on location; God is waiting to lead us out of despair and help us prevail. He shows us our true antagonist; it’s not our circumstance, but our own fears. With His help, we overcome and find peace.  

As the curtain falls, we’re pleasantly changed, and His direction gives us confidence to live our next story. 

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

Madmaxer © Crestock



Trust God instead of rehearsing the same threatening scenarios, over and over. (Click to Tweet)

God’s on location. Trust His leading, and live your story. (Click to Tweet)



A Vase of Mistaken Identity (Thea James Mystery Series, Book 1)

by Cathy Elliott available on Amazon

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