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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #81 Level Up Your B2B Marketing with LinkedIn: Guest Michelle J Raymond

Level Up Your B2B Marketing with LinkedIn: Guest Michelle Raymond

Are you curious about how to level up your B2B marketing using LinkedIn?

Get ready to dive deep into the world of LinkedIn with Michelle J Raymond, a leading expert in LinkedIn company pages.

With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, she’s ready to share a treasure trove of insights far beyond the basics.

While she’s on her way to making a splash at Social Media Marketing World 2024, in this interview, she’s pulling back the curtain to reveal strategies that can truly transform your LinkedIn game.


Here’s what you’ll discover in this packed-full episode: 

  • LinkedIn Myths Unveiled: Michelle’s Insights on B2B Marketing
  • Authenticity vs. Professionalism: Striking the Right Balance on LinkedIn
  • Engagement Mastery: Building Your Presence as a Solopreneur
  • Strategize for Success: Crafting a LinkedIn Plan Aligned with Your Business Goals
  • The Human Touch: Michelle’s Approach to Meaningful Connections
  • Protecting Your Brand: Safeguarding Against Personal Branding Pitfalls on LinkedIn
  • Content That Converts: Michelle’s Proven Tips for Captivating Content


Join us as we uncover the secrets to strategically optimizing your LinkedIn presence for substantial business growth, complete with actionable tips and advice.


Key LinkedIn Takeaways

Authenticity is Key: Your unique voice and authentic presence on LinkedIn can help you stand out, attract the right audience, and repel the wrong audience.
Company Page Advantage: Regardless of business size, from solopreneurs to larger firms, a LinkedIn Company Page is encouraged and can be a valuable tool for brand legitimacy and growth.
Engagement with Strategy: Engage purposefully on LinkedIn, using personal content to enhance your company page’s visibility, but be wary of automation tools that may compromise your professional reputation.


Linkedin Quote

“If you don’t have business goals of what you’re trying to achieve, your time on LinkedIn is absolutely wasted. Does not matter how many features you use, you will not get to achieve those business goals. So start with your business goals and then work out a strategy.”
— Michelle J Raymond


About Michelle J Raymond

Michelle J RaymondMichelle is amazing when it comes to LinkedIn company pages. She shines a light on the untapped potential of LinkedIn for B2B organizations.
As a seasoned LinkedIn company page specialist, host of the LinkedIn for B2B growth podcast, and co-author of the LinkedIn Branding Book and Business Gold, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and insight.
She is a highly sought-after speaker, evidenced by her upcoming Social Media Marketing World 2024 appearance. She’ll be presenting and focusing on the pivotal role of LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies.


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Podcast Transcript

Marisa Shadrick [00:00:12]:
Hello, everyone. Welcome to the new Amplify Your Authority podcast where I am recording Live on LinkedIn, I’m Marissa Shadrick, online marketing consultant. And today, I am so excited. I have a wonderful guest. Let me tell you a little bit about her Before I have her chime in, because we’re gonna we’re gonna chat, like, as if we’re sitting and having a cup of coffee because we can, like, chat it up a lot. So Michelle Raymond is joining me today, and she is an amazing when it comes to LinkedIn company pages. She simply just shines a light On the untapped potential of LinkedIn for b to b organizations. As a seasoned LinkedIn company page specialist, host Of the LinkedIn for b to b growth podcast and co author of the LinkedIn branding book and business gold, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and insight.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:05]:
She is highly sought after speaker as evidenced by her upcoming appearance As a presenter at Social Media Marketing World 2024, focusing on the pivotal role of LinkedIn in b to b marketing strategies. Welcome, Michelle. What

Michelle J Raymond [00:01:22]:
an intro.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:24]:
How’d I do?

Michelle J Raymond [00:01:26]:
Oh my god. 10 out of 10. I think I might borrow that one, and thank you for the pinch me moment to reminding me again that I’ll be at social media marketing world in, Like, I think it’s around a month’s time now depending when this goes live, but it just shows you the importance of LinkedIn and company pages that it’s getting recognized to that level. Oh, so, yeah, I can’t wait to come on my US trip.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:48]:
I know. It’s so exciting. I’m gonna be virtual, so I won’t be able to give you a hug, but I will be looking and watching everything. I had to get a virtual ticket this year because there’s a lot going on right now. But in any I’m excited. I’m so proud of you. I think it’s gonna be amazing. That’s why I’m glad that we got together beforehand because You’re gonna be so sought after and busy.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:11]:
You’re not gonna have time for little people like me, so I’m so glad we had a chance to connect. So Just to give everybody some background, I reached out to you because I saw you on YouTube And your values, the way you view business, the focus on relationships, not the latest hacks and Tricks and tools, but it just resonated with me. And I said, oh my gosh. I gotta meet this lady. And that’s when I started Stalking you a little bit and we connected, and you could take it from there. What was your experience, and how did we end up working together a little bit When it comes to LinkedIn?

Michelle J Raymond [00:02:53]:
I love a good stalk. I’m guilty of doing that myself. And I think the thing that is my Favorite part. There’s a couple of pieces that you mentioned there. When you show up and just be yourself, like, you know, I don’t know if the word authenticity is is used too much Or not enough these days. But when you just show up as yourself and you are comfortable sharing what you Stand for what you don’t stand for. And, you know, don’t just kind of snuggle into the crowd and disappear into the sea of same. Yeah.

