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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #77 2023 Marketing Shifts and Recommendations for Future Success

2023 Marketing Shifts and Recommendations for Future Success

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, I’ve gathered my thoughts on 2023’s marketing shifts with recommendations for future success. What lies ahead is a different era in online business.


Technology continues to reshape marketing.

Just as television transformed advertising in the mid-20th century and the rise of the internet gave advertisers a global audience in the late 90s, today’s AI evolution is another pivotal change, signaling a new era in online marketing.

It’s a crucial wake-up call for businesses to fully equip themselves in the face of AI, as their competitors are certainly not standing still.
Join me as we explore adapting to these shifts, which can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving in the ever-evolving online marketing world.


Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • The AI Evolution: Reflecting on the impact of AI in 2023 and its continued influence and why strategic marketing is more crucial than ever in our information-dense online world.
  • Back to Basics: As we gear up for 2024, I’ll emphasize the importance of revisiting the foundational elements of strategic online marketing. It’s time to align your content with your core business goals, creating a cohesive narrative that resonates with your audience.
  • Unveil the Future of Marketing: Get a sneak peek into the strategies set to dominate 2024, whether you’re a starting or seasoned entrepreneur.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Learn how to build relationships and a network that gives you a competitive edge in the coming year.
  • Master the Art of Adaptation: Understand how to adapt to the rapidly changing marketing landscape, ensuring your business stays relevant and thrives in 2024.


Tune in to the full episode for practical insights to navigate the ever-evolving online business landscape.

As we embrace the changes and challenges of the digital frontier, I’m here to guide you through it all. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their online presence and impact.


Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Integration for Growth: Understand the critical importance of integrating every aspect of your business, from marketing efforts to product development, to ensure cohesive and sustainable growth.
  • Content Creation with Purpose: Embrace strategic and cohesive content creation that aligns with your business goals and explore the growing impact of video content and podcasting in the digital marketing landscape of 2024.
  • Diversification for Stability: Recognize the significance of creating multiple revenue streams and taking proactive sales initiatives. Learn to avoid “spaghetti marketing” and build a stable, sustainable business.



  • “In a world filled with noise, strategic online marketing and revisiting the basics are key to effectively engaging with your audience.”
  • “Building a full spectrum of products and services isn’t just about variety; it’s about creating a cohesive journey for your customers that aligns with your business’s growth.”
  • “In the digital marketplace, driving traffic and enhancing visibility are not just about being seen; it’s about strategically placing your brand where it matters most, turning every click and view into a potential business opportunity.”


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Podcast Transcript

Marisa Shadrick [00:00:00]:

Hello, my friends. I don’t know about you. If you take a look at the past year and assess what has worked and what hasn’t, things that maybe you didn’t do well or things that went really well, and how you’re gonna tee up the new year. Well, I do that, and I’m gonna share some of My thoughts in this podcast episode of the things that have worked, some of the things that I predict for 2024, and some observations. So I hope you tune in and watch because this may be a game changer for you for the coming year, so stay tuned. Hello. Hello, my friends. We are almost at the end of the year at the time of this recording, and I always like to assess the year and see what’s working, what’s changed, what’s happening online, customer behavior, all of those things.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:05]:

And I thought it would be fun to just create a podcast where I share some of my thoughts and some of the things that I suggest for the coming year to help you market your business. So whether you’re a coach or whether you’re a course creator or a service based person that provides some type of service, this podcast may be for you, and it may help you streamline your marketing efforts for the coming year. I’m Marissa Chadwick, and I’m your online business development consultant. I help you with branding and copywriting and strategy to bring everything together so that you can sell more products and services and be able to serve more people and be visible and grow your platform. So I have my notes and my coffee. This is gonna be very chill. It’s just some of my own notes from reflecting the past year. So I’m just gonna be very honest and candid with you and share what I have.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:01]:

