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Finding quiet strength in Jesus Christ

Path_1200x1260We live in a world of change: environment changes, fashion changes, technology changes, and even our hearts change as we grow in spiritual maturity. So, why does change put our defenses into a panic?

Change announces there will be an unforeseen result. Our present situation will be replaced by something unfamiliar and our faith is challenged.

Not a Benchwarmer

Called to the Workbench!

I am amazed by fervent men and women who become trailblazers for a cause or need. Whether it’s adopting an orphan, volunteer work, feeding the poor, preaching the Gospel or groundbreaking a charitable organization, it’s ministry at its best.



Many lament lost freedoms while living in the “land of the free.” We get caught up in the political debates and forget one important fact–we are, and always will be, free in Jesus Christ.


Please take a moment and watch this powerful video. No matter what the future holds there’s a freedom beyond government.

Happy Independence Day!


Raise copyHave you ever felt emotionally and physically tired that even Starbucks couldn’t ignite another ounce of energy? I guess espresso macchiato fans realize caffeine fails to replenish what the day has drained.

One evening, I finished my day with an assembled dinner from the leftovers found in the refrigerator. My last morsel of food was soon followed by a yawn. I loaded the dishwasher, wiped down the counters, and noticed the trash overflowing. Visions of my budget-conscience, want-to-be, pillow-top bed mesmerized me into the bedroom completely ignoring the trash.  To quote Scarlett O’Hara in the movie Gone with the Wind, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”


lightstock_82495_medium_marisa_shadrickWhat would you expect in a faithful dad?

The recipe for a faithful dad only needs one ingredient, he needs to be a man of God.

This Skit Guys video is a beautiful compilation of scenes that pays tribute to our Godly fathers.


Happy Father’s Day!

Enjoy a blessed weekend. 

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Have you felt so tired you couldn’t read the Bible ? At times, we may feel consumed by life’s events, but here are some overlooked Bible benefits.

When we take a few minutes to seek the Lord, healthy chemicals are released. Sounds crazy? This isn’t a bunch of psychobabble; it’s the extraordinary design of the human body—body, soul and spirit.


SufficiencyThere are times when we meditate on the Lord, and we know God is our sufficiency. But, when finances, estranged relationships, or demanding responsibilities threats our well-being we still meditate but often on the wrong things.

When I experience fear or apprehension, it’s usually because I’ve focused on “lack” or “load.” Either my expectations were not met (lack) or I was trying to meet too many expectations (load).

Our Weapon

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Once a year, we remember the soldiers that died while serving our country. On Memorial Day, we recognize these self-sacrificing men and women. We live in freedom because of their bravery, but we’re still in a war.

Peace can bring a sense of false security. We can become complacent and forget that we live in a fallible world. We live in a war with an unseen enemy.  

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Group of People in Huddle in FieldHigh school memories are often bittersweet. We choose to forget the awkward moments, and we focus on the long-lasting friendships that made coming-of-age years bearable. Good or bad, high school years allowed us to dream about adulthood. Some dreams were crystal clear but for others, like me, barely visible.  


Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you have a few minutes to watch this funny, yet heartwarming, video. The Skit Guys have done it again. They made me laugh, and they made me shed a tear. Enjoy!



Celebrate the memories, and celebrate the special women in your life this Mother’s Day. Days are rich with blessings when we see life through Mom’s eyes. (Click to Tweet)