Michelle J Raymond [00:03:24]:
When you kind of just express all of that, then what happens is you’re just like the lighthouse, and you guide in all of those great customers that are the perfect Fit. And so I know when someone reaches out, by the time they get on the call with me, it’s like we’re best friends. Like, you and I, it was like, oh, I feel like I’ve known you forever, and that’s my on all of my calls. And, you know, that’s the part that I love about LinkedIn is that you show up as you, and if you be you and sometimes it means making a Stand against other things. So I handled all of those cheap hacks. I hate people gaming the system with engagement pods.

Marisa Shadrick [00:03:59]:
Yes. And

Michelle J Raymond [00:04:00]:
I am not afraid to say it, and I think we’ve stand up for things that we believe in sometimes. I think that disappeared, and I know it comes with a risk for some people, and that might be too great. And, You know, there’s no judgment, but if I can encourage people to give it a go, it’s definitely something that will make you stand out, and that’s what’s really important.

Marisa Shadrick [00:04:20]:
And it was huge. When I heard that and I heard really your your values and, the integrity that you had, I said, I wanna work with her. It was a done deal. And so when I reached to to you, I was ready. I said, how do we work together? Because I I wanna understand LinkedIn more. And I had already, You know, I’ve dipped my toe for about a year and a couple months. I’d already been doing things and trying to read up on it and but Some I don’t know. I just couldn’t find some, expert that I really aligned with until I met you, and I went like, I finally found somebody.

Marisa Shadrick [00:04:55]:
So awesome. Awesome. So let’s let’s give everybody a little bit of background as far as, you know, Just to give them some context, how you ended up in the space of LinkedIn, especially company pages? Because you don’t hear too much about that. Everybody talks about the profile.

Michelle J Raymond [00:05:12]:
Absolutely. So imagine this, Marissa. I do a LinkedIn post, and I get a new piece of business. I’ve been posting for around 6 So this wasn’t just a 1 post, 1 hit wonder, but I did this 1 particular post, and I was working for someone else at the time, and I ended up winning $2,000,000 worth of business from that post. You can’t even imagine the high that I was on. And to put it in context, the business that I work for, Their annual revenue was around the same. So we’re talking this is high fiving myself, you know, jumping around, doing a happy dance, An amazing. Fast forward 3, 4 weeks later, the person I worked for decided to renege on that deal, Called the company that I’d done the deal with and basically pushed me under a bus and said, oh, no.

Michelle J Raymond [00:06:01]:
Michelle should never have done that. And it was during COVID when, You know, you can imagine. We were making hand sanitizer, and so it was like gold rush time. And so what happened was I was, like, you You know, Shadrick. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack as I was finding out this news from my customer. And so, you know, coming back to those values and integrity, As I’m processing this information and going through what just happens, I just went, I cannot work for this person. Like, that’s a Deal breaker on levels I’ve never had to deal with in my, you know, career, and so I quit on the spot. I literally never walked back into that office ever again.

Michelle J Raymond [00:06:40]:
I dropped it and never never returned. And because I know that my name is something that I have to protect. My reputation in the industry is something that I’d spent so much work building up, and so I was like, that’s it. I’m out of there. I’m never gonna work for anybody else ever again. Great idea. And then my partner, Lil, she said to me, Michelle, why don’t you work for yourself And build a business for us and work as hard as what you do for everyone else. Like, you’ll be a success.

Michelle J Raymond [00:07:11]:
You’re smart. Yeah. Just go and do something. And say, Oh, okay. I was like, what

Marisa Shadrick [00:07:15]:
will I do? You know, and when you can do anything question. Right?

Michelle J Raymond [00:07:20]:
When you can do anything, it also means

Marisa Shadrick [00:07:22]:
you can do Everything, and

Michelle J Raymond [00:07:24]:
it’s really hard to pick. I don’t encourage people, to kinda go through this method, but, you know, that that was life for me. But Fast forward and I went through, you know, a kind of dark time because it was COVID lockdowns here in Australia. It was winter. I was home by myself, and I’m a True extrovert that gets energized by other people, and time just kept going on as I can’t come up with an idea. Can’t come up with an idea. And then, eventually, what happened was I noticed that my former industry had started to use LinkedIn because the trade shows had been turned off. Customer visits had been turned off.

Michelle J Raymond [00:07:58]:
International visitors couldn’t come, so all the traditional selling methods had gone out the window, and LinkedIn became the cool place to be. Now for me, I’d been doing it for about 6 or 7 years at that stage, so I reached out to one of those connections. And I said, look. If you try this, this, and this, it’ll really help you. And this is one of those moments where I thank god she says to me, Michelle, where did you learn all this stuff? I wish I could learn from you. You know, it is one of those angels going on. I was like, I could write a training program, and the rest, as they say, is history. So now I use My b to b sales expertise and my knowledge of LinkedIn, I bring those together to help people grow their businesses on LinkedIn, and it’s just the best job in the world, I think.

Marisa Shadrick [00:08:44]:
I feel like it’s so fresh, and the way LinkedIn has changed throughout the years and the way it is now, It really, it’s not like, I always say it’s not so suit and tie, but I think you are coming in at an incredible timing Because of the change and LinkedIn is getting more visibility, and you’re right there out front talking it up, and I love it. I love it. I love the fact that LinkedIn is getting that recognition and that you’re leading the way. That makes me excited. I just wanna point out, I finally found where the comments are. But I’d have to tell you guys, I am doing the podcast live on LinkedIn because of Michelle. It’s her fault. And so I’ve been still kind of navigating getting my sea legs.