So Looking at the marketing shifts in 2023 to be able to position ourselves for the coming year for 2024 is really important. So let me just say that as I’ve looked back, and I think you will agree with me, one of the things has been a real huge game changer this year in 2023. Whatever time you’re listening to this podcast, I’m recording this at the end of 2023 in December. But the big change that happened was obviously OpenAI and as everyone knows it as ChatGPT. That started in 2022 in November, and by 2023, by spring, it was Just building momentum, and, oh my goodness, by summertime, a lot of the tools that we’ve used in the past, Lots of tools, Zoom, all kinds of tools have incorporated some form of AI. It is not going away. It is here to stay, and it’s only going to continue to move into the next year and coming years. It’s been a big part of it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:03:04]:

So in looking at AI and looking at The advantages and disadvantages, I’ll be honest with you. There are some advantages for ideation. I’ve done some other Podcast on AI where I share my thoughts on that. But in a nutshell, there there is a place for everything. I’m never going to give you complete absolutes because there’s always that one Person that just breaks the rule and is able to just crush it. Right? But what I can see from working with clients and working with some of the people in my private groups is that AI can provide great ideation. In other words, it will It will be able to give you some ideas of things to get you started. And if you provide great input, And, again, you have to know what to input, and that’s why being a copywriter, I know more of the type of things that I wanted to spit out.

Marisa Shadrick [00:03:59]:

But even at the very best, when I give it all the instructions, when I give it great input, it’s still only about 50 to 60% accurate or good enough to post somewhere. I still have to clean it up. I still have to not only put it in my own voice, but also strategically write it so that it will be able to increase clicks or downloads. It’s not one of those tools yet, maybe in the future, that’s copy and paste. So there is a lot of work still. It’s not something that’s going to just automatically give you great stuff. If you’re getting great results by copy and paste, kudos. Yay.

Marisa Shadrick [00:04:38]:

That’s great. But most of the time from what I’ve seen, it’s not a turnkey type content, but it does have its benefits. It can help you get started and give you ideas for content creation. Now here’s the problem with it. Because of it, Everyone has gone crazy with chat GPT and AI. There’s even AI articles that are being produced on LinkedIn. It’s more, more, more. More content, more post, more things because they’re saying, oh, this is great.

Marisa Shadrick [00:05:11]:

I could just some things in, and I’ve got tons of content I could just post, post, post, post, post, and we’re getting inundated. The Internet is getting inundated with more information. I mean, do we really need more information? Right? I I think most of us have information fatigue. There is so much information out there. What it needs is your personal stories, your wisdom, your expertise, findings, things that AI can’t produce because it’s not an entrepreneur for 1, and it can’t produce that. And so we’re inundated with just more information. So what does that do? When we have more information, it becomes very crowded, and it gets even harder to be seen and heard because now the dam has broken and the waters have risen, and there’s just so much of it. And after a while, people get tired of it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:06:07]:

Right? This just is was a natural thing of everybody thinking I can do more now or I could be more consistent or post more frequently or create a book or whatever it might be. And I think that in the long run with everyone doing that has created more noise out there and more noise that’s just information. What we need is the wisdom and the application of some of these things. How does it work in a real life situation. And since I’m in the trenches like you, I’m always testing. I’m always building. I’m selling. I’m doing all the things that most people do.

Marisa Shadrick [00:06:41]:

I have a very small team. I only have 2 people on my team, and 1 is my CPA, and 1 is my web guy that keeps my website secure. But everything that I do, I really highly value personal touch. And so a lot of my outreach, a lot of the things that I write, even my emails, it’s me. It’s not I’m not outsourcing it to someone else. Right now in my business, I feel that’s really important because that’s part of what sets me apart. I’m very approachable, and people can reach me and talk to me and get on a call with me, and I’m happy to do that. It’s a win win because I’m able to Help them, and sometimes all they need is a little tiny tweak or they need to double down in one area.

Marisa Shadrick [00:07:20]:

They might tell me that they’re doing, like, multiple things, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And as I listen, I can say, you know what? Double down on number 3 and go there. Go deep on that. And so sometimes they just need an outside voice. And other times, they wanna know about my programs and they join. So in any event, We need to remember that just more is not enough. How is that strategically going to work into bringing them into your ecosystem, your email service provider, and begin nurturing them and leading them towards something that would be of value to them. That’s really what we’re after.

