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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #74 Flourishing After Adversity: Laura Broome's Journey to Resilience and Hope

In today’s episode, the remarkable Laura Mangum Broome is joining us, sharing her journey to resilience and hope.

Laura has overcome tremendous adversity, including facing breast cancer, heart failure, the tragic loss of her adopted son, divorce, and loss of her home and business.

Despite these challenges, she embodies resilience and transformation and has even written a book, “Flourishing After Adversity,” to share her coping strategies and resilience tools with others.

She has also leveraged her experiences to become a successful public speaker. Laura’s story is one of strength, faith, and grace, and her journey will leave you inspired and encouraged.


In This Podcast Episode, You’ll Discover: 

✅ How resilience is a powerful tool that can help individuals navigate life’s challenges and emerge stronger

✅ Actionable coping strategies and resilience skills to help individuals face adversity, stress, and unexpected challenges.

✅ Cultivate the ability to turn challenging life events into opportunities for personal growth and kindness toward others

✅ An opportunity for listeners to engage with Laura’s book launch and how they can benefit from joining the book launch team.

Laura’s message goes beyond the pages of her book. Through her website,, she provides free resources and coaching programs for those seeking support. Her resilience and kindness are remarkable, making her an incredible source of inspiration.



Adversity can make you bitter or better, and it’s our choice. And I chose better, so I want to share what helped me with other people.”— Laura Broome.

“Understand that change is going to happen; concentrate more on the journey than the outcome.”— Laura Broome.

“Once you get out of your comfort zone, you see opportunities. You can find more joy in your life” — Laura Broome.

I want people to know if I can do it; they can too because I’m an ordinary person who went through extraordinary things, and I know others can do it.”— Laura Broome.


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About Laura Mangum Broome

Laura Mangum Broome embodies resilience and transformation.

Her journey, marked by breast cancer, the loss of her oldest son, her life-saving heart transplant, and a sudden divorce after 27 years of marriage, showcases the human ability to triumph over adversity.

She created the iCope2Hope 3-Step Resilience Framework to help others conquer their fear of change, overcome challenges, and rediscover joy.

Her upcoming book, “Flourishing After Adversity: A 3-Step Action Plan to Transform Pain into Purpose and Embrace Joy Again” teaches the same resilience skills Laura used to experience positive growth while starting her life over at the age of 58.



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Podcast Transcript

Marisa Shadrick [00:00:14]:

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another podcast episode, and I have a special treat for you. So if you need a little inspiration, you wanna tune in and listen As I continue to kind of tee this up and tell you a little bit about Laura. Laura Broom embodies resilience and transformation. Her journey marked by breast cancer, the loss of her oldest son, her life saving heart transplant, And a sudden divorce after 27 years of marriage showcases the human ability to triumph over adversity. She created the I Cope to Hope 3 step resilience framework to help others conquer their fear of change, Overcome challenges and rediscover joy. Her upcoming book, Flourishing After Adversity, A 3 step action plan to transform pain into purpose and embrace joy again Teaches the same resilience skills Laura used to experience positive growth while starting her life over At the age of 58. Welcome, Laura.

Laura Broome [00:01:29]:

Thank you, Marissa.

Laura Broome [00:01:30]:

It’s a

Laura Broome [00:01:30]:

joy to be here.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:32]:

I’m so excited to have you on the podcast because you are someone that really embodies resilience. A lot of people use the word a lot, But you have gone through a lot. So first of all, I want the listeners to know, where are you coming in from? Where do you where do you live?

Laura Broome [00:01:50]:

I am in in San Antonio, Texas, and I’ve I’ve been a a Texan all my life.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:56]:

Oh, wow. That’s awesome. Do you have family there as well? Mhmm.

Laura Broome [00:02:00]:

I do. That’s great.

Laura Broome [00:02:02]:

I’m a

Laura Broome [00:02:02]:

native Houstonian. Yeah. So my family is, still in the Houston area, and, I live with my twin sister.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:10]:

I know. That’s so exciting. I actually got to meet her twin sister, and they are twins, and they are hysterical together. They I just I like Partners in crime. Right? She’s amazing. She’s amazing. So she’s a big supporter of you, I can tell, Because you guys get along so well. I’m I’m kind of envious.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:31]:

They really get along well. The little don’t you call yourselves the Giggle Twins?