Marisa Shadrick [00:09:26]:
I was going, Michelle, where are the comments? I can’t find it, but I just found them. So hello To Laura, she is chiming in live, and she said, hello, Marissa and Michelle. So people I know, that in my circle of influence are interested in LinkedIn. They’re trying to still Figure out the profile piece and the company piece and everything else. So as b to b, we’re talking b to b, You know, businesses. What would you suggest, or where would somebody even begin when they’re thinking about LinkedIn? How are some of the ways that LinkedIn is different? I know it’s, like, so awesome, but how are some of the ways just pick some of your favorites that is different, and how would a b to b business begin?

Michelle J Raymond [00:10:06]:
What’s really exciting is LinkedIn’s been around for over 20 years now, and it still feels like it’s just new because Mhmm. I Feel like they’re just finding their feet, and especially in business to business. Like so traditionally, I’ve spent 20 well, probably 5 years now if I think about it in b to b sales. And when I first started, it was all about knocking on the door. I had all the power. Long lunches. And then over time, there was thing called Google and the Internet that just took over, and then all of a sudden that power shift came to the modern buyers. They could Google and get answers at their fingertips, and all of a sudden, they had the knowledge so that it was you know, even things up.

Michelle J Raymond [00:10:47]:
If not, they had more power because they had Access to all of your competitors’ information just as much. And so what we’re seeing, LinkedIn have actually recognized that there was 1,000,000,000,000 of dollars of business that’s happening that they don’t even know about on the platform because business to business, a lot of the times people thought, don’t need to do any marketing. We don’t need to stand out online. We’ve always done it this way. We always go to this trade show every year. We advertise in this magazine, like, You know, and then as those things have shifted and everybody’s looking for answers online, the question is, is your business online? Now LinkedIn is the platform where you come to do business, and I still think it’s amazing that there is no real competitive threat to LinkedIn in this space. We’ve got other platforms like TikTok and Instagram and, you know, x that they take care of other pieces, but you Trust LinkedIn. And I think that’s the thing that I love about it is there’s a certain level of behavior, Professional behavior that protects people when they’re on LinkedIn so you don’t have to deal with trolls.

Michelle J Raymond [00:11:53]:
You don’t have to deal with, you know, Lots and lots of rubbish that you have to sift through to get to the good parts to do business. And so I think that’s why I love it. It’s kinda not the cool kid, But it’s your best friend you can rely on through thick and thin. It’s always there. It hasn’t really changed, and it’s a yeah. Like I said, it is the platform Yeah.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:13]:

Michelle J Raymond [00:12:13]:
Yeah. Where you come to do business. And I think that’s the important thing. To not be there now is a missed opportunity, and your competitors will just eat up that space, and it’s really hard to play catch up, so I don’t encourage that.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:27]:
I agree. When I switched over because I never really I knew I we had a LinkedIn account, but I was doing what everybody else did. I was focusing on Facebook and Instagram, and My whole experience there is another story, but I decided, you know, I I’m done. I’m you’ve gotta pivot. When you see things are not working, You should pivot, you know, maybe even before it starts breaking down, but, you know, I waited and I saw some things, and I said, I need To find, really, on b two b, why am I not on LinkedIn? And so when I first started, I was uncovering all of these Amazing features. I never knew LinkedIn had so many features. Can you talk about that? Because there’s a lot there.

Michelle J Raymond [00:13:09]:
There was over 200 new features released last year alone, like mind blowing. Yeah. It’s just crazy when you think about that. So even someone like myself who spends 247 on the platform, it feels like some days is really well connected with the best of the best around the globe, and we Share information, make sure that we’re across everything. I struggle to keep up. So therefore, when I work with clients, They’re often feeling overwhelmed as well. The good part that I love is that LinkedIn is investing so much money into the platform to make those New features come alive because, you know, for a while there, it felt a bit stale. It felt like they were left behind.

Michelle J Raymond [00:13:51]:
Now I think, you know, Because Microsoft’s got shares in bits of AI technology that it’s now trying to rush that through, which is not really their style, and I think there’s a few lumps and bumps that come with that. But as with everything, I think it will get better over time. But there’s so many cool things, and I think my advice to people before they get started on LinkedIn is don’t get lost in the features and functions. You have to start with what are the business goals. If you don’t have business goals of what you’re trying to achieve, Your time on LinkedIn is absolutely wasted. Does not matter how many features you use, you will not get to achieve those business goals. So start with your business goals and then work out a strategy. How do you use LinkedIn to drive your business towards those goals? So it should be supporting you, and

Marisa Shadrick [00:14:46]:
To what end now?

Michelle J Raymond [00:14:47]:
You know? So they’re busy being busy and then wonder why I speak to people all the time. I I spoke to a a lady recently Who’d only had 3 inquiries in a year, and she’d been posting at least 5 times a week. Okay. I was like, okay. Something’s wrong here. You know? Like, You should be getting more people reach out than that, and that wasn’t even converting clients, which worried me even more. And, you know, that’s the thing I’m out to stop, Marissa. I don’t want I know what the stress of, you know, not being fine not having financial freedom is like.