Marisa Shadrick [00:08:00]:

Right? We’re not just trying to post more. The the goal is we’re trying to sell something. We’re trying to sell and we’re trying to build trust first because we realize that cold traffic, they don’t know you. There’s people that don’t know who I am. They go, who is this crazy lady? Right? And I want to make sure that I communicate to them A message that builds trust, that is educational, that is supportive, that has information that they can use to build that trust and earn the opportunity to serve him in a deeper manner. So the challenge is the Internet has been flooded with more information, and so that is creating some difficulties. We’ll have to see how all that turns out. If you use AI to help you with whatever you were doing before the AI boom, and you want to just enhance and maybe just take something that you’ve written and pop it in there and ask it, Analyze this.

Marisa Shadrick [00:09:00]:

What am I missing? That might be a good way to go about it, and then take its recommendations and see if they’re valid for your business. Right, for your business, for your audience, and then maybe apply some of those recommendations to improve and enhance. That’s been the biggest change that I saw in in 2023. The AI boom. I think we’re gonna look back and remember 2023 as the AI boom. It’s just one of those things that’s really gonna stay in history as far as online marketing, in my opinion. So what I’ve observed, Here’s some things that I’ve observed, and then I’ll end with some recommendations for you guys. What I’ve observed is that video is still Great content, but we have to be very strategic.

Marisa Shadrick [00:09:43]:

Again, why are we creating video? How is it gonna work with the other things that we’re doing. It has to be part of a system that you’re creating, a marketing system. It can’t be just a one off here and a one off there, and I’ll Put this article over here, and I’ll throw this video over there, and I’ll do a reel over here, and I’ll I’ll just kinda throw it here and there and see if somebody reaches out

Marisa Shadrick [00:10:05]:

to me. No. No. That’s not the way to do it. You wanna create content.

Marisa Shadrick [00:10:12]:

In other words, take a topic and figure out how does this topic bring them into my into my resources or into my world where I can continue to help them. Now, For example, video being so popular the way it is, you could take something like podcasting and you can record the podcast, and many podcasters are now providing the video as well. That’s a great way to leverage your time. Right? You’ve got a guest. You’ve scheduled the appointment. You For the podcast, you have not only an audio, but you also have a video. Then you can do a short reel about that podcast and point them to either the YouTube or the audio on iTunes or Spotify. Or if you’re Real smart, and you have it on your website, and you have everything there on your website.

Marisa Shadrick [00:11:02]:

The audio player, the YouTube, the show notes, the transcript, The description, all of that. If you have it there, direct them to your website. See, you have to figure out how is all this gonna support each other. It’s like having a team. They all need to support the bottom line or the goal that you have, and that’s where I see where there’s a break. It’s not all cohesive. There’s a little here and a little there. You have to figure out what is it that you want to sell and look at your quarterly goals and figure out how am I going to leverage? What is the content that I’m going to provide? Whether it’s written, whether it’s audio, whether it’s video or livestream, and how is that gonna work? How is that going to be my top of the funnel content, and how am I gonna bring them in? And The strategy is so important.

Marisa Shadrick [00:11:52]:

Otherwise, if we don’t have a strategy, we’re gonna burn out. We’re gonna get discouraged. We’re gonna say it doesn’t work. Nobody’s commenting. Nobody’s clicking. Nobody’s doing anything. I have some thoughts on that as well, but I’ll share more on this in just a second. But a lot of times people wanna be on YouTube because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:16]:

Right? The first being Google. And so people think, well, if I’m just there, it’s a search engine, and if I use keywords, they’re gonna find me. Everybody wants everyone to find you. You’ve gotta find the people. You’ve got to be get in front of the people that you wanna work with. It’s not just build it and hope they’ll come. It’s not just build and hope they’ll schedule an appointment. That’s not enough these days because your competitors are taking 1 step further.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:43]:

