Write a Killer “About” Page and Engage Your Audience

Your About page can engage your audience!

The behind-the-scenes story that got you to where you are matters.

Your journey and the discoveries within that story are important.

It has value, and it becomes the first step toward audience connection.


The Power of Your Brand Story

Don’t underestimate your story. It’s powerful, and here’s why.

  • It Serves as an Introduction
  • Your Story will Build Trust.
  • You’ll Position Yourself as a Credible Source in the Market.


Examples of Origin Stories

#1 Kris Carr

Kris is a cancer survivor. She has taken her story to encourage and teach folks how to take back their health.

She is a New York Times best-selling author, wellness activist, and “cancer thriver.”  Click Here to check out her website.

Kris Carr


#2 Daisy Jing

Daisy suffered from chronic acne. As she tested a new product, she recorded a product review. She grew her YouTube viewers to over 50 million views. Daisy became a trusted source. When she developed a natural skincare line, she was ready to launch Banish.

Daisy Jing

#3 Sara Blakely

Sara wanted an undergarment that would give her a smooth look wearing white pants.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the feet off her control-top pantyhose–solution!

SPANX was born, and there’s a huge line of shape-wear clothing and…wait for it…SPANX for men!

According to Forbes Magazine, her net worth in 2020 was  $610 million.

Sara Blakely


Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid on Your About Page

One way to see how your About page performs with organic traffic is to check your analytics. You can check out Why Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Reach for more information.

Use the list below to see if you’re making a few common mistakes. It’s okay, I did it too.

  • Too Narcissistic
  • Written in 3rd Person
  • Resembles a sales page.
  • There’s no engaging story.
  • It doesn’t build trust. (No relationship)


7 Ways Your Brand Story will Bridge the Gap Between Stranger and Follower

Here are seven powerful benefits of a great brand story.

  1. Explains What You Stand for and Your Values
  2. Reveals Your Heart and Personality
  3. Sets You Apart from Your Competitors
  4. Shares Your Why and Who You Want to Help
  5. Influences How People Perceive You
  6. It Attracts the Right Audience.
  7. It Explains How You Can Help


How to A.C.E. Your “About Me” Page.

The about page is about your ideal audience and how you can help them. There’s a difference.

Your “About” page is not a resume or a sales page.

Here are five tips that will help you write your story.


A: Authentic Voice

C: Clear Message

E: Engage them with a story


Remember the About page is not about you. Oh, yes! What a contradiction, right?

You got this!


Stay Resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter

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