Michelle J Raymond [00:15:19]:
I am blessed that I don’t live in that space now, but that’s why I wanna pass on my knowledge other people because it’s stressful when you don’t know where your next invoice is coming from or, you know, next payment is coming from. So have those goals, And then learn about LinkedIn, stick to the basics, and build relationships. And, you know, that’s what you and I absolutely share in common Is that Absolutely. I don’t think people understand. The real power of LinkedIn is not any feature I can teach you how to use. It’s the relationships you build in nurture. That’s where the real power is.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:53]:
Yeah. And I think you’re right because a lot of people feel like not just on LinkedIn, but a lot of places. If I just post and I just spread it out everywhere, it’s kind of the build it and they will come mentality Where with the algorithms always changing, yeah, the posts are great and you recommended to me. I don’t see you, Marisa. You need more video. You need your He’s out there. I go, are you sure they wanna see this grandma on there all the time? But I took your advice. I said, you know, she’s right.

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:20]:
I always hide behind the post and the images, And that’s why I decided to do the podcast live. And now you might be happy to hear I started a newsletter, but it’s all strategic like you’re saying. What is the outcome you want so that everything ties together and works together? So now I don’t have to post every day on LinkedIn. I can post like every other day because I’m already generating content, like with Podcast and the newsletter and things like that. So you helped me out a lot. So are you proud of me? I I am just thinking of going.

Michelle J Raymond [00:16:53]:
It’s my happy dance is going on right now because there’s 2 things that happen. When you don’t have a goal and a strategy, then what happens is you just be busy, And then you’re doing stuff that maybe you don’t need to do. And often when I’m talking with people and clients, it’s like, you’re doing too much. Like, who doesn’t wanna hear that? Yeah. And the pressure that people put on their selves to try and keep up, and, I’ve gotta be on Instagram. I’ve gotta be on this. I’ve gotta be on that. I’ve gotta be and they’re nearly, you know, driving themselves into the ground on a fast train to burnout.

Michelle J Raymond [00:17:23]:
And what ends up happening is They go out the gate at a 1000000 miles an hour and very quickly can’t keep up. And then all of a sudden, they drop Everything, which is Yes. You know, it’s really gonna have a long term impact. And I see people that are like, I’m really comfortable over on Instagram. I love Instagram, gram, and I’m posting all the time. I’ve got my community. I love it. I was like, okay.

Michelle J Raymond [00:17:47]:
What are you know your audience is over here on LinkedIn. So I know you’re having fun over there, and I know you feel comfortable, and I understand and appreciate and have empathy for the fact that it is sometimes scary for people. More often than not, people have fear of LinkedIn because I’m getting judged by professional colleagues. What’s the impact on my potential clients, My boss, my colleagues, my competitors, and heads go you know, they go to protect us. That’s what our brains are designed to do to protect us and keep us Safe. They’re not there going, this is how you grow your business. Put yourself out there and cheering you on. So I I appreciate that, but the problem is if you’re spending time in the wrong places Or you’re in the right place taking the wrong actions, both have the same impact, and that’s, you know, not generating demand for your business to grow.

Michelle J Raymond [00:18:36]:
And so, You know, it’s easily fixed. You know? As we’ve worked together, it’s really easily fixed. It’s just stop, have those goals in place, and then work out the strategy that will get you there. And I love that you’ve changed things up. I’m so excited because

Marisa Shadrick [00:18:50]:
I have.

Michelle J Raymond [00:18:51]:
It was just a no brainer for me looking at, you know, your content that you put out as far as your podcast, You know, not sharing your voice, not sharing your face, seeing your movements. I said, this is crazy. Like, you are not a 2 dimensional person.

Marisa Shadrick [00:19:05]:
Hi. Yeah. She was teasing me earlier before we went live. I was born to be live. We were singing the song Born to be Live. So that’s me, born to be live. So I’m here. So let’s talk about some practical things for people because they’re probably wondering to have the company page if they wanna use.

Marisa Shadrick [00:19:22]:
Well, let’s just start with the simple let’s get go down to the profile. At what point should a solopreneur I know, like, larger companies that have employees and things like that will have Company page doesn’t make sense. But if they’re more of a small business, maybe it’s just them, their web person, maybe a bookkeeper or something. What would be kind of the steps? Would they start with the profile, and at what point would they create a company page?

Michelle J Raymond [00:19:48]:
I know what it’s like to be spinning those plates, trying to keep them all in the air. So if you are in this situation, it’s about balancing the resources and where will you get best bang for your buck. So first up, you’re gonna make sure that your LinkedIn profile really reflects who you are, what you do, and who you serve. And so once we’ve got that sorted, We can go in and then start taking some other actions on the platform, maybe creating content, maybe direct messaging people. Why do I say that first? Because all roads lead back to your LinkedIn profile. If you send a direct message to connect with someone, they’re gonna go and check that out and find out who are you, you know, just so they make sure That you align with what they’re looking for in some way, shape, or form.

Marisa Shadrick [00:20:26]:
Yes. Now

Michelle J Raymond [00:20:27]:
that’s 1 piece of the puzzle. I also encourage everybody. I don’t care what size business. You need a company page. Now it then becomes around how much time you’re gonna spend on both. And I say you need 1 because it acts as acting It adds legitimacy to your business. Now if you’re a small business, the cool part is you get all the same features as someone that’s got 15,000 employees. The biggest Companies in the world only have access to exactly the same features.