And they’re actually reaching out and having conversations with these people and saying, let’s schedule a call. If we just create content and then hope it’s just not going to get us where we need to be because competitors are going a little deeper in that in that prospecting area. They’re connecting with people or they’re scheduling calls and they’re talking to people and they’re creating funnels. So I understand the the desire to be able to, use YouTube as a search engine, And I understand that it’s the 2nd behind Google, but just creating more videos again is not the answer. How does it work into your system? So the question would be then, well, if I’m using YouTube because it’s a search engine and it’s the 2nd largest and Google is the first, how do I rank on Google? Right? So what people have done to rank on Google is, of course, they use keywords strategically, But oftentimes, that’s not enough. They’ll have paid ads, and you see that when you search on Google. But the other thing a lot

Marisa Shadrick [00:13:53]:

of people miss that I find interesting is that if you have a LinkedIn account and you’re a b to b business, LinkedIn ranks on Google. They have an incredible way

Marisa Shadrick [00:14:07]:

I mean, most of the time when you look up someone, You’ll either see their website and you’ll see LinkedIn. If they’re on LinkedIn and they’re active, you see LinkedIn. That’s one of the things I love about LinkedIn, because I don’t have to do anything but just post what I post on LinkedIn, and Google does the rest and Google favors LinkedIn, and it ranks on Google. So, You know, that’s something to think about. Right? That there’s the benefit to posting on LinkedIn. I don’t often see Instagram, And I don’t see Facebook when I do a Google search of a person. I see LinkedIn. So it’s interesting.

Marisa Shadrick [00:14:42]:

That’s an observation. I’m giving you my observations now. So LinkedIn as while we’re on the topic, LinkedIn growth has been incredible, and last year, I predicted that LinkedIn was gonna continue to grow. I saw in 2022 how the algorithms change for ads. A lot of things changed. The Facebook accounts were getting hacked. Lot of people had that struggle. I had that problem.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:08]:

My Facebook account got hacked. People were getting locked out. I got locked out. A lot of things. Now I don’t know if it was like that in 2023 because I pulled my group. I created my own private group, and I said I can’t have something that’s unstable. Right? And so I predicted that LinkedIn I don’t know if they’re all from Facebook. Okay? But I know that there has been growth on LinkedIn because LinkedIn has changed.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:33]:

It’s no longer that suit and tie kind of platform.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:36]:

And LinkedIn has provided users incredible features, search features.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:45]:

It’s been about let’s see. LinkedIn had a birthday in 2023. 20 years old. It was founded by Reid Hoffman who built the initial version of LinkedIn,

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:00]:

And he did it

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:00]:

in his living room, by the way. So all of you all you entrepreneurs that are working at home from your living room or from an office, You know, just hang in there because those things can, create some momentum. But now the original person who Who created LinkedIn, he’s now involved in OpenAI. Go figure. Right?

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:20]:

OpenAI. So LinkedIn, Just to give you

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:24]:

an overview, women represent about 42% of LinkedIn leadership. So LinkedIn, you know, when you read articles, they say that’s really, really good. I think we could do better. I think we could ladies out there,

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:37]:

I think we could do better. I would love to

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:40]:

see that number rise rather than 42%. It’s not so suit and tie. It’s a very affluent platform because there are businesses in there. And one of the things that I love about it, even though it doesn’t have as many many users or members like Instagram or Facebook, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think Instagram and Facebook is so inundated with users and members, but LinkedIn is still, I think still the best kept secret ever because there’s opportunity there to be seen plus with all the features. And like I said, it’s people of position, people that are affluent, people that are really serious about business. And they say that this is something that I’ve had people say to me? And I said, well, my audience isn’t there because about 60% of LinkedIn users are between 25 and 34 years old. And there’s also a prediction that a lot of TikTok users are gonna move over to LinkedIn.

Marisa Shadrick [00:17:40]:

Go figure. That’s a jump. Right? But I don’t understand that, but that’s what I read. But the thing is the way I use LinkedIn, I don’t care what they tell me about the demographic because I use LinkedIn to find specific people and specific audiences that are aligned to what I do. So it doesn’t matter. I’m not trying to appease the algorithms. Right? I’m I’m going beyond chasing vanity numbers and algorithms. I am using the search tools, and I’m using the many tools that LinkedIn has to find people to find an audience that aligns.

