Create More Content With Less Effort

Are you ready to supercharge your creation process and create more content with less effort? 

Today, we’re diving into a powerful strategy that will help you effortlessly produce more valuable content by tapping into a resource often overlooked—your existing content.

Yes, even if you haven’t tapped on your keyboard lately, you have content to share.

But before we start, let’s quickly recap the insights shared in last week’s post about creating six months of content.


Content Expansion Formula:

We revealed how to turn five core brand topics into a treasure trove of 25 valuable content pieces by examining each topic from different perspectives for a wealth of engaging articles, videos, or podcasts.

If you missed the previous post on generating six months of content (plus a pro tip), click and read Content Creation Tips Without Writer’s Block.

Now, let’s take your content game to the next level.


Turn Existing Resources Into Valuable Content

Let’s explore how to take existing content (you may or may not have written) and turn it into stand-alone ideas or add them to your writing process. It’s a method that saves time and keeps your audience eagerly waiting for your next piece of content.


Here are resources you might already have at your fingertips.

Personal Stories:
Harness the power of storytelling to cultivate a deeper connection with your audience. Your unique experiences and narratives are the threads that weave trust and credibility.


Master the Art of Repurposing:
Become a master of content repurposing. Take snippets from past videos, blog posts, interviews, or podcasts and transform them into fresh, relevant pieces for reels, shorts, social media posts, newsletters, and emails.


Leverage Client-Generated Content:
Your clients are your greatest asset. Share testimonials and case studies that resonate with your community and help them believe that transformation is also possible for them.


Curate, Don’t Just Create:
Creating original content is fantastic, but don’t limit yourself to this alone. Curate industry-related material and share your unique perspective. Not only does this save you time, but it also establishes you as an authoritative voice in your niche.


Bonus Tip:

Streamline your content creation process with AI tools. For example, you can use ChatGPT with helpful prompts to generate titles and outlines or improve your writing.

Remember, don’t try to fit everything into one post. Break down complex topics into separate articles or episodes to make content more digestible.

Stay inspired and continue to create consistent content.


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