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Grow Your Credibility with Carousel Posts

Use Instagram to Post Micro Content Posting on Instagram is a great way to provide valuable content and creatively showcase your knowledge. Although Instagram images are engaging, one picture isn’t always worth a thousand words. You may need multiple photos or videos to communicate your message. Carousel posts can help you grow your credibility as you share your expertise through

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How to Create an Engaging Instagram Story

Consider Instagram Stories to Promote Your Ministry or Business Do you scrunch your nose when someone says, “post on social media!” No shame, no guilt. I was there.  But if you want to share your message with the world, start with short pieces of content on social media. Why?  People are busy, so they’re looking for easily consumed content.   You

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The Power of Automations

Whether you’re sending webinar reminders, coaching call follow-up emails, or giveaway email responders, create a system that takes care of the details–while you sleep.    Here’s what you’ll discover in this video! What is an automation How to create an automation How automations work and integrate with other tools   We’re going behind-the-scenes with Active Campaign.   The Magic of

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How to Choose the Right Opt-in Form

My first experience with an opt-in form was, “What’s a modal?” I still can’t pronounce it.   Here’s what I didn’t know–but I was too ashamed to ask. What’s a shortcode? How many fields should I add? Can all forms be used anywhere? Your email service provider offers a variety of forms, but not all opt-in forms are equal. For

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3 Keto Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Some years back I wrote articles for a newspaper column called Living Well. Health was always an interest of mine. I read lots of articles about inflammation, sugar, and processed foods. My bookshelf was full of health books. I avoided certain foods, and I stayed healthy. But I needed a better plan. I wanted my nutrition to optimize my daily

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