Marisa Shadrick [00:18:21]:

So that doesn’t have anything to do with anything as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care if the if the age group is 12 years old. I’m not searching for 12 year olds. I’m searching for other people. So, that’s something that I want you to keep in mind that just because they say this is this age group. If you’re initiating the conversation, if you’re initiating the connection, you’re finding the ones that are very much aligned to what you do. And it does have the incredible features. It has the creator mode, which, started in 2021, And a lot of those features, just are amazing.

Marisa Shadrick [00:18:56]:

One of them being the LinkedIn newsletter, and I’ve been slowly upping my game. I started with LinkedIn at the end of 2022, so it’s been just about a year. And I have made more money through connections on LinkedIn. And through my predictions of 2022, I made more money in 2023 applying what I felt to be true, and that’s some of the things I’m gonna share here today. So creator mode, one of the wonderful things about it is that you can create newsletters on LinkedIn for more visibility. Now I created a company page as well. I’ve been solely learning and implementing more things, but it has Let’s see. As of April 2022, 29,000,000 unique people were subscribed to at least 1 LinkedIn newsletter.

Marisa Shadrick [00:19:46]:

So it’s a great way to and, again, LinkedIn gets ranked on Google, so I’m seeing and if I’m going to put a newsletter anywhere or an article, because there’s lots of platforms for articles. But, again, is it working within what I’m already doing, or is it another thing that I got to spin the plate. I don’t want a bunch of plates that I have to spin. I want to focus on 1 area and have that support all the other things. So to me, I’m thinking for LinkedIn to up my game, and I’ll just be very candid and honest with you. I created a company page because I’m gonna broadcast my Podcast live through my company page on LinkedIn and then do all the postproduction afterwards. And then once a month, I’m going to take one of those podcasts, whichever one had more visibility and had a better number.

Marisa Shadrick [00:20:39]:

I will create a newsletter because the content’s already created, and I can create a newsletter. So I’m

Marisa Shadrick [00:20:47]:

not reinventing the wheel, And then my company page will have a newsletter, will have the podcast, and I could always share what I put in my profile. But do you see what I mean about finding a way to market where everything supports itself. Everything. You’re not creating separate things and trying to figure all that stuff out. My Reels, I do not do them on Instagram anymore. I do them somewhere else so that I can share them everywhere. Because sometimes if I do it on Instagram, maybe I just don’t know how to use them right, but it has really cool features for all the text displays and all the stickers and all this wonderful stuff. But then I can’t really download it to my camera to share it somewhere else.

Marisa Shadrick [00:21:29]:

So I created somewhere else, And then I put it on Instagram. I put it on LinkedIn. I put it on Facebook. I put it, even on YouTube reels. I keep it under 60 seconds. So what I’m saying is whatever you’re doing, is there a better way to do it so that you can get more bang for your buck instead of being so siloed in I’m doing this here and I’m doing that there and nothing is really connecting. So That’s my thoughts on LinkedIn. Now 2024 recommendations, I’ll go through these very quickly for you.

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:05]:

From my observations, I feel like there’s either a new

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:11]:

new flood of people that maybe Do not have all the basics down yet for online marketing or maybe we’ve gotten So used to the basics that we’ve kind of neglected the basics, and we’re thinking that there’s some magic bullet out there to get me more visibility and to help me sell more of my product or services. We need to remember that the The basics does become the foundation for your business, and that is something that you create and continues to work for you. For example, your website. You know, is your website updated? You know, one of the things I’m doing is I’m I’m giving my my website a facelift. My podcast is going through a name change, and it’s gonna be called Amplify Your Authority. So it will change very soon by the end of the year. My membership is changing, and it’s going to be Amplify Your Message. And then I have my product, which is my group coaching Amplify Your Authority.

Marisa Shadrick [00:23:13]:

So I’m I’m changing a lot of things so that everything works together. So your website. And in order to give your website The best opportunity for downloads and resource, you want it to be very clear, so your brand narrative needs to be very clear. Sometimes we slap these things up and we think good enough and it’s not working. We wonder why. We need to spend time and make sure that it says what it needs to say and emphasize on the website the value that you bring that’s outcome based. In other words, you want to help them imagine the after story. Right? And you can have some pain points in there, but they need to know what am I gonna get out of this because it’s all that that what’s in it for me? So it has to resonate in a way that they know exactly what the benefit is for them right at the top of the fold and then a button there so they can download something that makes sense.