Michelle J Raymond [00:20:55]:
Now if you put some quality content and thought into it over there, Then people don’t stop and judge and go, oh, it’s only 1 person. They look and go, that’s quality, and that helps me, and that’s, you know, what I’m looking for. Now as far as timing goes, because of the way company pages work on LinkedIn for small businesses, so those, you know, You know, 1 to, you know, say, even up to 20. You are probably going to be putting more effort into personal content and profiles than what you are, the company page. Now why bother at all is the next question. Well, if someone googles your business name or pokes around on LinkedIn And they’re considering working for you, Google your business name. The company page pops up in the first few results. So if someone clicks on it, they come across, do you want the red carpet, or do you want a ghost town? Totally your choice how you wanna greet them.

Michelle J Raymond [00:21:45]:
I know which one I want. Now the other part is in any business, maybe not if it’s just 1 or 2 of you, but there’s always staff turnover. And so as people come and go, if you put all your eggs in the personal branding basket And you’re a business, then what happens is as they go, you lose everything, and so you don’t wanna be in a situation like that. And I have been The goose that laid the golden egg at one particular company that I started with, I had 5,000 followers. They had 0, and I went and worked a competitor, and I took them all with me. And so it happens every day. It’s why a lot of businesses won’t get active on the platform because they’re scared of that happening. I say, no.

Michelle J Raymond [00:22:23]:
No. No. Wish them well. Make sure that they look back fondly on their time working with you because they’ll still be an ambassador, and so look at those kinds of things. So Just really comes what’s your goals? How can you use the profiles? How can you back it up with the company page? And, again, it just becomes about time. So company page, I’d say, just keep it ticking over. Maybe 1 post a week, 1 post every 2 weeks. And I love what you said before.

Michelle J Raymond [00:22:49]:
Get involved with repurposing. It doesn’t have to be brand new content. Take the best of the best that you’ve done on your personal profile and pop it over on the company page.

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:59]:
No one will ever know. No. And some of the posts that I have on my profile, if I saw that there was a little bit more engagement or if I saw, I have said more because I I didn’t wanna make them really long in the post, then I just build it out a little bit and create a newsletter. I’ve already got 2. I got one already finished for next one I’m gonna do, and I’ve got an idea for the next one. So, you know, I was gonna do it once a month, and I’m thinking every other week, I think, I’m gonna do it, but It’s great. And one of the things you said about Google, it’s amazing how LinkedIn pops up. When people are searching things, the first thing you see is LinkedIn.

Marisa Shadrick [00:23:33]:
You don’t even often see the website. You see LinkedIn, which I think is an extra little bonus there, the fact that it ranks so well.

Michelle J Raymond [00:23:40]:
Yeah. It comes back to LinkedIn is a trusted platform. You know? And so the more that you put out there and articles and newsletters Also get indexed by Google. So how cool is that? It’s another reason why you need a big tick on getting your newsletter started. Now that’s not right for everybody, but, You know, ultimately, that’s the other thing. How can people discover you not just by being closely connected to because you worked with someone or they’re a competitor or customer currently, how do you get discovered by new people? Because that’s where the real growth comes, not necessarily from the people you’ve already

Marisa Shadrick [00:24:14]:

Michelle J Raymond [00:24:14]:
You know, had work with. So yeah. It it’s fun. I think when you can see it as a bigger picture and zoom out Yeah. And then have a look and say, how does this contribute to my overall brands? That’s you can see the magic. When people lose it is when they zoom so close in and get worried about, oh, I got 500 impressions instead of 780. The algorithm’s not showing my stuff anymore. And they go down that rabbit hole.

Michelle J Raymond [00:24:40]:
That’s when you lose sight of what’s really important, and branding is so much more powerful than the number of impressions that you get on a post.

Marisa Shadrick [00:24:47]:
Right. And I think maybe you told me this because I I look at the analytics After a a period of time, like, for the past 3 months or 6 months, you know, the long game, because you always see if you even if, Well, we’re in a new year. Even looking last year, you see it gradually going up and you see how it kinda wiggles its way up. There’s some ups and downs, but it’s got this constant going up, and so that’s what I’m looking at. I’m going, okay. That’s great, rather than looking at Weekly or daily? That could be frustrating and discouraging.

Michelle J Raymond [00:25:21]:
Especially at the moment on the platform. You know, I my numbers of impressions were reasonably consistent over a very long period of time. And then towards, I would say, the last quarter of last year, All of a sudden, they’re roughly half. And I’m thinking, what is going on here? And it’s just the nature of the beast. Like, we’ve got a 1000000000 plus members on LinkedIn now. It’s a crowded space. There’s only 1 home feed, and we’re all fighting for our piece of that, you know, puzzle. Yeah.

Michelle J Raymond [00:25:49]:
How do you stand out is Put some good quality stuff out there, and sometimes it is literally about trying some different things. And so for me, I’ve been having a play around just recently with some with some really bad photoshopping and just some fun things and trying different formats for my videos and just things that I wouldn’t normally do. And it’s funny how much they’re resonating with my audience, and it’s I I’m sure you’re going through something similar. But trying different things from time to Time is something I always encourage. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut and do what’s easy. Guilty as charged. And for those of you thinking, oh, I’m not funny. I can’t be creative.