Laura Broome [00:02:36]:

The Google twins, yes. We’re we’re like each other’s best friends, so it’s it’s wonderful.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:41]:

That’s great. That’s awesome. So to give people a little bit Context, why don’t you, share a little bit how we ended up working together? So it’s been a little while now. Now that I think of it, it’s been, like, a couple years that we’ve been working together. So why don’t you give them a little bit of the backstory?

Laura Broome [00:03:00]:

Yes. Well, gosh, we met. You were one of my mentors, And, and, you started a new program, and I was so excited Because I was put into a change of life, when I, you know, at at 58 when I had to start my life over again, and I I had to learn a new, way of Earning money, I had to, just really start everything over. And we, we just met, and you were such an encouragement to me and and gave me such insight. And I thought I can really learn a lot from you, and and you’ve been so encouraging and So, helpful. And, because of your background, being a a copywriter, and and I didn’t even know what that was. And I’ve heard of it, but I was like, what what does somebody like that do? And, so it was such a a a I learned so much because this was a completely different, I guess, like, a a a way of, learning a new business. I I had been an entrepreneur Before, I was co owner within a business with my, husband at the time, but this was something completely different.

Laura Broome [00:04:30]:

Doing business online, I had a lot to learn, and and you were so helpful and and so knowledgeable And really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.

Marisa Shadrick [00:04:42]:

Oh, thank you so much. And and you’re so right. It is different. There’s some similarities Between having a local business, you know, brick and mortar, some similarities, but so different how we prospect, how we interact online, Because we don’t have the advantage of face to face contact all the time, and so it is very different. And so I thought it was really smart of you to start with copy connection, which is one of my programs, and learn copy even though you didn’t know exactly what it was. And that’s Everybody is wondering that. I realized more and more. I say copyright and they go copy.

Marisa Shadrick [00:05:19]:

What? What is that? What do they do? Is that copyright? And I go, no. It’s not copyright. But, the power of words. Right? Because that’s what we have. That’s our tool online. Whether it’s in text or at audio or A video, we have to leverage those words. We don’t have a lot of time to do it too. We’ve gotta do it quickly.

Marisa Shadrick [00:05:38]:

So you did so well In Copy Connection, I mean, you were just doing every lesson. You were learning. Your copy was transforming. And then you ended up Joining me for Amplify Your Authority. So that was awesome. That was the beginning of the was that the beginning of this year Of Yeah. I’m trying to think. Was it almost 12 months

Laura Broome [00:05:59]:

ago? I believed yeah. Yes. I think it was January Or gosh. I I don’t know. I just know whatever you offered, I wanted to stay in because I was learning so much. And, and, yeah, I mean, Copy Connection, that truly opened my eyes to, I guess, like, the world of marketing, because I I had no experience in that. And And and your lessons were so so easy to understand, and you you walked us through The lessons and and the the homework was great practice to put into action what we learned. And and I realized it’s not as hard as I thought it was, but, You know, when you don’t deal with marketing, you just don’t it’s like, it’s just like a general word.

Laura Broome [00:06:58]:

You know? And but I but learning and copy connection, I I learned so much. You you know, dissected all the The pieces and and it really it really resonated with me in the different parts. And, Like I said, it got to the point where I did not wanna miss a live lesson because I knew I would If I if time was really tight for me, I’d have to really find time to listen to the replay. So it made me motivated to be at the lesson live I could ask questions and take my notes and, be ready to to hit the the homework.

Marisa Shadrick [00:07:41]:

Copywriting is such an essential part that when I offer Amplify Your Authority, which is more the components of Building an online business. For those of you that don’t know, it it it’s a 6 month program, but the 1st 90 days is an intensive where you learn the system. It’s about learning first the 1st month, getting the branding right, the messaging, all of that. The 2nd month is traffic, trying to figure out, You know, how you’re going to get clients, and I have a system for that so they can begin to prospect in a smart way without burning out. And then the 3rd month is really about the products and having those multiple streams of revenue. Copywriting is so important for all of that, and I didn’t wanna give them a piece or a slice. So Now when people sign up for Amplify Your Authority, they get copy connection as well because I feel it they complement each other, And it’s an important part. So, so, yeah, you kind of came along when Copy Connection launched.

