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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #44 3 Tips to Get Your Virtual Business Up To Par

3 Tips to Get Your Virtual Business Up To Par


Tips to Get Your Virtual Business Up To Par

Analogies help us understand a topic. It usually takes what’s complex and simplifies it.

Today, we’re looking at the game of golf and extracting some fundamental principles.

Although I’m not a golfer, I’ve lived with an avid golfer for over 35 years. So often, I’m amazed that playing the game well has nothing to do with motivation but dedication. It’s a dedication to improve one thing, how you hit the ball.

These principles found in a highly competitive game are relevant for today’s online entrepreneurs.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Which three training objectives matter most in golf and business.
  • What are the variables, and why do they affect our desired outcome?
  • Why simplicity is the key to success.


You’ll also discover steps you can take to get your virtual business up to par and keep it at par!

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Marisa Shadrick
Vince & Marisa

Special Thanks! 

Vince, you always inspire me, support me, make me laugh, and love me unconditionally. You are my greatest blessing on this planet. Love you, babe.




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