Michelle J Raymond [00:26:27]:
I can’t do that. Just try something different. Like I said to 1 friend on LinkedIn, I said I I posted a black and white photo of me. Now your listeners, they’ve probably who may not have seen my content. My content is always bright. It’s you know, my branding is It’s all really bright colors, you know, pinks and blues and stands out. There’s nothing subtle. I want it I want you to feel happy when you see it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:26:50]:

Michelle J Raymond [00:26:51]:
And it stands out. So when I post a photo of myself without my trademark big smile and it’s in black and white, my community goes, Hang on a minute. What’s happened to Michelle? Who stole Michelle? And they all come flocking. Now, you know, the post is the post, But it’s about just trying something different. And for you, it could be something that little as well. How do you interrupt the pattern of people see the same stuff, and they’re Scrolling at a 1000000 miles an hour. How do you interrupt what they see so you stand out? So, yeah, my my, Photoshopping that I did yesterday, which I am a Terrible photoshopper. You know, I am speaking in a conference in Denmark this year as well.

Michelle J Raymond [00:27:33]:
And so it happened to coincide with There’s a new queen of Denmark, and she’s from Australia. She’s the first one. So I put the 2 of us in the photo. Now it’s hilarious because I’ve got my royal wave going. And again, it’s not quality, but it’s funny. And I think we’ve gotta bring in some of those other pieces of us. So Yeah. Having some fun, Trying some different things and values.

Michelle J Raymond [00:27:55]:

Marisa Shadrick [00:27:56]:
And that’s your personality shining too.

Michelle J Raymond [00:27:58]:
Yeah. Absolutely. And that’s what people are drawn to. You know? They’re not Drawn to just us being the same as everybody else, you know, and you will find your people. If you’re worried about standing out and you’re thinking, you You know, I’ve got one of my clients. He is very much into Buddhism, and he’s in a financial adviser. And I was like, how do you you know? But that’s 2 years. Like, I was thinking, how do you put those 2 together? Then I realized what he was doing on LinkedIn didn’t express the other side of him, so it was missing.

Michelle J Raymond [00:28:26]:
And, you know, by just taking that stand and putting little pieces in it because I’m like, when they get on a call with you, you’re gonna be that person. You know, you are you can’t pretend you’re something that you’re not. It’s exhausting. Yeah. And so, yeah, it’s it’s just been fun in the little ways people can show up authentically.

Marisa Shadrick [00:28:44]:
We do have a a question from somebody who’s watching live. Laura asked, as a solopreneur, do I still start and Use a company page just like other small businesses. This was something that I think you just covered. The answer is yes because you encourage me to do it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. And I I asked you, I can? Can I do that? Use it? Of course, you can.

Michelle J Raymond [00:29:06]:
Yeah. And the thing that I’ve used is Every time I do my just as a little tip, every time I do my personal post, I get my company page to to come across and like it and write 1 comment every time. So what happens is people see Michelle j Raymond and b two b growth co. We show up in the same places every time. Every My company page, you know, does a post, then guess who shows up? Michelle j Raymond’s always there to comment. Now for some of you, you’re thinking, Michelle, people know it’s just you. Well, some people do. Others have no idea how big or small my company is.

Michelle J Raymond [00:29:41]:
There is no way that you can tell Yeah. Quickly looking at my content, no one cares. They just want answers to their problems. And so, yeah, that’s an easy way that you can leverage both.

Marisa Shadrick [00:29:52]:
Love that.

Michelle J Raymond [00:29:52]:
And That synergy, it’s that whole 1 plus 1 equals 3. You know? Like, it’s yeah.

Marisa Shadrick [00:29:57]:
So I love that. Branding full of your time. Oh, good. But, let’s go into, maybe I’ll skip that one. Maybe I’ll pick another one. Some of the people I I’ve seen a couple of ways that people are using LinkedIn, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes people will, go to a profile or somewhere where there’s an email, and they’ll go ahead and email that person, wanting them to either opt in into something or they opt them in and they ask them to opt out. What do you think of that practice when people go to a profile and snag those emails without really having consent to send something to.

Michelle J Raymond [00:30:43]:
I mean, do you really wanna start a relationship based on, hey. I went and scraped your email address, or even worse, I used a tool and some or I bought your list. Is that how you wanna start the conversation with somebody? It’s a big no for me on that one. I just think, you know, the easier you think that this is that you can just, You know, wham bam, thank you, ma’am, it’s that’s how you’re gonna build a relationship on the platform. It’s just never gonna happen, or it’s gonna you know, It’s just for me, it’s just yuck. I think that’s

Marisa Shadrick [00:31:16]:
It’s the opposite of building relationship, and we’re playing the long game. Right? We’re not The we’re playing a long game to be able to build, and the thing is every connection has value, and I say that a lot. I mean, it’s a way to maybe we serve someone for a change with nothing coming back to us or maybe it’s opportunity to have a podcast guest or Maybe it’s someone that does wanna work with you. There’s different outcomes when we start talking to people, but we never know until we make those connections. Every person has value. So or you can even give a referral or you get a referral. I mean, you never know the outcome, so thank you for sharing that. I just wanted to get that off my chest because

Michelle J Raymond [00:31:55]:
I suppose There’s lots of automation tools out there now. And just, you know, to put it out there, they look really attractive on the surface. You put your Whole LinkedIn account at risk. It is against the user terms and agreements. You also give access to these tools By enabling a cookie when you log on through Google to use the tools, they can then post and comment on your behalf Without you even knowing That’s scary. A friend of mine, Daniel Hall, is, you know, shedding a light on this, the engagement pods, And you would be very surprised at those top influencers that you see on LinkedIn that seem to have numbers every single time they post. It works like Marisa, and, you know, you’d kinda look at going, I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years. It doesn’t work like that.