Marisa Shadrick [00:08:41]:

And then as I was implementing Amplify Your Authority, you decide I’m gonna just stay in. And so it’s been great. So what kind of results have you seen from being in both programs? Because you Really dived into both of them.

Laura Broome [00:08:54]:

Yes. Well, what was exciting when we started amplify your your, message, It kinda put everything from copy connection. It it just melded everything together. And So within the the 1st 3 months, I had a speaking opportunity that I was so excited Because I think I was probably one of the few people who actually had, a 1 sheet, my media page, to to give to the, to the event. And, and and that was so that took so much pressure off and, learning how to apply the the speaking template, to my message was even, even so helpful. And because I went In listening to some of the other speakers, it was hard to to to understand what their messages or the because we we had, Like, 15 to 30 minutes to speak, but I felt like mine was structured so well, because I learned how to do my opening and my 3 points, and and and I had a lot of compliments. And that was That was great because doing my 1st speech was very hard. It was online.

Laura Broome [00:10:20]:

Thank goodness. But but, still, you know, because you do tend to wanna do that Comparison thing, and it’s like, no. Don’t don’t compare. Just concentrate on yourself, and and it it went well. It was very

Marisa Shadrick [00:10:32]:

I I remember that. And That is one of the things that we do in the 2nd month is create your your press kit or your one sheet to position you. I didn’t wanna scare the audience and tell them I I kinda push them into public speaking, but I do, you know, and there’s different ways to do this. It could be I know. Most people go, oh, no. I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna join our program, but It it is I mean, think about it. Speaking is part of what we do, whether it’s online, on a video, on a reel, whether it’s a video, maybe on your website, we’re always speaking, and so why not leverage that and learn to do it correctly and create talks for Being a podcast guest or even on a summit or an in person event, which, really, that first Opportunity you had was the first of many.

Marisa Shadrick [00:11:20]:

You started getting some public speaking opportunities, and you even spoke at my Tennessee event, and you did a fabulous job. So polished. It was wonderful.

Laura Broome [00:11:30]:

Oh, thank you. It it was it that was a nice opportunity to To speak live, and, I think it was when well, it was the the 2nd time. I it I I Really enjoyed the smaller events speaking live. Yeah. But, but it was so wonderful to be prepared. I think that’s the thing. Yes. If if someone said, okay.

Laura Broome [00:11:52]:

You’re gonna have to do a presentation, of course, you know, that’s one of the number one things people are scared of. But, but when you come into it prepared, it it really is just if if you have a little bit of nervousness, That’s good because that that means you’re ready to to take on that that task. But, but, yeah, it was, It was so nice being prepared and having a template, and and and then I could just reuse that depending on if my audience changes. It’s just I gotta tweak that a little bit, but it’s it’s really wonderful. I can use that, presentation for any type of talk.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:35]:

Yeah. Absolutely. Because it’s a different audience. So the core remains the same. You just tweak the opening. That’s awesome. I’m excited because you Hab, I sort of wanna transition into your book because you’ve been working on this book. And I really appreciate all the kind words that you said, By the way, about Coffee Connection and Amplify Your Authority.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:55]:

But I really wanna focus on you a little bit and talk about this book. What inspired this book?

Laura Broome [00:13:02]:

I had a lot to say, and sometimes you can’t cover it in about 15 or 30 minutes. Yeah. The the book has been a labor of love. And I never thought I’d ever write a book. But because of what I’ve been through And I’ve overcome, quite a bit in over a short period of time, you know, 4 life Changing events in a 5 year period. And I I realized if I can do it, I want other people to know they can overcome hardship and and still experience joy in their life. And and so, You know, I I’ve had I’ve gone through quite a bit of challenges, but nothing like what happened, from, you know, Beginning 2015, with my, breast cancer and losing My oldest son to suicide and, then a couple years later, a heart transplant and the divorce, that was, That that was a lot to to overcome and learning how to deal with my grief. And when I got to the acceptance stage, I had to decide, what am I gonna do now? And so the the book kinda tells some of my, My stories, I didn’t always handle them well.