Marisa Shadrick [00:24:11]:

Right? And that brings me to the lead magnet. There’s a lot of people that I’ve realized this year, And it’s not just 1 person. It’s just I’ve just noticed that lead magnets, they either don’t have 1. They either have 1 and they say it’s not working. It’s not that great, and they’ve kind of forgotten about it. They’ve never updated it or they created it and they haven’t finished the process of a lead magnet. But you wanna have a really good lead magnet idea that aligns with what you sell. Right? So you give them a taste.

Marisa Shadrick [00:24:44]:

It’s sort of like getting that that sample taste, like, when you’re Going somewhere and they give you a sample, like, you go to get ice cream and they give you sample of ice cream, or you go to Costco and they give you a sample, or you go to One of those chocolate places, and they’ll give you maybe a sample. You wanna give them a sample of what they can expect. So the lead magnet’s really important to think what that’s going to be and why they would want to download it. They would have to clamor to get this because it’s so important. And from there, You need a really good opt in page and thank you page, and then you need an email sequence, and I like keeping it to either a minimum of 3 or 5 before They join the entire list. And then where are you leading them in that? There has to be a reason for that. And even on the thank you page, if you’re going to have ads, you can begin to have maybe an order bump on the thank you page. That’s just a a small, small amount.

Marisa Shadrick [00:25:41]:

Really, what you’re doing is you’re trying to see who’s really serious. And so it could only be, you know, $7, $9, $12, a low amount, And then it tells you this person is really serious because even though it doesn’t sound like much money, and we’re not doing this to make money. We’re doing it to see who’s really interested and also to offset potential ad costs, Facebook ad costs, if you decide to go that route and you have a lead magnet that everybody loves, and You think, maybe I should put some ad money behind this. It will help offset the cost. And so all of these things you need to think through for your business. So everything is when you say it turn it on, it’s all working together. And I think the problem I’ve seen is that we’re doing Multiple things, but nothing’s working together. It’s almost like they’re they’re they’re fighting each other, know, because we’re working on this thing, they’re working on that thing, and it’s all separated.

Marisa Shadrick [00:26:34]:

Anytime you create anything, you should consider how can I create this so I can repurpose it or use it in another way? Okay. So there’s on lead magnet. So we need to focus on our website. We need to focus on our lead magnet. We need to focus on traffic.

Marisa Shadrick [00:26:51]:

That’s that’s big traffic.

Marisa Shadrick [00:26:54]:

How are you gonna get traffic to it?

Marisa Shadrick [00:26:57]:

How are you going it’s not enough to just post it or list it on your Facebook page. Right? It’s not enough.

Marisa Shadrick [00:27:06]:

How are you going to do that? You want to expand your reach. And so there’s ways that you can do that. It just really depends on the business because it’s not

Marisa Shadrick [00:27:17]:

a cookie cutter. It’s not. It’s really a lot of what I do with clients. There’s a lot of customization so

Marisa Shadrick [00:27:25]:

that it works for them, and so it aligns with their brand. And so and where they show up. Maybe LinkedIn is not where you show up. So that’s important is the strategy. How am I gonna get in front of audiences? And then the other thing that I think is really important, these are some of the the basics of my recommendations,

Marisa Shadrick [00:27:48]:

is always be thinking about building relationships, AKA relationship marketing and networks. I will say it again because this is really important. This is what’s helped me earn more revenue in 2023, building relationships and networks. Very, very important.

