Choose Your Adventure!

Guides, Templates, Tutorials and more.

Building an online business is a journey and an adventure. Each milestone brings us closer to our goals.

But as with any great expedition, the path is sometimes unclear, and the terrain can be unpredictable. It’s the messy middle that can cause us to stall.

That’s why I created the “Choose Your Adventure” resource page. I invite you to select a resource that speaks to your current challenge.

Consider me your compass in this journey. I’m ready to help you navigate the complexities of marketing and find your true north.

So, brave adventurer, which path will you choose today?

Marketing and Sales

Marketing Essentials

Master five lead-generating essentials that will help you go from novice to pro and quickly launch a successful independent coaching practice.

Selling with Confidence

Discover how to take the fear out of selling and stragegically leverage your prospecting efforts. Sell with confidence...even if you’re a brand new coach

3 Revenue Strategies

Whether newly certified or expert pursuing an independent practice, dive into 3 strategies to ensure you’re compensated fairly for your value.

Business Development

Amplify Your Authority

Discover the compound effect of connections and how they become a self-propelling marketing engine for organic growth, leads, and revenue.

Copy Checklist & Swipe

A handy checklist to help you turn common objections into compelling copy. Plus, 15 copywriting tips to elevate your writing from ordinary to irresistible.

Sell Your Knowledge

This mini course and accompanying workbook will guide you in refining your product or program, ensuring you launch with clarity and confidence.