Choosing the Right Online Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Online Marketing helps promote products and services to potential customers. But with so many choices, choosing the right marketing strategy for your business isn’t easy.

Let’s Explore a Common Online Marketing Mistake

Have you ever invested big bucks in an expensive step-by-step course?

You learn how to write a book, create a membership, build a digital course, or offer a high-end coaching program.


Then you:

  • Spend time creating the content–check!
  • Invest in a platform that will facilitate all the moving parts–check!
  • Write the copy for the landing page and email sequences–check!
  • Choose your design, images, logo, and headshot–check!
  • Complete the checkout and onboarding process–check!

The question remains: how do we bring prospects to the offer?

That, my friend, is the critical piece most coaches don’t teach–traffic strategies.

How to fill your next program or how to sell more courses after you create the content is a common challenge.

Your traffic strategy should be your first consideration before you write a book, create a membership, build a digital course, or offer a high-end coaching program.

Two Types of Marketing: Outbound and Inbound Marketing

I could say so much about marketing, so I offer various coaching programs to help people implement a marketing strategy. We can’t reduce a six-month program into one post, but we can cover the basics to get you started.

Outbound and inbound marketing are primary marketing strategies with advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between the two is essential to determine which is best for your business.

What is Outbound Marketing:

Outbound or push marketing reaches potential customers through various marketing channels. In this type of marketing, the business initiates the communication and pushes its message out to the audience. Some examples of outbound marketing include:

  • Television and radio commercials
  • Cold calling
  • Mailbox flyers or correspondence
  • Billboards
  • Social Media Ads


Outbound Marketing Advantages:

  • Immediate Reach: Outbound marketing allows you to reach a broad audience quickly through various channels.
  • Measurable Analytics: You can track the performance of your outbound campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.

Outbound Marketing Disadvantages:

  • Expensive Investment: Especially for small businesses, outbound marketing can be costly, requiring significant budget allocation.
  • Intrusive: Outbound marketing methods like cold calling and unsolicited emails can be seen as intrusive, leading to negative perceptions from potential customers.

What is Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is a customer-centric approach that attracts potential customers to the business by providing them with valuable information. In this type of marketing, the audience initiates the communication for more details.

Think about it. Your

  • free blog post
  • social media content
  • podcast episodes
  • YouTube videos
  • ebooks

…allows you to serve, share your point of view, and build trust.

Everyone wants to work with businesses or individuals they can trust. Your free content is the bridge to connection and relationship building.

Inbound Marketing Advantages:

  • Targeted Audience: Inbound marketing enables you to attract and engage with a specific audience already interested in your content or offerings.
  • Relationship Building: Inbound marketing helps build long-term relationships with potential customers by providing valuable content to establish trust. Over time, you can boost traffic and sales through relationship marketing

Inbound Marketing Disadvantages:

  • Time-Intensive: Seeing significant results from inbound marketing strategies takes time and consistent effort.
  • Limited Automation: While some aspects of inbound marketing can be automated, achieving 100% automation isn’t possible when building relationships and a network.

I’ve given you a taste, and it’s certainly not an exhaustive list, but I hope it will help you choose a marketing strategy that fits your budget and goals.

Marketing Isn’t Complicated; It’s the Process of Building Trust

Let’s recap!

Outbound and inbound marketing are two different approaches with advantages and disadvantages.

Outbound marketing is more traditional and involves pushing a message out to the audience, while inbound marketing is customer-centric and attracts the audience to the business.

Both types of marketing can be effective, depending on the business’s goals and budget.

Understanding the difference between outbound and inbound marketing can help businesses determine the right approach.

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