Marisa Shadrick [00:28:15]:

You need to to start those conversations. And a lot of times people think, oh, that takes so much time, and I don’t need another call, and I need to now DM them. But I’ll tell

Marisa Shadrick [00:28:24]:

you my friends, this is what’s gonna help you find those opportunities

Marisa Shadrick [00:28:32]:

to be able to find affiliates for maybe something, a launch that you’re doing, or find an opportunity to share Your training on another platform to be a guest on podcasts, we don’t do it alone. Nobody that’s successful has done it alone. They have had opportunities to speak at large conferences or to

Marisa Shadrick [00:28:56]:

be able to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. That’s how they’ve grown their business. Think back. Anybody that pops in your mind right now, think back. And there’s probably been collaboration because we don’t do it alone. The other recommendation I have is have a full spectrum of of products. Start with your signature product, whatever it is. Like, if somebody could say, I want everything that you have to offer.

Marisa Shadrick [00:29:26]:

I don’t wanna buy these other I want what is

Marisa Shadrick [00:29:28]:

it that where I get it all? Have that and then work backwards. How can I take a slice of this and create

Marisa Shadrick [00:29:36]:

not just a signature offer, but create a mid range or mid priced offer? And how can I take that and create a low offer? Maybe a template or something that’s in that mid range offering create some type of low offer. And from all of that, consider what makes sense as far as a lead magnet to bring them in. That’s what we call a funnel or the customer journey and not have it so disconnected. I think what happens is when people first start, They’re not thinking yet their signature. They’re thinking personal lead magnet. I need to grow my email list. So let me let me, like, figure out, like, what is that people want, and and it’s so It’s not aligned to what you’re going to sell because all they’re thinking about and then their email list goes cold or dead because then when you do figure out what you wanna sell, there’s a disconnect. And those people that you’ve you have in your email list aren’t interested in that.

Marisa Shadrick [00:30:33]:

So it’s very, very important to make sure That as you grow your email list, it’s aligned correctly so that you don’t have those problems later with your email marketing. It’s really, really important. So you wanna have Multiple products, and here’s why. You wanna increase your closing rate when you have those 1 on 1 calls. When you share some signature product and they say, well, I’m not ready, you have 2 other things that you can offer them and you can increase your closing rate. Maybe not on that signature product, but in those other products that you have when they say, oh, that’s that’s a little bit more comfortable, and that’s where I’m kind of at right now. I don’t think I’m ready for the signature product. You obviously give it a name.

Marisa Shadrick [00:31:17]:

Right? But this sounds like something that I can incorporate right now, and then they buy that. You’re starting to create multiple streams of revenue. There’s more to talk about multiple streams of revenue because there’s memberships and other things that you can do because you want to focus on getting Retainer clients and you wanna focus on having that reoccurring revenue, but this is important.

Marisa Shadrick [00:31:40]:

And with that, it’s important to sell.

Marisa Shadrick [00:31:46]:

It’s not just enough to post and hope that they’re gonna click and schedule a call with you. It’s important to take the initiative and Create things where you have an opportunity to propose an opportunity. Right? Otherwise, people won’t buy. Right? And so you need to consider how am I going to sell? What’s the best way? Is it 1 on 1 calls? Is it workshops? How am I going to do this? Okay. So moral to the story here, expert guesting is a great way to increase your traffic instead of, you know, spaghetti marketing. And spaghetti marketing is just throwing it against the wall and hoping something will stick, and then being disappointed and frustrated and burnt out from all the content you’re creating on social media. So it’s important to, be very strategic, not do the spaghetti on the wall, and figure out how everything works together. And this is important.

Marisa Shadrick [00:32:43]:

And building Those relationships, a sustainable network will help you in the business growth. And even if you begin to implement ways to sell and create those opportunities to talk to people, consider what it is that you want to sell. Sometimes we’re gonna need to stop doing Something maybe we’re creating too much content. Maybe we’re writing articles and we’re creating podcasts and we’re doing lives and we’re doing all these things, And we we’re so busy throughout the week that we don’t have time for appointments with people. Maybe we need to pull it back a little and focus on one. I love the power of 1. 1 one one. One social media platform, one strategic marketing effort, one lead magnet.

