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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #88 How to Choose an Online Marketing Coach

How to Choose an Online Marketing Coach

Many entrepreneurs are high achievers, self-starters, and very intelligent, but savvy entrepreneurs also value personal mentorship.

Having a football coach, performance coach, or career coach was a logical option when we were in school. But adulthood doesn’t mean we stop learning from mentors.

When I took public speaking seriously, I hired a speaker coach. I also hired a coach when I wanted to fast-track my LinkedIn learning.

Growth doesn’t happen in isolation. The right coach can be a valuable asset in your journey to success, offering personalized support, accountability, and expert guidance.

But how do we know we’re ready for that step?


In This Podcast Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • There are undeniable signs when it’s time to transition from digital learning to interactive learning with the help of a coach.
  • The profound ripple effect a coach can have in various areas of your life, from improving productivity to boosting business results.
  • Each coaching model has unique advantages, so choose the right personal or group coaching program that aligns with your goals.
  • Coaches provide strategies to help you leverage your strengths and unlock your full potential.


Episode Takeaways

  • Coaching is not one-size-fits-all: the diverse types can specialize in personal and professional development.
  • The journey from learning to execution is where the true magic of coaching lies. Coaches offer personalized guidance that digital courses simply can’t match.
  • Identifying the right time for coaching can propel your growth, saving time and enhancing outcomes through expert mentorship.


Episode Quotes to Remember

  • “Growth doesn’t happen on an island.”
  • “We are not enough on our own in the journey of online business growth; relationship marketing and coaching are pivotal.”
  • “Protecting your confidence is as crucial as building your business.”


Next Steps

There comes a time when we need to go beyond courses and YouTube videos to reach our goals. I’d love to connect if you’re interested in exploring coaching options. I offer various coaching programs tailored to fit different budgets and needs, including group and one-on-one.
Click Here to schedule a free 30-minute coaching call.


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Podcast Transcript

Marisa Shadrick [00:00:13]:
Welcome. Welcome to another episode of Amplify Your Authority. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Marissa Shadrach, online marketing consultant and certified copywriter. And today we’re gonna talk about coaches. Are you a coach? Are you looking for a coach? When do we know that it’s time to hire a coach? Now there’s different type of coaches. This is an interesting subject because there was a time back in the day that I really wondered what is a life coach? And there’s so many different types, like, we can kind of look back at our life and figure out, well, I’ve actually hired coaches in the past. We have, for example, fitness coaches.

Marisa Shadrick [00:00:55]:
Right? Many of us will start at a gym and maybe we’ll hire coach for a month or 2 or 3 months. We also have nutrition coaches. Right? We have a program, maybe we’re trying to do weight loss, and so we get help from a coach or a nutritionist. So there are many, many coaches for personal development, for business development, but there comes a time when we realize, okay, YouTube videos are enough. Courses, digital courses is enough. It’s time to get serious about this and find a coach. Now, depending on where you are in your business, again, there’s different type of coaches. You have to figure out the area that can benefit from a coach that will affect and improve other areas in your business or in your personal life for that matter.

Marisa Shadrick [00:01:47]:
For example, mindset coach. Now all of us can use a great healthy mindset because it will affect our relationships. It will affect our personal life. It will affect our business life. It will affect the way we parent. It has this ripple effect, if you will, that spills into other areas of our lives. When we’re thinking about business, we have to consider what is that key thing that I need. So as I mentioned, there are mindset coaches, productivity coaches.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:18]:
Right? Maybe it’s how you organize your time that’s really the bottleneck. So you have to consider, do I need a productivity coach and will that spill into other areas of my life and help me be more productive? Or it could be a life coach, or maybe you need an executive coach. There are different types of coaches. There are, for example, financial coaches. Maybe you need someone to help you look at the financial side of your business. In any event, when we’re looking for coaches, we come to a place where the digital courses are great. All of these things are great. We’re learning new skills.

Marisa Shadrick [00:02:57]:
We’re learning things about online marketing. But when we’re implementing, that’s when it really is beneficial to have a coach. I know in my own journey, I learned a lot of things. And by theory, it all made sense. Right? It made sense. I I got it. But when you implement it, the outcomes were a little different and other things came up. And knowing exactly what tool to use, or how this was going to, increase my bottom line, or understanding how I was gonna get traffic.

