Monetize Your Expertise with Simple Marketing Strategies


Marketing is the process of building trust, so how you communicate matters. It’s not about chasing algorithms or vanity numbers.

Instead, humanize your communication in an automated world.

Using effective lead-generation strategies and compelling copy, I can help you turn your passion into profit and your ideas into action.


Common Barriers Preventing Online Business Growth

Are any of these holding you back?

Growing an Email List

Is building an engaged email list a bigger challenge than you expected?

Strategic Copywriting

Are your digital assets communicating your brand's value and benefits?

Traffic and Sales

Do you need a traffic strategy that attracts buyers to your offerings?

Custom services to help you meet your goals

Here are a few way I can help.

Coaching Programs

Online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must be strategic. Prospects aren’t looking for more information or features.

Your potential clients want clear answers and results that will satisfy them emotionally. 

However, you need to earn their trust. I’ll be as bold to say that relationships will always beat algorithms. 

Building trust is at the heart of my group coaching programs for long-term growth.

Copywriting Services

My writing career started as a freelance writer. I pitched to magazines and sold articles. I quickly learned the art of engagement. I knew what editors wanted and what readers craved. 

The secret? Words resonate when you connect with someone’s desires, fears, or ambitions. They need to see their story as they read your copy. 

My done-for-you copy services help busy entrepreneurs relax while I write engaging copy that turns leads into sales.  

Think of me As your Marketing Collaborator

Marisa Shadrick

Do you need help cutting through the digital noise? In today’s world, where AI-generated content floods every channel, having a message that stands out is more critical than ever.

My clients are eager to make a real difference, but they know it takes more than posting on social media in hopes of going viral—it’s about clear, purposeful, and authentic communication.

My diverse background as a published writer featured in national and international publications, a former acquisition editor for Faith’ n Fitness Magazine, and co-host on BizTalk, KQMS Radio offers a wealth of marketing experience.

As a Ray Edwards-certified copywriter and a “You Are the Brand” expert, I share years of expertise in my courses and group coaching programs. I help clients “Amplify their Authority.” I am dedicated to helping you amplify your voice in today’s crowded marketplace.

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My amazing clients

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Amplify Your Authority Podcast

In this podcast, Marisa Shadrick tackles the complexities of online entrepreneurship. She loves blending powerful marketing strategies with personal growth to ignite business success. 

Once a month, Marisa teams up with Kathy Farah, a seasoned copywriter and email strategist, for a special copywriting segment. They offer insights and expert critiques on pre-submitted opt-in pages and homepages.

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