Monetize Your Expertise with Simple Marketing Strategies


Marketing is the process of building trust, so how you communicate matters. It’s not about chasing algorithms or vanity numbers.

Instead, humanize your communication in an automated world.

Using effective lead-generation strategies and compelling copy, I can help you turn your passion into profit and your ideas into action.


Six Pitfalls That Will Sabotage Business Growth

You CAN Avoid These Pitfalls!

Social Media

Spending too much time tireless posting on social media despite low conversions consumes time and seeds frustration.

Lead Generation

Insufficient lead generation is a formula for inconsistent growth, causing anxiety and eating away confidence.

Website Conversion

Unclear copy on your website leads to poor conversion rates and these lost opportunties erodes hope and dims the dream.

Email List

If you're not growing your email list, you're constantly starting over, and this keeps many trapped in a cycle of feast and famine.

Prospecting System

Not having a consistent prospecting system consequently results in less leads and ongoing financial worry.

Marketing Message

Failure to clearly articulate the transformation you offer will either confuse prospects or there's no interest in the products or services.

These pitfalls don't have to be part of your story. Coaching or done-for-you copywriting services will help you grow your business and reach your revenue goals.  

Custom Services to Help You Meet Your Goals

Here are a few way I can help.

Coaching Programs

Online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must be strategic. Prospects aren’t looking for more information or features.

Your potential clients want clear answers and results that will satisfy them emotionally. 

However, you need to earn their trust. I’ll be as bold to say that relationships will always beat algorithms. 

Building trust is at the heart of my group coaching programs for long-term growth.

Copywriting Services

My writing career started as a freelance writer. I pitched to magazines and sold articles. I quickly learned the art of engagement. I knew what editors wanted and what readers craved. 

The secret? Words resonate when you connect with someone’s desires, fears, or ambitions. They need to see their story as they read your copy. 

My done-for-you copy services help busy entrepreneurs relax while I write engaging copy that turns leads into sales.  

happy words!

My amazing clients

In a Nutshell, Business Growth Has 3 Foundational Pillars

Are any of these holding you back?

Growing an Email List

Is building an engaged email list a bigger challenge than you expected?

Strategic Copywriting

Are your digital assets converting leads into sales?

Traffic and Sales

Do you need a traffic strategy that attracts buyers to your offerings?

Think of me As your Marketing Collaborator

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Marisa Shadrick

Navigating the complexities of growing a business can be daunting. You know you need a clear message, more leads, and a robust marketing system. 

Yet mastering these pillars of a successful business feels overwhelming. Most small business owners struggle not because they lack expertise in their field but because they can’t figure out how to market themselves effectively.

This is where coaching is transformative. Imagine thriving with consistent clients and a system that supports sustainable growth.

Through high-touch coaching, you’ll refine your message, build a lead generation system, and create marketing strategies tailored to your goals.

Schedule a call with me and let’s make your business grow as consistently as your passion. Don’t go it alone—let coaching guide you every step of the way.