Marisa Shadrick [00:03:33]:
It wasn’t just learning pieces of the business, but how did it all work together? And having all these questions that popped up and not really finding a course that would answer a specific question. And so we get into this this season where we’ve learned a lot of things, but in the implementation stage, in implementing the workflows and the strategies and the technology on the back end, we get stuck. And so what I wanna share today is for you to consider at what time is it a good time to hire a coach. Now, I’m specifically talking about a 1 on 1 coach. Someone that will walk alongside you for probably a minimum of 3 months, and then you could continue on if you need to. But someone that will help you just see where your business is at, review your digital assets, consider where you’re trying to get to, maybe by the end of the year or look at your quarterly plans, find where the gap is, be able to help you with the skills that you need to learn. Now, they may not necessarily teach you the skills, but they may reference you that this is an area that you can outsource or an area that you would need to learn more about. So, at what point is it a good time to hire a coach? Now, for me, I knew that a one on one coaching program would benefit me for certain things, but not for everything.

Marisa Shadrick [00:05:07]:
So, for example, when I was doing the International Speech Competition, I knew that I needed a personal coach to help me with the public speaking because I was so deathly afraid of it. And so they helped me with a lot of the logistics as far as the location when you’re speaking. They helped me with crafting my speech. They helped critique it. They gave me that personal one on one. A group coaching program probably wouldn’t have been as beneficial. Now, on the other hand, sometimes what we need is community and we need a group coaching program because it’s not just the learning experience, but the collaboration with other people, knowing that you’re not alone, knowing that you’re working with other people that are in the same place that you’re at, like minded people, the support, the encouragement that you get. So for people that need 1 on 1, it’s really those people that aren’t quite sure where they fit in group coaching programs.

Marisa Shadrick [00:06:07]:
They’re not quite sure if this program is gonna give them that personal attention that they need to be able to get over wherever they’re stuck. So sometimes it could be technology, sometimes it’s in the area of sales, sometimes it’s in the area of prospecting, but a a one on one coach can help you through that. And then at that point, you might be ready for a group coaching program. So when we’re looking at this and we’re considering, okay, I’ve taken some courses, I’ve implemented some stuff, now I’m realizing that I’m getting I’m getting a little bit muddled in the whole process. There is something that I call the reality of execution, which means once you start implementing, everything seems to expand. And you didn’t realize how many components there were maybe to a launch. And so it starts getting a little bit heavy, it starts getting a little bit complicated, and you’re not sure how to move forward. And all of a sudden, your head is just swimming with all these ideas, all these to dos that you feel you need to do, and it’s hurting some of the things, the activities that really is gonna help you get in front of the audience that you’re trying to sell to.

Marisa Shadrick [00:07:21]:
And again, it’s all about building trust. So at the same time you’re building products and services that you’re trying to sell, you need to be cultivating relationships. You need to be cultivating and nurturing the email list that you already have, and you need to be creating something and being able to get some exposure online to new audience as well. That’s a given. So you combine all that together, and you have all of the content creation you have to do, and the prospect you have to do, and the admin stuff you have to do, and the course creation you have to do, it can be overwhelming. And I know for me, I have switched from group coaching programs to 1 on 1 coaching to mastermind, depending on the season that I was in in my business. And so right now, I have someone that is a mentor to me, and it’s perfect because it’s not overwhelmed, like, a lot of calls that I have to be on, but I do get access to this person 1 on 1, but we’re still in a in a, group coaching setting. And that’s just fine for this season because I don’t need a lot of hand holding, I just need to bounce some ideas off of people.

Marisa Shadrick [00:08:34]:
So it just depends on where you are in your business. So what can a 1 on 1 coach do for you? Now, I can’t speak for all coaches because there are different kinds. There’s relationship coaches that help maybe with marriages and couples, health and wellness, that could be a long process. You know, I can’t speak for all of these because there’s there’s all kinds of coaches. The same thing, financial coaches, if you’re trying to get out of debt, that’s a whole different story. People that are trying to maybe, achieve something in the sports area and they need a performance coach, that’s different. But I’ll tell you, in the marketing space, what really helps, and I think what a coach and what I do for my clients is I meet them where they’re at. And I think what coaches can do when we’re reviewing a business is see what the entrepreneur can’t see for themselves.

Marisa Shadrick [00:09:31]:
Right? And sometimes, it’s the positive things, and sometimes, it’s areas that need improvement. So you need that outside voice to be able to look at things objectively and see both the good or the strengths and the areas where there’s weakness. And sometimes, we can’t do that for ourselves. We need someone to come in and kind of review and look at the things that we’re doing and say, here, what you you’re doing here is really great, and it’s a good start, but we can go deeper here, and we could try some other things before testing other marketing strategies. So that’s the first thing that a coach, and I do this with my clients, is I can see what they can’t see for themselves. And oftentimes, they need to see the positive things that you’re they’re doing. They need to see all the results they’ve already achieved. They need to acknowledge their accomplishments because oftentimes when we’re on our own, our confidence level just plummets because we’re trying to achieve so much all the time and most entrepreneurs are high achievers and they’re trying to grow their business and they’re people that already believe in personal development and they’re so hard on themselves.

