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A Custom Path to Digital Marketing: Personalized Coaching with Marisa Shadrick

Hello, Visionary! 

You’re traveling this entrepreneurial journey fueled by passion and a solution you’d love to offer new clients. If only the right people knew about it, life would be chill. 

Somewhere along the way, your lead generation became a confusing hit-and-miss process instead of a clear path forward.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon. The market has changed since COVID and the recession. 

I get it. The pain of stagnation is real. The cost…missed opportunities, wasted resources, and, most of all, diminished confidence. It can knock you off your power pose, but there’s a better way. 

How About We Create a Different Story

Imagine harnessing the full power of your unique brand and message, cutting through the noise, and connecting with your audience in a way that not only drives engagement but fosters lasting relationships.

Custom One-on-One Coaching Is The Fastest Path to Results

Feel Like a Boss with Renewed Confidence

Something magical happens when you sit down and carve out a clear plan for your business goals. You start feeling confident and hopeful. You become unstoppable because you see the destination and know how to get there.

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm and Procrastination

Have you ever felt paralyzed because you have too much on your plate? I hear you. That's why we take those big, scary tasks and turn them into bite-sized, doable actions. It's like turning down the volume in a noisy room to focus on what's truly important without all that background noise.

Grab the Steering Wheel and Lead with Purpose

There's something incredibly empowering about focusing on what you can control. No backseat drivers--take the wheel. We identify what parts of your business you can directly influence—like your brand message or your sales approach—and get to work on those.

Celebrate Wins and Increase Momentum

Seeing your plans come to life is rewarding and fulfilling. Every new client or breakthrough is a testament to your hard work and dedication. And let me tell you, there's no better feeling than celebrating (big or small) Stripe notifications because you've made them happen.

Release Your Creative Genius

Business isn't about ticking boxes. It's about cultivating that creative spark inside you that will help you innovate and pivot when necessary. In short, one-on-one coaching sessions are like having a co-pilot in your entrepreneurial journey.

How "Amplify Your Business" Works


Clarify Your Goals

Success begins by zeroing in on what’s truly essential. In this initial phase, we will pinpoint the singular, most impactful goal that will serve as the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.


determine Your Priorities

Shift from guesswork to strategic work. Together, we will identify and refine your weekly activity, focusing on those that promise the highest returns. This will direct every step, ensuring every action contributes directly to your overarching objectives.


execute Your strategy

As a small business owner, your ability to stay engaged with your activity and progress is vital, especially with large projects or launches. Recognizing the value of incremental progress is key.


celebrate milestones

Scheduled review sessions are essential to highlight what has worked well and identify areas where adjustments are needed. These audits will allow us to correct or realign actions. Over time, this will transform your journey into a series of calculated, informed steps toward your goals.

Ask Me Anything Along the Way!

Work with a Certified Brand and Copywriting Expert

Hi, I’m Marisa Shadrick, your partner in crafting a digital marketing strategy that’s as unique as your business. 

I specialize in helping independent B2B businesses—like coaches and freelancers, become visible online. 

With a strategic blend of brand clarity, copywriting, and research, it’s possible to attract and convert organic traffic into leads and sales. 

I don’t just offer solutions; I help you craft a success plan that resonates with your audience and the heart and soul of your business as quickly as 90 Days! 

Wondering If This is Right for You?

Can You Say Yes to One or More of the Following:

Don't Stay Idle While Others Move Ahead

If any of the scenarios above resonate with you, one-to-one coaching can offer strategies and solutions to help you overcome procrastination, manage overwhelm, and prioritize key income drivers effectively. 

This is perfect for those ready to move from stuck to execution, turning their vision and knowledge into tangible success.

Now is the time to step into your new story and enjoy the success you were meant to have. If you’re ready to transform your digital marketing efforts from a source of stress to profitability, I’m here to guide you.

Your Next Step…

Schedule a call with me. Let’s explore some options. 

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Step Into Your New Story

Frequently asked questions

Great question! Our coaching journey starts with a complimentary one-hour consultation designed to dive into your unique challenges and aspirations. This session allows us to ensure alignment and mutual understanding before progressing.

Should we decide to partner, I will prepare a personalized proposal outlining services. Our coaching sessions are twice a month, each lasting one hour. This pace gives clients enough time to implement marketing strategies and make measurable progress. 

I recommend a commitment of at least three months to achieve initial goals. After the initial three months, we can continue our sessions on a month-to-month basis. 

Private consulting can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month, depending on the scope of work, frequency of appointments, services rendered, and length of calls. 

Additionally, I offer the Strategic Business Accelerator, an exclusive two-day immersion explicitly designed for busy entrepreneurs. Starting at $10,000, this weekend experience does not include travel and accommodation expenses. This intensive is ideal for those looking to make significant progress in a condensed timeframe, ensuring you leave with actionable insights and clear strategies to implement in your business immediately.

It’s common to feel uneasy about sales and what may seem like self-promotion. Selling is really about helping. With easy-to-use templates and strategies, I’ll help you develop this needed skillset, making it a natural part of your mission to add value to your clients’ lives.

Let’s explore which path suits you best—book a call to discover your ideal fit.

Feeling overwhelmed signifies that it’s time to reassess and prioritize your weekly activities. In our sessions, we’ll explore priority management to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, focus on high-impact activities, and manage your time more effectively.

My online business approach doesn’t follow trends, vanity numbers, or algorithms. I use my brand expertise and copywriting skills to help you create an authentic and empathetic marketing strategies. This one shift in your marketing will help you grow your leads, network, and referrals.