What impression does your website give first-time visitors?  

Many brands underestimate the importance of their website, viewing it as an online business card rather than a strategic asset.

This perspective can lead to missed opportunities because your website serves as the initial point of contact between potential customers and your brand. It’s a digital handshake, an introduction where your homepage speaks volumes about who you are and what you offer.

A well-crafted design can draw their eye, but your message will inspire engagement and prompt action. So, what should your homepage say? What elements will elevate it from merely attractive to genuinely compelling?


Here are five copywriting suggestions:

1. Results-Driven Header/Banner: Incorporate a compelling, benefits-focused headline. Make it less about you and more about your audience. Ensure a clear call-to-action button is prominently displayed.

2. Customer-Centric Focus: Address the challenges your audience faces. Demonstrate understanding and empathy for their situation. Favor bullet points over dense blocks of text for better readability.

3. Emotionally Engaging Narratives: Use compelling stories to show, don’t just tell. Keep your language conversational rather than academic. Highlight the transformative benefits of your offering.

4. Credible Testimonials: Showcase customer endorsements and testimonials. Highlight any featured publications. Provide evidence of proven results to build trust and confidence.

5. Absolute Clarity: Go for clarity over cleverness. Use video content where it can enhance your message. Guide visitors towards a clear, actionable first step.


Your website is more than a digital business card—it’s your brand’s storyteller, trust-builder, and primary connection for action.

A meticulously crafted website does not merely inform visitors about your products or services; it turns the casual browser into an interested lead.

So, ask yourself, is your website doing this? If not, I’ve given you a head start with these copywriting tips, but if you’d rather have someone do it for you, DM me.



🎉🎊 As an online marketing consultant, I help independent coaches execute highly effective prospecting strategies to grow a client base that builds a profit-generating business. Visit her free resource page: https://marisashadrick.com/free-tools

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