Disrupting Traditional Marketing with Energy, Humor, and Actionable Steps

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Disrupting Traditional Marketing with Energy, Humor, and Actionable Steps

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Digital Intelligence

Humanize your Communication in an Automated World

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In today’s digital landscape, where algorithms and artificial intelligence are reshaping the essence of online marketing, Marisa Shadrick advocates for a strategic integration of digital intelligence (DI). 


Marisa helps audiences discover:

  • Marketing is the process of building trust through self-awareness and social skills, similar to emotional intelligence (EI). 
  • Building trust is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity. Developing digital intelligence improves interactions and nurtures relationships.
  • Businesses can achieve sustainable success by marrying technology with our inherent need for authentic human connection.

Through engaging talks and interviews, Marisa inspires her audience to blend technology with authentic human interactions. She provides actionable strategies for creating a thriving digital ecosystem.

As a marketing consultant and certified copywriter, she guides solo ventures, particularly in the independent coaching sector, towards implementing marketing strategies to grow their leads and sales for a fulfilling business that creates positive change in the world. 

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"Communication is less about what we say and more about what others hear. Let them hear how much you care."

Suggested Speaking Topics

personal Brand

Elevate Your Brand Without Chasing Algorithms, Vanity Numbers or Dancing on TikTok

Reclaim the heart of your brand. Storytelling is an essential component of branding and marketing, and it differentiates businesses in a competitive world. You can elevate your brand and build a loyal community without chasing the latest trends or trying to game the system. 


Humanize Your Online Communication In An AI World

This topic explores the balance between efficiently leveraging technology and maintaining genuine, empathetic communication that fosters real connections and trust with prospects and customers. Discover AI best practices for authentic marketing.

relationship Marketing

Online Strategies for Sustainable Growth and Engagement

Transform cold outreach into opportunities without the spammy undertones that often characterize digital outreach efforts. Thoughtful communication means quality over quantity, increasing your email subscribers, network, and opportunities.

Suggested Interview Questions

personal Brand

Q: Why is storytelling so compelling, and can it help sell more products and services? 

Q: What are some practical steps individuals or businesses can take to differentiate their brand in a crowded market

Q: How can businesses start incorporating more of their unique stories into their marketing strategy?


Q: With AI becoming increasingly prevalent in online communication, how can we ensure our messaging remains authentic and engaging ?

Q: How do you tackle the issue of AI potentially generating content that feels generic and fails to resonate with an audience?

Q: What trends do you see in the market and how are marketers adapting to consumer behavior in today’s post COVID climate. 

relationship Marketing

Q: Is it getting harder to market online in today’s culture and economy? If so, what can we do to maintain cash flow and growth?

Q: Building business connections sounds unscalable. How can you leverage connections for future opportunities?

Q: What are common mistakes you see in cold outreach, and what are some best practices for generating leads or growing an email list? 

"You CAN increase online visibility without chasing algorithms, vanity numbers, or dancing on TikTok" 💃🏽

About Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Strategist and Certified Copywriter

Marisa is a published writer with articles featured in national and international publications.

She formerly served as the acquisition editor for Faith ‘n Fitness Magazine and co-host for BizTalk on KQMS Radio in Northern California.

In 2015, Marisa sought to conquer her fear of public speaking. She was among over 32,000 contestants from 126 countries in an international speech competition, ultimately becoming Toastmasters’ 1st Place Champion for District 33—positioning her among the world’s top 100 speakers.

Marisa is a Ray Edwards-certified copywriter and a recognized “You Are the Brand” expert. She offers one-on-one and group coaching programs, helping clients enhance their marketing strategies to increase leads and sales through proficient copywriting and effective relationship marketing.

She is the founder and host of the “Amplify Your Authority” podcast, which assists listeners in overcoming the internal and external challenges of entrepreneurship.

Her core values—empathy, service, and community—guide her mission to humanize digital communication in an automated world, a concept she calls ‘digital intelligence.’ While acknowledging the effectiveness of AI, she maintains that it will never replace human connection.

Marisa enjoys technology, morning walks, and disaster movies (there’s a compelling story behind that). 

She resides in Tennessee with her husband, Vince, celebrating over 38 years of marriage.

Short Bio

Marisa Shadrick, an international award-winning speaker and published writer, triumphed over many fears to carve out an online presence.

Marisa leverages her branding and copywriting skills to empower online entrepreneurs with effective marketing strategies, helping them overcome limitations and achieve greater business success.

Marisa advocates strategic integration of digital intelligence (DI), blending technology with authentic human interactions.

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