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Amplify Your Authority

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Relationship Marketing

As consumer behavior evolves and algorithms and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, achieving visibility online is getting more complicated due to the oversaturation of AI-generated information.

  • Challenged in List and Lead Growth: Finding it difficult to expand your email list and generate organic leads despite your best efforts?
  • Trapped in Outdated Methods: Feeling stuck and frustrated with traditional marketing techniques that no longer yield results?
  • Exhausted by Unrewarding Social Media: Spending countless hours crafting social media posts, only to be met with minimal engagement and interaction?

Information overload isn’t the solution. It’s about innovating a self-sustaining marketing engine that thrives over time, unaffected by external shifts. Grab this free resource to discover the secret to visibility and sustainable business growth.

Online Marketing Doesn't Have to be Complicated, but it Must be Strategic!

Here are two ways I can help.

Online Business Coaching

Marketing is about building trust and providing extraordinary customer service before prospects are customers. I believe there’s power in interaction over a transaction


I help independent coaches, service providers, and course creators discover how this approach leads to more clients, a strong network, and opportunities to share their credible expertise. 


Beyond workshops, I offer a group coaching program, “Amplify Your Authority” a few times a year, so join my email community, and I’ll keep you updated.

Brand & Copy Services

Copywriting is the text that prompts a reader to take a specific action online, how it’s written matters. 

✔️ Effective copywriting connects with a specific audience, delivering a solution-based message that increases conversions.
✔️ Skillfully crafted copy can win your readers’ trust, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.
✔️ Compelling copy can transform your website, social posts, and promotions into effective marketing assets.  CLICK HERE to schedule a free business development call! 

Online Marketing Solutions from a Trusted Source

Your products and services deserve well-crafted words that showcase their value and benefits.

Your buyers aren’t looking for more information or features. They’re looking for results. They’ll be more eager to engage and connect with you once they know you hold the key to improving their future.

Artificial intelligence has its place, but the science behind human behavior leaves AI at a disadvantage. Marketing should never replace human connection, especially in today’s post-Covid world. 

As a certified brand and copywriting expert, I help coaches, service providers, and course creators get more clients through heart-to-heart communication. 

Marisa Shadrick

What Others are Saying...

Ray Edwards
Communications Strategist, Copywriter, & Author "How to Write Copy That Sells"

Ray Edwards

You seldom run across someone with tenacity, mental stamina, and the skillset needed to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Marisa’s passionate about helping online content creators succeed with brand clarity and online strategies. She brings communication skills in writing, speaking, and copywriting to the table so you can connect with your audience, blaze through the virtual noise, and become a resilient creator.

Mike Kim
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, "You Are the Brand"

Mike Kim

Marisa Shadrick brings razor-sharp clarity to the often vague and mysterious “personal brand” industry like no other coach out there. She’s practical, generous, whip-smart, and most importantly stands strong on her values of integrity and authenticity. I’ve worked with and personally trained Marisa in the concepts I’ve used for years in personal branding, and her skill as a coach and copywriter can help you gain the clarity you need for your business and life.

Jonathan Milligan
Blogger, Speaker, Business Coach, & Author, "Your Message Matters"

Jonathan Milligan

Marisa’s an all-star. My email marketing is my heart and soul and how I communicate my brand to the people who are in my audience.

I was blown away by the first series of emails Marisa wrote for me. Not only was it in my voice, but we had better open rates, engagement, and clicks.