Laura Broome [00:14:33]:

I’ve I’ve learned, along the way, how to strengthen my resilience in in tools and coping strategies that I now can apply to anything that I come across, big or small. It’s the framework that 3 step framework That I find that it it it does help, and it does work. And people always ask me, well, how did how did you get through that? That would devastate me. And I just want people to know, you know, adversity can make you bitter or better, and it’s our choice. And I chose better, and so I’m I wanna share what helped me with other people. And, I can’t solve their problems, but I can give them the tools and the coping strategies to help them overcome their They’re challenges.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:27]:

That is amazing. I don’t wanna gloss over the fact that these were 4 life Changing events in a 5 year period. Is that correct? Did I hear that right? That is major because just one Event can derail people. And was the first, event that happened, was that the breast cancer? Was that the first?

Laura Broome [00:15:50]:

Yes. Yes. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and and then when I, stopped the Chemo, which fortunately, the chemo worked. But when I stopped it, it, at at the time, I didn’t know it, but it it I started having heart issues and heart problems and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. And it turns out that I had a genetic marker That the chemo turned on the congestive heart failure, and my twin sister has it too. We didn’t it was a it’s a long story of how we Discovered it was genetic. But if I hadn’t gone through that breast cancer and and, you know, started having the Congestive heart failure symptoms, we wouldn’t have known it was a genetic issue. And, so Our our brother has the marker too, and, each one of their children has it too.

Laura Broome [00:16:46]:

So it it’s not doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna get Congestive heart failure. But we just have to be proactive and, you know, just, get a baseline, You test. But but yes. And then, 3 months after, my chemo stopped is is when my, And my oldest son, whom we had adopted from Russia 10 years prior, he died by suicide. And, so I I I was in the hospital, getting ready for some cancer surgery, when that happened. And, I had a a lot of wonderful, supportive people around me and Which helped me get through that. And and then a couple years later is when I was diagnosed with the, needing a heart transplant, and that was at the beginning of COVID. So, you know, right When COVID shut

Marisa Shadrick [00:17:48]:

down, it was actually 5 yeah. Five life changing events. Not 4, 5 in 5 years. Oh my gosh.

Laura Broome [00:17:56]:

I mean, COVID COVID was kinda in there anyway. You know?

Marisa Shadrick [00:18:00]:

But Yeah. Because COVID really messed with a lot of people. You know? A lot of people had lost. A lot of people are Seeing their point of view of things is a little different now. There’s a lot of things that happened because of COVID, but all of these things that happened I mean, just the cancer alone And finding out this news, I am so sorry for your loss, but finding out about your son when you’re getting ready for surgery, I mean, that alone and they can’t postpone it. Right? Because you need to have the surgery. I mean, that is heartbreaking to Hear that. Right? And so the fact that you were able to recover, is miraculous in itself.

Marisa Shadrick [00:18:41]:

The heart transplant, Just even waiting because I’ve heard stories that you have to wait. Right? You have to wait for a match. How long did you have to wait?

Laura Broome [00:18:54]:

I I expected to wait 4 to 6 weeks, and and they told me, It could even be longer than that because of COVID shutting everything down. And, so because I since I have o positive blood, it’s very common. And so for to give blood, it’s great. But to receive an organ, I’m one of many trying to, you know, vie for, you know, an organ, A heart transplant. And so, I mean so that was even gonna be kinda you know? So that was kind of a strike against me, COVID, And just waiting for the right match, because there’s so many things involved in, matching the heart. It’s Tissue and blood and I mean, it’s it’s it’s it’s mind boggling, because, you know, you you don’t want the body to reject. It’s gonna see that as a foreign object anyway, so you you don’t want your body to reject it or get an infection. And so, again, you know, Yes.

Laura Broome [00:20:01]:

My faith played so much into all of this. And so I when I went in the hospital in April, I brought my work with me, and because I was working from home anyway, running the day to day operations with the business. I’d already started delegating My work, but I I just brought everything into the office because it didn’t have visitors. I I had to, you know, talk on the phone or, you know, Zoom. And so I thought, well, I’m gonna get bored. I might as well be productive. And 6 days later, they found a heart for me. Perfect match.

Laura Broome [00:20:36]:

So the doctor said, you found a good strong heart for you. I’m going to the airport to make sure it’s a good match and Bring it back, and we’ll get you into surgery. And I I I did. That evening, I I got my new heart, and 2 weeks later, I went home. It was Mother’s Day weekend. I was so excited, to I thought this is the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever Have a I got a new heart. I get to spend it with my family. And and then a month later, I I found out I was going through a divorce, and my husband was in another relationship and and, Chose that after almost 30 years of marriage, and and, so I moved in with my sisters.