Marisa Shadrick [00:10:46]:
Sometimes they need to be able to see what they can’t see and that’s all the great achievements that they already have already. And then areas of improvement, you can tackle those one at a time. The other thing is that a coach, and I do this also with some of my clients, is that sometimes in order to begin to do the activities that’s going to help move the needle, there’s some habits that need to be developed, a routine that needs to be developed, or something that needs to be scheduled on a calendar. And so this is what we call change and that can be difficult, but the accountability that you get with a 1 on 1 coach can help you develop those habits that you need to be able to continue to move forward and grow. The other thing that they can do is they can identify the strengths that you have, because oftentimes your strengths will compensate for areas where there’s weakness. And I know in my own life, just the fact that I enjoy technology and I’m very organized has helped me in other areas of my life where I’m not, I’ll say, as developed. It’s helped me to be organized and very strategic into learning something that I needed to learn. And because I love technology, then it helped me embrace any new learning.

Marisa Shadrick [00:12:08]:
It didn’t matter what kind of tech was behind it. So, we can use those strengths to be able to improve other areas that need developing or an area that we need to learn or a habit we need to develop. So, as you begin to understand your makeup, the way God created you, you can use your strengths to help you in areas that are maybe a little weaker that need need that muscle developed, your strengths can help you do that, and a coach can help you do that. The other thing besides leveraging your strengths to improve weaknesses is all all of these things will help build your confidence. Sometimes having someone there that is not only gonna be you’re gonna be accountable to, but is gonna be able to applaud the progress that you’re making and you’re able to see results, that’s gonna boost your confidence and that’s gonna show up everywhere. Whenever you’re on video, in the emails that you write, that confidence is going to spill into everything, and that’s huge. We have to not only build up our confidence, but we have to protect our confidence because there’s so much up and down that goes on in the online space. There’s so many things that change online.

Marisa Shadrick [00:13:27]:
So a 1 on 1 coach can help you with those things and help you improve your confidence level. And the other thing too is you’ll learn skills. You’ll learn new things and you’ll learn from the coaches’ mistakes. Because all these coaches that teach something, whether it’s 1 on 1 or a group coaching, they’ve done it for a while. They’ve made the mistakes. They can shorten your learning curve. They can save you time. Oftentimes, some of my coaching clients, they’ll have a question, they’re sitting there and they’re thinking, oh, I gotta go on YouTube or I have to find a tutorial, I have to do all this, and all they need is just maybe a one sentence, two sentence answer, or something that’s gonna simplify that whole process, and they go, wow, this was fantastic.

Marisa Shadrick [00:14:15]:
This just saved me a whole week’s of work. Right? Because they don’t know that you don’t know what you don’t know. And when you have a coach and you’re able to ask any question, not just specific to a course, but any question, then it helps because whatever they’re working on, they can continue to move forward and they’re not derailed and they’re not slowed down and they stay in that momentum. And that happens a lot with my clients. Sometimes the question they have has nothing to do with the main topic, but it’s something they’re working on. If they could just get the answer so they can get it done, then they can move on to those other things that are really important. And that’s what it’s nice to have a coach and have access to a coach. And so, whether it’s 1 on 1 or group coaching, even my group coaching clients, I give them an opportunity to have 1 on ones with me, because we can really go deep and take a look at some of the things that they’re doing and see if we can create a plan, at least have a quarterly call so we can set up a plan for their quarter.

Marisa Shadrick [00:15:18]:
So coaches, specifically I’m talking about online marketing because that’s my space, but coaches can really save you time and they can help you begin to implement the habits or the routines that you need to move forward. They can help you see your strengths, so you can use those to develop other areas that that maybe need a little bit more development. They can applaud your wins. They can give you accountability. They can speak from a place of experience. So, sometimes we have too many things on our plate, and they can tell you, you know what? It’s time to table this and let go of this for another season, and focus on this one thing that’s gonna help you grow your business. This is something that’s so helpful, and whenever I have an opportunity to have a one on one with someone that can mentor me, it’s like, yay. It’s awesome because you come away with so much and you feel so much better.

Marisa Shadrick [00:16:15]:
And as I go through, I’m doing more coaching, but I love being mentored myself. And that’s why I respect so much the mentors that I’ve had in the past because they’ve helped me just shorten the learning curve. And so when you’re thinking about this, just know that a coach, a 1 on 1 coach, can just help you across the board with a variety of things, because sometimes, in a group coaching setting, it’s great. I love group coaching. Right? The energy that you have in group coaching, but sometimes there’s not enough time to answer these other, like, one off questions, where when you have a 1 on 1 coach, you can answer those one off questions that’s maybe, you know, weighing heavy or slowing you down. We wanna get all those things out of the way and they have this objective eye. So growth doesn’t happen on an island. You need to be aligned with someone, because and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

Marisa Shadrick [00:17:16]:
I’ll keep repeating myself because it’s so important that we are not enough. We’re enough to be loved. We’re enough to be valued. We’re enough to be respected. We’re enough to be honored. But when it comes to growing an online business, we are not enough. And that’s why relationship marketing is so important, but that includes mentorship. That includes having a coach.