Michelle J Raymond [00:32:41]:
You know? Like, what’s going on? And that They are literally paying for people to do that, but some of them are now discovering that these, yeah, tools comment on their behalf without them knowing. That Imagine that damage that it does to your reputation. Because the comments are not thoughtful. The comments are just generic AI generated rubbish. And so, yeah, I I just can’t understand how people think, oh, wow. I can send 800 messages without doing anything. And then You destroy your brand with 799 of them. It’s

Marisa Shadrick [00:33:13]:
cheaper than

Michelle J Raymond [00:33:13]:
the rules. Add up.

Marisa Shadrick [00:33:14]:
Mhmm. That’s right. That’s right. Okay. The other thing is a big question people have is, how do I minimize the spamming? Even, like, when I Got my company page up and running. I noticed I was getting all these spam messages, and I had not toggled a little setting. I went back and toggled it. But, how do you minimize spam messages?

Michelle J Raymond [00:33:38]:
I wish that there was, like, a magic button we could just block them. Unfortunately, there isn’t. Settings is definitely a good place to start. There is one which you can go in and switch off where people can send you InMails. So that’s one option that you can do. Sometimes it can be about toggling things like your headline Or maybe your work experience, how you describe yourself, unfortunately, those lazy people who use tools then go in and just search for All the CEOs or all the founders or all this, and that’s their only criteria. So if you have a job title that’s CEO, Then what happens is yeah. Like I said, lazy people using automation tools just type that in and send it to everyone.

Michelle J Raymond [00:34:21]:
It’s like spray and pray. Oh, it’s not something I encourage. Do is there a way? I would say if you receive that kind of stuff, always report and, you know, Block people if they’re, you know, really bad and just won’t take a hint, so don’t be afraid to report and block. That is Yeah. Probably the best way that you can do it. So And

Marisa Shadrick [00:34:41]:
and I know connections. Yeah. The connections, when I get a connection request, it’s probably at this point, I can do it, but at some point, it’s gonna be laborers, but I actually go to the profile and I I look to see if they have a website because oftentimes, they don’t fill it out. Back to your point, You know, fill out the profile, make sure everything’s in there. Because if they don’t have a website, why didn’t they put a website on there? If they just have LinkedIn on there, it makes me suspicious, and so I don’t connect

Michelle J Raymond [00:35:07]:
with them. Yeah. So fake profiles, pretty crazy out there. So if you spot someone that reaches out to do that and they’ve maybe got Ten connections and a half filled profile, then report it as well. We’ve you know, LinkedIn do a lot of work to try and stop that from happening on the platform. But the fact is, you know, all of these engagement pods and tools, they rely on having these fake accounts out there, which is Mhmm. Again, if I can stamp that out, It would be my Christmas present coming in. You know, if we got to the end of 2024, we could stamp all of that out.

Michelle J Raymond [00:35:37]:
It would be great. I don’t think it’s gonna happen in my lifetime, but, you know, we can live in hope. But this is the thing. If you are finding that you You know, even in your home feed, if the stuff that you’re seeing irritates you, the stuff that you’re seeing doesn’t make you feel good in any way, for me, I love to be the best, and so coming second at things is part of my personality I’m working on because I don’t particularly like it. But I used to find that with Particular creators and things that if I saw their content, it would trigger that in me, and then I’d be in a bad mood for the next couple of hours. I can’t afford to be in that. And, sure, I should be, you know, more mature, but I’m human. You know? So what I do is if something I don’t like seeing it in my feed, there’s Three buttons in the top right hand sorry.

Michelle J Raymond [00:36:23]:
Three little dots in the top right hand corner of every post, and all you do is click on that and click unfollow. So you’re still connected to the person. You can still message them and build relationships out of the home feed. Consistently, then I suggest you remove connection because you’re never gonna work with them because your values don’t align, you know, and they’re not gonna reach out to you. So Protect your time and protect your mind on Yeah. LinkedIn. It’s it’s really important.

Marisa Shadrick [00:36:51]:
Too because you suggested that to me, and and that helps a lot to have a cleaner feed, so That’s good. Okay. This is my last question, and the question about obviously, when you have a newsletter, you can put links in there, which is so awesome about newsletters, but On a post, do you put the link inside of the actual description or in the comments? Because there’s Pros and cons to both. So what are your thoughts on that?

Michelle J Raymond [00:37:20]:
To explain that to people, there’s, you know, research From, you know, other, people out there that would suggest that if you put a external link in a post, then LinkedIn reduces how many people that that See that post because they don’t want you to send people off LinkedIn. They wanna keep people on the platform. Why do they want that? So that they can show you more ads. That’s how they make money. So, Logistically, that makes sense, and you can understand that. So if we wanna keep the algorithm happy, then we wouldn’t put a link in the actual post. Now I’m a relationship builder. I’m all about what makes being I guess, being in service with my audience and what makes it easier for them.

