Water What Needs to Grow in Your Life

My days are busy with either a group or one-on-one meeting every day of the week.

In one group meeting, my friend Alicia ended the call by saying, “Marisa, water your plant.”

A week later, “Marisa, water your plant.”

The video showed all. My plant suffered abuse under my care. I stopped watering it. In my defense, it’s a high-maintenance, over-dramatic plant. Even so, the plant needs water to grow.

When dehydrated, it doesn’t take long for its leaves to cascade over the pot. The leaves hang in a pitiful droop until it receives a drink. When watered, the plant springs into an elevated posture of delight.


Water the Parched Areas of Your Life

This past weekend, I spent time planning my workweek when my plant caught my eye. “Water!” It demanded.

While filling up the watering can, I realized I had to water the areas in my life that needed growth.

This pandemic has disrupted our lives. I don’t know about your home, but our family time has turned into a demand for solo time–please!

Even seven-year-old, Audrey, barricaded the entrance to her room. The doorway had a three-foot stack of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals.

Rather than drive each other crazy, we can use our quarantine time to cultivate ourselves. Here are a few suggestions.



5 Areas of Life We Often Neglect

Faith – Check out Daily Audio Bible Podcast

Knowledge – Read a book or listen to my podcast!

Wellness – Check out Tara’s Keto Kitchen for health tips.

Joy – Count your blessings and appreciate every benefit life offers today.

Vision – Decide how you will achieve what matters most to you.


Water what needs to grow in your life today so you can serve others well tomorrow.


Stay Resilient

Marisa Shadrick

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