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Strength During Trials and Tragedy

The Message of Strength and Resilience Amid Tragedy Continues We held on to faith as we faced a global pandemic, unstable economy, and social distancing. Then, another tragedy. A brutal murder was broadcast over social media and the news. What happened over Memorial Day weekend left our nation in shock and socially divided. My eighty-five-year-old mother was horrified. I was

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First 3 Steps to Course Creation – For Non-Techy Creators

If your brilliance has a monetary value for a specific audience, then it’s time to think about course creation. Course creation is a huge subject, and there are numerous ways of getting the job done. It’s really up to personal preference, features, and how much you want to spend. Before you spend money on a course platform, there are preliminary

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How to Have Hard Conversations During Stressful Times

Have you ever had one of those tough and complicated days? You get an email from someone, and it’s full of stress. Major stress. Someone’s not happy. The tension gets transferred to you with each sentence you read. When it’s a relative, you can’t ignore them, but you secretly dread opening another email or text. Then you feel guilty. If

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Become More Twitter Social with Hootsuite

Has Social Media Stopped Being Social? Today, social media is a wide range of online communication, and it’s not going away any time soon. You go to a conference or even a church, and the speaker wants you to hashtag or tweet. But with so many platforms, it’s hard to connect and interact. Most of us post and ghost. Twitter

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Grow Your Platform; Grow Your Influence

This week, my computer crashed! Black to blue screen. Scary, to say the least. In my desperation, guess what I did? I went to The Great Google to find a local computer repair service. In less than 24 hours, my computer was up and running, and it only cost me $50. (David is my new friend.)   Do You Have

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