Ensure Your Website Makeover Reflects Your Message and Services

First impressions matter, so use these pro copywriting tips to ensure your website makeover reflects your message and services.

It’s too easy to let months, or even years, pass without reviewing your existing online assets. I confess that happened to me. It got away from me, and now I’m investing time in “Operation Website Makeover.” 

As we evolve and your understanding of your audience deepens, your website should reflect your message and services.


The Importance of Periodic Website Reviews

Maintaining a current and appealing online presence becomes increasingly crucial as your visibility escalates through virtual and in-person engagements. 

Your website often serves as the initial point of contact for many potential clients or collaborators and sends a first impression.

Don’t delay these updates. Opportunities can arise unexpectedly, and having an outdated website might mean missing out on valuable connections. 

Regularly revising your website ensures you’re always ready to welcome new prospects. 


Strategic Planning to Turn Visitors Into Leads

Each website page serves a unique purpose: attracting, engaging, and converting organic visitors into leads or collaborators.

Let’s dive into some pro copywriting tips for three critical website pages—Home, About, and Contact—ensuring they represent you authentically and effectively.

If you’re contemplating where to begin, start with your Homepage. Make a duplicate and work on a copy until it goes LIVE.


Your HomePage Is The Front Door to Your Business

Clearly articulate who you are, what you do, and whom you serve. 

  • Identify Your Target Audience and Outcome: Use a compelling title that speaks directly to your audience and outlines the benefits of engaging with your brand.
  • Start the Conversation: Be conversational and welcoming. Your “Homepage” isn’t about selling but starting a relationship and building trust.
  • Provide a Free Resource: Offering a valuable freebie, whether through a pop-up, a prominent banner, or directly on the page, can significantly increase engagement and capture leads.
  • Invite Visitors to Learn More: Add a “Read More” button to your About page. It’s a gentle nudge for visitors to dive deeper into your story and offerings.


The About Page Builds Trust With Your Audience

Share your journey and why you chose your industry. 

  • It’s About Them, Not You: It may surprise you, but the “About” page isn’t about you but about your audience and how you can meet their needs.
  • Share Your Story: Include a brief origin story as a video or a paragraph. This will humanize your brand and build trust because people don’t read or listen to stories; they feel stories. 
  • Highlight Resources: To encourage exploration, mention website highlights or links visitors might find helpful, such as blogs, videos, or podcasts.
  • Easy Navigation: End with a clear call to action, such as a button leading to your Contact page, for those ready to take the next step.


Make It Easy To Connect With a Contact Page

Ensure your contact information is current and that any forms or links function correctly. 

  • A Warm Invitation: A short video or a simple message inviting visitors to reach out can make a big difference.
  • Various Ways to Connect: In addition to email, include a link to your calendar for direct bookings. You could include your social media handle or a FAQ section to address common queries.
  • Social Proof: Incorporate endorsements and client testimonials to boost credibility and reassure potential clients of the value you provide.


Embrace the Process

Procrastination, guilt, and the nagging sense of unfinished business can sap our energy and diminish our current work’s quality. 

Approach this endeavor as a series of manageable tasks, focusing on one at a time to build momentum without overwhelming yourself.

If you’re not a designer, use templates whenever possible. Check out Creative Market for some affordable options if you don’t have templates. 

Revising, refining, and sometimes overhauling our digital presence is part of our professional journey. 

As I navigate through my website makeover, I deeply understand the challenges and rewards of this process. I’m here to support you in your journey.


What project is on your mind? 

Maybe your website is perfect! Well done! 

Which project is weighing you down?

Hit reply and share your thoughts. I’m eager to offer tips and insights to assist you.


Marisa Shadrick


🎉🎊 As an online marketing consultant, I help independent coaches execute highly effective prospecting strategies to grow a client base that builds a profit-generating business.🎉

Connect with me on LinkedIn!


P.S. Every edit, revision, and makeover is a step forward in refining your message and enhancing your connection with your audience. Let’s tackle these projects with determination. You got this! 

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