Why Google Analytics Helps You Improve Your Reach

Ahhh, Google analytics, friend or foe?

It’s analytics, baby!

Analytics is where the rubber meets the road. The engines are cranking out business data.

If only it were that exciting!

Here’s WHAT IS exciting.

Google and social analytics help you improve your reach.

It’s like having an employee give you current and accurate advice–for free.

When used correctly, analytics can give us so much information on what users are doing, where they are coming from, and if they’re engaging with your content.

So many of us still don’t use analytics to its full potential or at all. No guilt; no shame.

I’ll show you where to find your analytics and why it’s essential.


5 Step System to Grow Your Online Influence with Clarity and Confidence


The 5-Step System Ends with Celebrate!

If you missed the last pieces of training, click the links below to review the first 4 steps:





Today, we’re going to look at Celebrate!

What are we celebrating?

First, you showed up! Next, you created content, but you don’t stop there.

You need to know how your content performed and adjust your next month’s goals.


Why Google and Social Analytics Helps You Improve Your Reach


Google Analytics Loves Tracking Your Site

If you don’t have Google Analytics connected to your site, CLICK HERE for more information. Or go directly to WordPress to download the plugin.

Take a look at the data you can collect.



Organic Traffic

Remember, with organic traffic, be sure you optimize your website for conversion.

Google Analytics

Age/Gender Demographics

This will provide audience information.

Google Analytics


Global Location

Do you have an international website? Your analytics can track country information.

Google Analytics


Audience Interest

You can use this information to create Facebook ads.

Google Analytics


Device Preference

Mobile viewing is growing. Your website needs to be mobile responsive.

Google Analytics


Facebook and Instagram Insights

You have additional tools directly inside your social medial platforms. I shared some of these in the video.

Social analytics is specific to the platform, but it will help you better target your audience and improve your reach.

As we analyze data, we can decide our next steps.

We’re not changing our goals; we’re adjusting or tweaking either our content creation or distribution.


Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter



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