Laura Broome [00:21:23]:

So that was a real trying time trying to to I mean, it was glad I was I was having a good recovery from the heart transplant, but the the divorce, was very devastating at the time.

Marisa Shadrick [00:21:38]:

So let me backtrack a little bit. Did you say you they found a match after 6 days?

Laura Broome [00:21:45]:


Marisa Shadrick [00:21:46]:

Was that

Laura Broome [00:21:46]:

oh my goodness. Miracle.

Marisa Shadrick [00:21:47]:

And you

Laura Broome [00:21:48]:

It was a miracle.

Marisa Shadrick [00:21:49]:

Expecting it to be 4 to 6 weeks, and sometimes I’ve heard it could take longer. But you found in 6 days, they found a that was a miracle in itself. That was fantastic. And then you’re you’re done with that, Hoping that, okay, this is now behind the divorce. That was were you thinking that that was a possibility, or was that a surprise? Or Did you know anything was wrong? Or

Laura Broome [00:22:15]:

Oh, well, you know, in in every marriage, you have ups and downs, and and we had been trying to work through stuff. And the business was stressful. We had gone to marriage counseling, and, you know, you you take the vows. I didn’t I didn’t think We would end up in a divorce. I honestly didn’t, but

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:34]:

committed to to work it out. Yeah.

Laura Broome [00:22:36]:

You were committed to work it

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:37]:

out, and you were working in the business.

Laura Broome [00:22:39]:

You You know, when I was going through the grieving stages, when I got to the anger stage you know? Yes. Of course, I was angry at him, but then it it made me realize he moved on, and that’s what I had to struggle with. And then I got mad at myself because it’s like, okay. You’re pining for something that’s not ever gonna happen. There’s no reconciliation is not an option. So what are you gonna do now? Are you going to keep suffering and reliving that pain over and over again, or are you gonna pick yourself up and move on? That was The the changing point. That’s when everything

Marisa Shadrick [00:23:18]:


Laura Broome [00:23:19]:

Because I stopped focusing on the past, and I started living the present And trying to build towards my future. That’s a lot of what the book is about is, coming to making that decision. And and some people, you know, like I talk about in the book, you you can choose to be a victim or a victor. And it’s it’s their choice. You know, I can’t make it for them. So I I think that’s the 1st step in moving forward

Laura Broome [00:23:47]:


Laura Broome [00:23:47]:

After hardship is almost that mindset.

Marisa Shadrick [00:23:51]:

A Theme a theme that each time you you faced a choice, you told yourself, okay. This is your option, which in one way, You’ve empowered yourself to make a choice. But Mhmm. Each time it’s like you almost faced, okay, Laura. What am I gonna do here? You you got 1 to 2 things that you can do. So you made a choice, which I think the hope behind that is that we do have a choice. Right? We have a choice of which way we’re going to perceive this or go about this. Right? Can you kinda speak into that in case somebody is going through Something challenging right now?

Laura Broome [00:24:28]:

It is. You know? And because I can hear people going, well, I don’t like my choices. Well, I didn’t like my choices either going through the divorce. But it’s like so you still have a choice. I mean, you can either Choose to not make a choice or or choose to make a choice. Either way, it’s going to be a choice. And One thing that I I truly believe, because I know I I’ve experienced this through my my life and everybody else has, is you have to acknowledge that change is going to happen. Change is constant.

Laura Broome [00:25:04]:

And and once you Understand that things are going to change and you have to be flexible, then that’s where it’s going to be easier to make choices. And because I didn’t like the choices I had at the time, but as I Kept going forward, the situation would change for the better or just take a different path. And so If you learn to develop a growth mindset, which is what I talk about in the book, that’s the first step, You concentrate on what’s in your control to move forward. And and and so understanding that change is going to happen, Concentrate more on the journey rather than the outcome. You can set a goal, but you if you understand the goal may not be the same thing that you’re looking for or that you achieve, you might get it. It might take you to a different goal, and but it’s always going to be better. And that’s something that I learned out of those experiences in that short period of time. I always found at least 1 good thing good thing that came out of those tragic experiences, and And I got to the point where I could find more than 1.