Michelle J Raymond [00:37:59]:
So my recommendation is if it makes sense to put it in the post and make it easier for people, then put it in the post. And, You know, the reach will be what the reach will be. We’re talking a difference of, I don’t know, maybe 15%. Now for some people, it’s not gonna make any difference, you know, at the be at the end of the day. If I have a post like, for instance, I had a post that I didn’t put the link in the post Much which went against everything that I know I’ve just said, but I have some other reasons. I thought I’ll comment as my company page and put the link in the comments. You know, it’s how I thought I’d Do it. And then what happened was I ended up with 80 comments on my post.

Michelle J Raymond [00:38:36]:
And do you think someone’s gonna go and search through 80 different comments to try and find a link? No. That’s not what’s gonna happen. So this is the thing to

Marisa Shadrick [00:38:44]:
keep going. Right? Gets buried, and they can’t find it.

Michelle J Raymond [00:38:48]:
Yeah. Exactly. Which is the least thing you that you want to happen is someone to be that interested. They wanna click on the link. They can’t find it. They give up. That’s not what we’re trying to do. So I am always driven by being in service of my community, Giving them value every time because I’m trading their time when they’re reading my content.

Michelle J Raymond [00:39:07]:
You know, I’m I understand that time’s precious to people and just making sure that we make life easy for them. And that’s why they stick around and keep coming back for more.

Marisa Shadrick [00:39:17]:
Right. And I noticed in the comments too, if you post, At least in the profile, in the comments, a lot of time, it’s not visible to people if you post the link.

Michelle J Raymond [00:39:28]:
Yeah. So if you have a look, there’s a little setting down in the comments on LinkedIn that says most recent or most relevant. So LinkedIn decides What’s most relevant? You have no control over that. Now if someone doesn’t know what’s most recent or know what that little function is or know that they can change it, Then they default, I’m pretty sure, is most relevant. And, therefore, if the link is somewhere that LinkedIn decides it’s not relevant, Then they won’t see it, and so this is where other problems come in. So I would say, in general, make life easier. Keep the content Altogether, don’t make people work too hard. No one’s got time to go searching.

Michelle J Raymond [00:40:06]:
No one even has the inclination. So Yeah. Make life easy.

Marisa Shadrick [00:40:10]:
Yeah. This has been awesome, and it’s been good to catch up with you. I just love you to pieces. You’re awesome. So how would people, get ahold of you? Obviously, they can see you at social media marketing world, but if someone is not going oh, sad. Right? How can they get in touch with you?

Michelle J Raymond [00:40:29]:
Well, you’re gonna find me on LinkedIn. And if you go up to the search bar and type Michelle Jay Raymond, so the initial j. And the reason it’s in there, not to make me sound smarter because someone asked me that one day, is that why you’ve got it in there? Sekhar, no. I’ve got it in there because there are so many different Michelle Raymoms on the platform. So if you have a common name, Little tip. Sometimes you might wanna add your initials so you stand out and are more easily discovered. So Michelle j Raymond, find me on LinkedIn. I would and let us know that you’ve listened to this Podcast, and that’s how you discovered me.

Michelle J Raymond [00:41:00]:
So I can say thank you to Marissa for having me as her guest.

Marisa Shadrick [00:41:03]:
Awesome. Thank you so much, and I’m wishing you well. I know you’re just gonna crush it at Social Media Marketing World. They’re gonna love you. It’s just gonna be amazing. So congratulations on that, and you know Where you can reach Michelle, and thank you everyone for listening today. Any last words or comments, Michelle, for the audience?

Michelle J Raymond [00:41:27]:
I think my best advice that I can give people is when you take actions on LinkedIn, create your digital twin. And what I mean by that is don’t be a LinkedIn version of you and then another version of you offline if I was to meet you at an event. The more that you just be yourself And put things in your own words, in your own way, your own style, your own experience, your own emotions, your own values. Like, there’s so many different pieces to you. The more that you do that, the more fun your time will be on LinkedIn because you’re gonna attract the right people, repel the wrong ones Mhmm. And it’s really draining trying to be someone that you’re not. So just, yeah, create your digital twin, and you’ll have far more fun on the platform. And why do I encourage having fun? Because that’s how you can sustain this Over the long term, just like I have for 10 years now, if you try and be something that you’re not and put on a front, You’ll be out in about 3 weeks, maximum 3 months.

Michelle J Raymond [00:42:22]:
And if you’re trying to grow a business, that’s not gonna work. So, yeah, it’s it’s been really great to catch Chat with you today. I’m so excited that we actually got to talk again. So I know. I hope that that’s helped your audience, but

Marisa Shadrick [00:42:34]:
Oh, I know. It helps.

Michelle J Raymond [00:42:35]:
The place to be. That’s for sure.

Marisa Shadrick [00:42:37]:
I agree. Thank you so much, Michelle. Thank you for everything that you’ve deposited in my life as well and and twisting my arm to

Michelle J Raymond [00:42:45]:
do these lives. No.

Marisa Shadrick [00:42:46]:
You didn’t twist But great recommendation. I’m enjoying it. I’m still feeling like a fish out of water, but it’s all working. Thank you so much. I appreciate you being on the show. Take care, everyone. Cheers.

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