Marisa Shadrick [00:17:38]:
And if you can’t afford a 1 on 1 coach, then do the next best thing and get in a group group coaching setting where maybe they offer 1 on ones. Now, in my group coaching setting, I offer 1 on ones quarterly to help them with their quarterly goals. There could be a hybrid like that. So see if if you can find something like that or talk to me. I would love to have a conversation with you. I also, in some of my programs on my higher end programs where we talk about strategy and traffic, I also offer the SOS calls. Right? The mayday calls, where if they’re in the middle of something and they have an opportunity and they’re not quite ready and it’s an SOS call, they know they can get on a call with me, because I don’t want them to blow that opportunity. I don’t want them to miss an opportunity because something is not clear to them or they think they have to finish something that a lot of times we think we have to have more than we actually need.

Marisa Shadrick [00:18:41]:
And so sometimes simplifying things is kind of my forte. I love simplifying, and oftentimes that’s all they need is just that outside voice to simplify something for an opportunity that’s coming up. So, it’s really crispy clear and it’s gonna be something that’s really gonna resonate with an audience maybe that they’re speaking to or an opportunity to be a guest on a podcast or an opportunity to maybe be on a summit, whatever it might be, it helps them to have that clarity, and it helps them to have somebody rooting for them. The other thing is it also helps you remember that we’re lifelong learners. We never stop learning. We’re always learning. That’s why I think a lot of entrepreneurs love to listen to podcasts and read books, and we’re always learning, always discovering new things. And this is part of it.

Marisa Shadrick [00:19:32]:
Having a coach, whether it’s a 1 on 1 coach, you know, personal coach, or having a coach in a group setting is so helpful because we’re always learning and always taking away so much value. Even in a group setting when people aren’t necessarily maybe it’s not your turn to speak, but someone else is sharing something. You learn from their struggles as well. And then you realize that we all struggle with similar things. Right? Nothing is new under the sun. And all of that lifelong learning is gonna help you be consistent. Be consistent and protect your confidence because you realize that everyone has areas of struggle. So the magic is really doing the reps that’s going to help you to, be able to be consistent and that compound effect is going to be what adds to the results that you see in your business.

Marisa Shadrick [00:20:27]:
And it also helps to protect your dreams and protect yourself in a stressful world, you know, protecting your confidence, protecting your dreams, knowing that you can do this. It just takes time. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves because we see that one person that says, you know, I made 7 figures in 1 year, and people go, oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? What am I doing wrong? And sometimes I think, you know, some of those things that people say, I I never like talking about money. I just think there’s other ways to communicate than saying I made 7 figures or I made 6 figures or I made this much money, you know, because it’s not all about money. A lot of people that I work with and a lot of solopreneurs, it’s not about the money. They have they have really a desire to have an impact on people. And I know for myself, I don’t want a big business.

Marisa Shadrick [00:21:22]:
I don’t wanna have a huge team. And I know a lot of my audience, they’re the same way. They’re fine keeping it small. And there’s nothing wrong with small. If you reach your revenue goals, whatever that amount is, there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to have a huge team. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. You can customize your business so it fits your lifestyle, fits your goals, and you get to do the things that you love to create an impact in this world.

Marisa Shadrick [00:21:52]:
So I just wanted to share those tips with you about coaches, 1 on 1 coaches, and group coaching. I love coaching. And if you’re a coach and you need a coach, I would love to have a conversation with you. So, coaching, I think, is not gonna go away. I think we benefit when we’re a coach and when we’re the coachee. We benefit. It’s just such a great way to invest in ourselves, to be able to get that mentorship that we need. And, you know, it’s a lot of fun.

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:23]:
It’s not any fun doing it by yourself. And sometimes when we’re in an online business and we work from home, we can feel so isolated. So that’s the other component too that we grow our friendships and our networks as well. So that’s what I have for you today. I hope you had some good things that you got out of this podcast episode. I wanted to share this because it was on my heart to share. And I hope if you haven’t found a coach or you don’t have a coach, reach out. I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Marisa Shadrick [00:22:52]:
I have group coaching programs. I have a low membership group coaching, and I also have 1 on 1 coaching. Happy to have a conversation with you. I’ve got a program for every budget. So love to talk to you. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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