Marisa Shadrick [00:33:29]:

And As you double down on that and you go deep on that, you see what’s working, what’s not. Where can I tweak it? So you need to know, you know, what to sell, how to price it. You have those sales conversations. What do you say in a sales conversation? Right? Those are all things very, very important. Those are things that I teach. I teach that in my program in Amplify Your Authority, all about the marketing, which is not only your messaging, but it’s also your lead magnet and the funnel that goes with it. The 2nd month, we talk about traffic, and I help you create your talk. Like, what would you talk about? I help you create your media kit.

Marisa Shadrick [00:34:10]:

I help you find Those audiences where you can be a guest on. And then the 3rd month, we really double down on all your products.

Marisa Shadrick [00:34:21]:

What other products, what have you not thought of? So

Marisa Shadrick [00:34:25]:

these are my recommendations for the coming year and some of my observations. You know, I could be right, could be wrong, but I know in 2022, I did this, and What I implemented in 2023 did increase revenue, and I had other people that were able to also increase revenue, really find Their ideal messaging really align with their audience, and everything is like domino effect. Once you have that, it’s like the the cornerstone where everything else falls into place. And then you have a system. You have a system. They call it a funnel, but you have a system That now it’s just knowing that everything is working and you find out where the bottleneck is or what you need to tweak, and it becomes so much easier as you look at analytics. So, hopefully, that gave you some hope for the coming year with the recommendations I have. If you’re interested in Amplify Your Authority, there’s some spots open for January of 2024.

Marisa Shadrick [00:35:28]:

This podcast has been recorded in December of 2023. I am happy to talk with you. I am happy to share the link where you can check it out. But this is where we go deep, and this is where I help everyone, and I I show up. And I we literally will take copy. I’ll put it up on the Google Doc. I say share your Google link. I’ll go in there, and I will be writing, reshaping it, Moving it around, I always tell them to give me a copy because I get in there and we start doing it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:35:59]:

We start doing it. We do work. We do work especially in the 90 days. It’s called a 90 day intensive because we get it done. We get it done because it shouldn’t have to be this complicated. It shouldn’t have to take you a year, 2 years, 3 years to make money. It shouldn’t. You need to be able to start right away and hit the ground running and start making those dollars, and then you can increase the price if you want, if you’re feeling unsure.

Marisa Shadrick [00:36:25]:

But it’s all about you have a business because you’re trying to earn revenue. You’re trying to create a lifestyle that works for you. I’m trying to do that as well. I work from home because I have a daughter and a granddaughter here. In the morning, I’m making breakfast for the granddaughter. Right? In the evening, you know, when she comes home from school, there’s things I need to do. I’m balancing a lot of things just like you are, And this works for me, and I know this works for many of you. And my intent is to retire my my husband so that he could take some time off because he’s working so much.

Marisa Shadrick [00:36:55]:

And he had some health issues, and I wanna make sure that he stays healthy. So everyone has a reason. My story is not unique. Your story is the same. I wanna help you do that. And when I say I wanna help you do that, I get involved. And if people get stuck along the way, I get on a call with them. And it’s not one of these, like, 15 minute phone calls.

Marisa Shadrick [00:37:17]:

I get on a Zoom call with them and if we need to talk 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and sometimes 90 minutes. We do it to get you to the next step. It’s all about get it done and move forward and start offering your products and services and start selling. There’s so much that bottlenecks, and really what you need to do in business, you need to be prospecting, which is your funnel, and you need to

Marisa Shadrick [00:37:44]:

be selling and not waiting. You need to do

Marisa Shadrick [00:37:47]:

it right away. So if this is of interest to you, I highly recommend you checking it out. There’s some, testimonials there, videos, people that have shared their thoughts in there as well, but this is where I bring everything to the table. My copywriting, my branding experience, My award winning, speech competition skills, I bring it all to the table. So you get it all, and you get all the other products that I have inside of our platform warm as well. So it’s a great opportunity. It’s really affordable for what you get. And if you’re interested, I would not hesitate.

Marisa Shadrick [00:38:21]:

I would grab a spot because we’re gonna start right after the New Year. So until next time, take care. I hope this was helpful, and we will have a few more podcasts before the end of the year. I know everyone is getting ready for the holiday season, and it’s been a joy to share these tips for you. Whether you work with me or not, I wanna wish you the best for 2024. Alrighty.

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