5 Steps to Uncover Your Unique Marketing Advantage

🌟Ever felt like a hidden gem in a sea of online sameness? Here are five steps to uncover your unique marketing advantage. 

When someone asks, “How are you different from others in your industry?” What do you say?

The secret, my friend, isn’t locked in a vault. The truth is, you’re already unique. Yes, YOU!

Many try to fit in, but marketing magic lies in embracing our stories, quirks, and unique personalities.


But talking about ourselves can feel uncomfortable. It’s like walking a tightrope above a crowd of judgy faces. 😠

Yet, articulating what makes you different answers essential questions for your prospects because you’re not just solving a problem; you’re offering value only YOU can provide.

For example, here are three “sparkles” that set me apart from other online marketers:

◼️ Certified Copywriter: Only some marketers or strategists received a copywriting certification. With two certifications, I have the technical skills for effective strategies.

◼️ Ministry Background: The mission field expands your capacity for empathy. As a result, it’s part of my DNA in marketing. It’s about heart-to-heart connections, understanding clients’ pains and dreams, and being the bridge to their solutions.

◼️ Published Writer. My publishing days taught me the art of storytelling, turning ideas into compelling narratives for leading publications. Storytelling helps communicate your origin story, product story, case studies, and more. People are emotionally connected because people don’t hear stories, they feel stories. 

👉🏽 Now, It’s Your Turn to Uncover Your Unique Marketing Advantage

Use these prompts to discover your “sparkle.”

Step 1: Reflect on Your Journey
Start by examining your past experiences, both professional and personal. What moments shaped you? Consider your background, education, pivotal life events, and other experiences contributing to your perspective and skills.

Step 2: Identify Your Core Values
What principles guide your decisions and actions? Your core values are the compass that directs your business practices and client interactions. Understanding and articulating these can help distinguish you from others who may not share the same commitments.

Step 3: Assess Your Skills and Knowledge
Make a comprehensive list of your skills and areas of expertise, especially those formally recognized, like certifications. Pay attention to soft skills, such as empathy, which can be a significant differentiator in how you approach marketing and client relationships.

Step 4: Define Your Unique Approach
How do you do what you do differently from others in your field? It could be your methodology, business model, or even your approach to client service.

Step 5: Articulate Your Story
Your personal and professional narrative is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients. How did you get to where you are today? What challenges have you overcome? This story can illustrate your resilience, creativity, and dedication—qualities that are appealing to prospective clients.

Why does this matter?

People buy from those they know and trust, so marketing is the communication we use to build trust. Share from the heart, and you’ll be successful.

🌈✨What’s your sparkle?


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Marisa Shadrick, Online Marketing Consultant

🎉🎊 As an online marketing consultant, I help independent coaches execute highly effective prospecting strategies to grow a client base that builds a profit-generating business.🎉

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