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Fear Attacks Faith

The enemy of our soul is a charlatan painting a picture of hopelessness. Satan’s strategy is to impose an agonizing attack to slow us down, pull back, or quit. But within the hearts of God’s people even an ember of faith cries, “Our God reigns!”

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The Tug Between Submission and Self-reliance

Christians help others. We reflect God’s love, practice selflessness, build relationships, and that provides a euphoric feeling. But too much help isn’t good either; we may need to help less. So, how much help is too much?

We should respond with Godly obedience when we see a need, but the carnal mind reacts with worldly solutions instead of seeking spiritual direction. It’s the tug between submission and self-reliance.   

Beware of no man more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us

- Charles Spurgeon 

I recently read Charles Spurgeon’s autobiography. Even though his ministry took place over 150 years ago, I found his stories to be relevant for today because he was honest and vulnerable.   

Sometimes, it’s difficult to be vulnerable because we don’t want to risk criticism—even judgment. But the external conflict pales against the internal conflict we carry—shame.



If we could pursue any vocation where money, position, gender, education, or age wasn’t an issue, what would we do? How many things would fade from our mental “must do” list as we imagine the possibilities?

For many of us, external demands have carved our fate, plotted our course, and launched us into a whirlwind. Our dreams that once bubbled with zest have gone flat. Motivation turns to caffeinated drinks and merciless alarm clocks.


In a perfect world, relationships should come with an investment guarantee: This person will not break your heart, offend you, manipulate you, or neglect you.

Sometimes, I feel like a spiritual black sheep when it comes to relationships, rather than a white fluffy-puff of goodness. Girlfriends can be hard to bear when estrogen levels drop, relatives can be exhausting, and my patience can run thin with clueless customer service clerks. My consolation is knowing a sheep is better than a goat—at least from a Biblical perspective.

Path_1200x1260We live in a world of change: environment changes, fashion changes, technology changes, and even our hearts change as we grow in spiritual maturity. So, why does change put our defenses into a panic?

Change announces there will be an unforeseen result. Our present situation will be replaced by something unfamiliar and our faith is challenged.

Not a Benchwarmer

Called to the Workbench!

I am amazed by fervent men and women who become trailblazers for a cause or need. Whether it’s adopting an orphan, volunteer work, feeding the poor, preaching the Gospel or groundbreaking a charitable organization, it’s ministry at its best.



Many lament lost freedoms while living in the “land of the free.” We get caught up in the political debates and forget one important fact–we are, and always will be, free in Jesus Christ.


Please take a moment and watch this powerful video. No matter what the future holds there’s a freedom beyond government.

Happy Independence Day!


Raise copyHave you ever felt emotionally and physically tired that even Starbucks couldn’t ignite another ounce of energy? I guess espresso macchiato fans realize caffeine fails to replenish what the day has drained.

One evening, I finished my day with an assembled dinner from the leftovers found in the refrigerator. My last morsel of food was soon followed by a yawn. I loaded the dishwasher, wiped down the counters, and noticed the trash overflowing. Visions of my budget-conscience, want-to-be, pillow-top bed mesmerized me into the bedroom completely ignoring the trash.  To quote Scarlett O’Hara in the movie Gone with the Wind, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”


lightstock_82495_medium_marisa_shadrickWhat would you expect in a faithful dad?

The recipe for a faithful dad only needs one ingredient, he needs to be a man of God.

This Skit Guys video is a beautiful compilation of scenes that pays tribute to our Godly fathers.


Happy Father’s Day!

Enjoy a blessed weekend. 

Marisa Shadrick 

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