Laura Broome [00:26:23]:

And but it’s it’s changing your perspective and looking for the positive. It’s not making things up, but it’s actually finding the good in things, in the situation, in people. Once you understand what you’re in control of, Which is, you know, your your thoughts, your words, and your actions, then you can move forward. But as long as you understand Stan, what’s out of your control is going to be other people, their thoughts, their words, their actions. You don’t have any control over that.

Marisa Shadrick [00:26:57]:

Absolutely. Think this message is so appropriate for today because there’s so much going on in the world. And like I we said earlier, even COVID, there’s still the effects of it, and people’s perspective has changed a lot about different things. You find people kind of online because we’re online so much. We find them almost on edge, you know, on edge. And I think this message is so Appropriate, especially for today, what’s going on in the world. And there’s a lot of people that have been displaced from corporate jobs. Divorce continues, unfortunately.

Marisa Shadrick [00:27:34]:

There’s a lot of people

Laura Broome [00:27:35]:


Marisa Shadrick [00:27:35]:

through divorce. There’s a lot of single moms. There’s a lot of things going on. And that’s one of the things I often share that An email is not just an email. It’s a real person behind that email with goals and dreams, but also with problems and challenges. You know? Even the Good things in life can be stressful. You know, relocation or a marriage or having a baby. You know, those things can be stressful as well.

Marisa Shadrick [00:28:00]:

So we’re even talking about things. Like, even the good things can create anxiety. And sometimes we need resilience to raise our 4 kids and take them to soccer and keep a schedule and Maintain boundaries and all this other stuff. So life is full of it. And so I could see how this book because I was gonna ask you who this book is for, And we never wanna say it’s for anyone, but I have a feeling this is one situation where we can say it is For people that want to be more resilient. Right? And regardless of what’s happening in their lives. Would you agree?

Laura Broome [00:28:34]:

It is it’s for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and they they need something to change in their life. And And and they have that. They they have the power to change their life for the better. And, regardless with whether anybody Wants to come along with them or not, they have that choice. And, and and I wrote the book too. It’s it’s very easy, easy coping strategies. It’s it’s easy to understand. It’s broken down into baby steps Because what I my goal with with this book and with my message is to let people know It’s doable.

Laura Broome [00:29:18]:

It’s achievable. You can do it. You can teach somebody else to do it. That’s the best way how we learn is by telling somebody else These you know, the strategies in the book, the the, resilience skills and the coping strategies. Mhmm. And, and we can pass this down, Leave a legacy of resilience to the next generation, our children, our grandchildren.

Marisa Shadrick [00:29:42]:

I love what you said about learning these skills and then Even teaching it to your children, that is or your grandchildren, that is so value because they’re gonna need those kind of skills. You’re gonna need those kind of skills. So I I love that that you said that. And I’ll tell you listeners that if you knew Laura, She you would never know she has gone through so much because she said she went through 4 life changing events. I added another COVID, And I I’m adding another one, a 6 one in a 5 year period, and that’s the fact that you lost your income because you were helping in your husband’s business. You were Working together in that. Right? And I’m gonna even add another one too because so you lost your business, basically, and then you lost not a house, but you lost your home. Yeah.

Marisa Shadrick [00:30:28]:

So I just added 7. So it’s I keep piling it on because I wanna explain to the audience Yeah. Not to make you feel bad. I don’t wanna

Laura Broome [00:30:37]:

make you feel

Marisa Shadrick [00:30:37]:

bad, but to explain to you how much she had to face. I mean, think of that, losing your home, right, and and End the business. So we’re talking about financial, and that’s a stressor right there. But if you had an opportunity to sit down with Laura, she is the most loving, Kind, generous, compassionate person you would meet on the planet. She is just so caring. And I know that that As a resilience coach, because that’s how you you call yourself a resilience coach, I know the people that you’re gonna come alongside, They’re gonna be able to, just just from being with you, gain not only the the tools that they need, But you are such an example of grace and kindness that I think they’re going to just absolutely Want to be able to see things, like, you see things and use those tools because you help them realize that it is possible. And so I just had to say that because I respect you so much as a woman, a strong woman, Who is daring to do something that most people would say, that’s too hard. You can’t do that, and yet you’re doing it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:31:51]:

So I applaud you for that. And so does the book allow people to connect with you if they because I’m sure you probably have some coaching programs or something For people that want more, do you have something else that you offer people besides the book?

