Turn Your Ideas into a Launch Strategy

A launch strategy is exciting, but many never launch because they’re stuck in the weeds.

We’ve all been there.

You get ready to start, and you idle because of indecision. You can’t get your launch in first gear.

In theory, you’ve determined your target market and created a solution for their greatest need, but you’re not sure what to do next.


Why a Launch Strategy Can Feel Overwhelming

Planning a launch isn’t sequential. Well, not at first.

To plan and execute an effective launch, you start with a lot of ideas.

This creative process is often messy but extremely helpful.

You see all the possibilities before your eyes, and then you pull the best plan.

By exhausting every possibility upfront, you won’t second guess your final strategy.

Also, you create the bandwidth you need to assemble your best strategy for a successful launch.



How to Mind Map Your Next Launch Strategy

In this video, you’ll discover…

  • How to target your audience
  • Why a proprietary solution is essential
  • A plan for pricing your expertise
  • Types of products and services
  • How to determine your funnel



Summary of Your Launch Process

If you watched the video training, you discovered how simple it is to build a launch strategy.

Don’t overcomplicate the process.

You can always make it better and stronger each time you launch.

Here’s a screenshot of the training. 

Turn Your Ideas into a Launch Strategy

Below is a brief recap. 


Target Clarity

The first step in a brainstorming process is to determine whether you are a business-to-business service or a business-to-consumer service.

The language you use should address your ideal market.

The social media platforms you choose as an engagement platform should align with your target audience.

For example, if you are a business-to-business service, LinkedIn may be a perfect platform to find your target market.



Pain & Problem 

Consider the biggest want, not need. What does your market search for online?

Better yet, what questions are they asking?

Survey your email list and ask about their number one frustration or struggle.

Your copy will come from the feedback you receive.



What is the solution you have related to their pain or problem?

There could be various solutions or levels to consider.

You may offer done-for-you service or work-with-you service.

A do-it-yourself entrepreneur may need a work-at-your-own-pace solution such as a digital course.



Create a framework or process that can become your proprietary content.

Your proprietary content is your unique solution. It’s what sets you apart.

Your framework contains the valuable steps to achieve success.

Many use acronyms or listicles to create their framework and make it memorable.

Your framework can help you create free content and posts.


Tiered Pricing 

Knowing how to help your customers is the first step, but what to charge is another.

How will you deliver the solution?

It’s best to have options and tiered pricing.

Offer a low-entry offer for newcomers who are interested but not ready to invest hundreds of dollars.

Once you’ve established a relationship with your audience, you can offer other products or services.

Consider mid-range or high-end offers for those who want to go deeper.


Types of Deliverables

Deliverables are how you’ll deliver the solution.

You can offer one or a combination of the following.

  • Done-for-you service
  • Digital product
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group Coaching
    • Mastermind
    • Membership


Uncover Your Best Funnel 

To uncover your best funnel strategy, first consider the call to action.

Depending on your offer, here are some options.

  • Join – Challenge
  • Buy – Landing page
  • Register – Webinar
  • 1:1 Call – Work-with-me-page  

The call to action will uncover the type of funnel you’ll need to lead your audience through a process.

Depending on the price, you may need a long runway. By that, I mean a way to earn their trust before you ask them to buy

Using the right email service provider is important. I love Active Campaign because it integrates well with other tools, and the customer service is stellar.

Once your email service provider is in place, a webinar works nicely for many options and can be created with a Zoom Webinar account.


Stay Resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter


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