The Power of One: How Focused Strategies Boost Online Traffic and Engagement

As you step into entrepreneurship, you can’t ignore one of the most crucial parts of growing an online business: consistent traffic. 

I know this journey all too well; it’s like navigating a ship in the vast ocean of the digital world–without a compass. 

But I have some thoughts to keep you on course!


Choose Your Sandbox Wisely

Who’s your audience? In other words, who would you target if you HAD to pick one audience? This is what we call a niche.

Your niche is a specific market segment. They have a problem, but you provide a transformational outcome? Put this together, and you have a value proposition.

See if you can fill in the blanks.

Perfect! Once you know who you serve, we can discuss finding our ideal playground – your sandbox. This is where your potential clients love to spend their time. Research and survey those you want to help and collect data about your audience.

Understanding your audience and human behavior brings clarity. It’s not about massive posting on social media.

It’s about tapping into that perfect spot where your message resonates the loudest. It’s like setting up our lemonade stand in the busiest part of the park.

So, please take a moment to reflect on where your audience is most active, and let’s make that your launch pad!


You Don’t Need a Trendy Tool; You Need a Traffic Strategy

Once you’ve researched your audience, it’s time to go deep, not wide. Many go wide, trying something new every month. They follow trends and listen to many voices, so they always start over. That will slow you down. Be specific about your strategy and go deep. The best way to begin is to focus on the Power of One.


  • One Primary Medium of Communication: Choose your favorite form of communication – do you shine in writing, podcasting, video training, or virtual workshops? Pick one that feels like a natural extension of your personality and expertise. 


  • One Message: Your content should align with your brand message. Repetition doesn’t hurt, and you’ll be known for one thing! 


  • One Audience: Imagine sitting across from your ideal client at a coffee shop. What are they like? That’s how well we need to know our audience. Focusing on a specific group makes each message feel like a personal conversation.


  • One Outcome: Aim for a clear outcome with every piece of content. What do you hope to accomplish? Are you educating, inspiring, or prompting a decision? It’s like setting a destination for each journey we take our audience. Here’s my little mantra. “What do I want my audience to believe, think, feel, or do?” 


  • One Lead Magnet: Consider your free resource as your golden ticket – a lead magnet showcases your expertise as you solve a critical problem for your audience. It’s how we start a conversation to build a relationship. Start with one. Improve it. Then, you can test others. 


  • One Outreach Strategy: I know this is a bit scary, but you can add more later. Develop your SOP (standard operating procedure) and repeat the process. Consistency is critical. It’s like cooking a family recipe – you follow the recipe if you want it to taste the same delicious way every time. Stick to one outreach method you can perfect and make your own.


  • One Call to Action: Every piece of content should guide our audience towards one action – like gently taking their hand and leading them down a helpful path. 


  • One Metric to Track: Pick a metric to track that tells you how you’re doing. It could be new subscribers, your email engagement, or something uniquely helpful. 


Does the “Power of One” Method Sound Too Good to be True? 

Focusing on one doesn’t limit your efforts. On the contrary, it helps you grow faster.

As you navigate the waves of entrepreneurship and narrow your focus to one, remember that your journey is more than reaching a destination.

Success is not a destination, and success is not your identity. It’s your impact and the service you provide your prospects and clients.

It’s about the connections we make, the trust we build, and the value we provide at every touchpoint.


Clarity Creates Momentum

But first, listen to Troy Goat’s story and how he’s growing his business as a high-performance coach for veteran-owned small businesses.

Listen and see how he’s narrowed down his audience.  


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