Laura Broome [00:32:06]:

Yes. I do. On my website, I have, some free resources. I have a, a, a Workbook, just a a a simple workbook that is, 3 life changing hacks to disrupt thinking traps and reduce stress. And, that’s on my my website, and I have a weekly blog that I put out that’s Accessible on my website and, weekly newsletter. And, and I do have, ways that, people can work with me. And I just wanted to add something, because you were so kind, with, the words you used to describe me. How I tell people now is when I was going through all that 3 years ago, it’s like I Step deck.

Laura Broome [00:32:58]:

I got pushed out of my comfort zone, and the door was locked, and I couldn’t go back in to my comfort zone. So I had to you know?

Laura Broome [00:33:07]:

How you get locked out of the house or something, and you go, oh, no. What am

Laura Broome [00:33:10]:

I gonna do? That’s,

Laura Broome [00:33:12]:

You know, that’s kinda how it happened. It’s just a quick way

Laura Broome [00:33:16]:

to to to tell people, you know, what happened. And and so, You know, I don’t want people to be find themselves in that situation where they’re forced out of their comfort zone. So, you know, I I have, some Some skills and strategies to to help with that, but it is exciting. Once you start getting out of your comfort zone, you do see opportunities. You do find more joy in your life, and and, and I want people to know, you know, if I can do it, They can too because I’m an ordinary person who went through extraordinary things, and I know others can do it. And and probably you could do it better than I have, but but I I don’t want them to make the mistakes I did. So that that’s why I wrote the book. Let me help you do it faster.

Marisa Shadrick [00:34:05]:

So we have a little offer, a surprise for people, because I’m sure people want to buy the book, but the book is not going to be available yet till what date? What’s the launch date on that?

Laura Broome [00:34:18]:

It’ll be available to purchase on December 5th in, on Amazon and all the, you know, major, Places to to buy the book. But, yes, I do have an opportunity right now. I am Putting together a book launch team. People join that. They get an opportunity to get free version of The book, also a opportunity to get a free signed paperback book. It’s it’s free to them, and they there’ll be some other resources, Fun challenges. Everything that’s on my website is easy to find. K.

Laura Broome [00:34:56]:

And, it’s and they can sign up There, and it’s a private Facebook group. And, so it’ll it’ll be a fun time.

Marisa Shadrick [00:35:03]:

Yeah. I love it because they’ll have a copy

Laura Broome [00:35:08]:

The book, and then they’ll have

Marisa Shadrick [00:35:08]:

an extra copy to give to someone too. So that’s great, an autograph copy, and then you’ll get The reviews, I think that’s a great idea. It sounds like a win win all the way around to read the book, and and make sure you get them to Take a picture of the the book with them so you can get pictures

Laura Broome [00:35:23]:

of people. Yes. Yes. I know. I know. I’m still working on all the Details. I’m kinda, you know, the I I’m this is all kinda new to me too, but, I’m I’m you know, we’ll all learn together.

Marisa Shadrick [00:35:38]:

I’m a stranger. Those. Yeah. I’ve seen those pictures where everybody holds up a book, you know, and they get us a little Clip of everybody holding up the book. Those are fun. Those are fun. So that sounds exciting. So now just to repeat so everybody knows, You can go to Laura’s website, and we’ll give you all those details.

Marisa Shadrick [00:35:57]:

It’ll be in the show notes too. And you can join her book launch team. And with that, you’ll get an immediate PDF copy of the book. And there’s just a few things for you to do, but you’ll be able to read A copy of the book, and you’ll be able to share it with some friends and family, and then you’ll end up with an actual physical copy that you can give to someone, a loved one, a friend, a spouse, whoever needs it, and that it would be such a wonderful gift for them. Do you wanna give them the website, so that they can go visit that and get on your book launch team? What is the, website URL?

Laura Broome [00:36:38]:

Yes. It’s icope to, and that’s That I c o p e, the number 2, h o p

Marisa Shadrick [00:36:50]:

Laura, thank you so much for being on the podcast. I really enjoyed having you and hearing your story. And thank you so much for everything that you’re doing. You’re really an inspiration. I know there’s so much more that you do. You volunteer. There’s more that we didn’t have time to cover, but thank you so much for everything you’re doing and really Creating change in the world. Thank you.

Laura Broome [00:37:11]:

Thank you for having me, Marissa. I really enjoyed it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:37:15]:

Alrighty, everyone. Take care, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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