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Jesus came to earth for one reason, to redeem the lost.

He came to fulfill prophecy. He came to establish a new covenant. He came to defeat death. He came to secure our future. He came to show love in an unprecedented way; He came to die for you and me.  (Click to Tweet)  



God leads us in many ways, but like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, our yellow-brick path often leads to a fork in the road. Life can suddenly become confusing, and we wonder how to find spiritual direction. 

Choices, questions, and fears can skew our sound thinking, but Proverbs 11 provides encouragement.

Watch this video as I apply Proverbs 11:5 to practical living.



Light of the WorldI begrudgingly drove to the gym before sunup and made my way to the treadmill. I was up early to tackle a busy day, so gym equipment was safer than an outdoor walk in the dark.

The entire front window of the gym was glass, and the treadmill faced the glass. Normally, I welcome a window view, but this was a view of the parking lot.


Proverbs 10I had a chicken-and-egg moment. You know what I mean. It’s a question that makes you wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Today, we’re going question and see if wisdom comes before righteousness, or righteousness comes before wisdom. We’ll also discover 12 benefits of a righteous life.

A righteous Life doesn’t limit us, a self-righteous life does. (Click to Tweet)


ImmoveableSometimes, it’s hard to see God when we’re busy or preoccupied, but He’s more visible than we think.

I could have stayed home because I had work to do, but my husband asked me to join him on a business trip. I seldom go on business trips, but I considered the ten-hour drive to San Diego. I didn’t hear an audible voice from God, but I sensed I should go. This was an opportunity to honor my husband and spend more time with him.


Vintage living roomWisdom Prepares a Home:

Do you like to clean your house? It’s not my favorite thing to do, but my house doesn’t serve me well when it’s a mess. 

In today’s Living Fire devotional we’re going to discover how wisdom prepares every room in our house and turns it into a home for Jesus.   

Jesus wants to feel welcome in every room of our hearts. (Click to Tweet)


woman with arms outstretchedWe’re ready for the day, but suddenly, we’re slammed with problems, mistakes, needs, demands and more. We know God’s Word, but somehow we gravitate toward worldly solutions rather than God’s power.

If you’re like me, the shift is subtle. It’s usually when I’m caught off guard, short on time, or multitasking. In my “inner man,” I know I’m striving. I’m not enough for the task, so fear and anxiety will trigger stress.



Son of God, Inspiring Film

Movie Review: 

Film Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, knew they had something special when the miniseries, The Bible, became a success in 2013. I wholeheartedly agree, and I applauded their efforts to bring a Jesus film to Hollywood.

How do you anchor a tiara on a baby’s head with limited hair? Slip, flop and drop became the predictable pattern when my granddaughter celebrated her first birthday as a Disney princess. As she became aware of her little crown, she kept it in place, but as birthday distractions increased, her crown spent more time on the ground than on her head.   

The Bible tells us we’re crowned with faithful love and gentle mercies.

Insomnia, incontinence, aggressive behavior and unpredictable moments became a normal way of life for my ninety-two-year-old father. Brain failure, commonly known as Dementia, was debilitating him. Although he was unaware of his down-sloping transition, I agonized knowing I had to move him from our home into a long-term care facility.

I didn’t want to step out of the boat during this emotional storm and trust God’s direction.