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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode #45 Money Mindset Begins With Self-Discovery: Guest Jill Wright

Money Mindset Begins With Self-Discovery


Money Mindset Begins With Self-Discovery: Guest Speaker Jill Wright

Sometimes we struggle in business, yet we’re unsure what we’re doing wrong. 

  • We encounter resistance. 
  • We’re critical of our weaknesses.
  • We stress over unmet goals.


How do we break the cycle? 

This week, my podcast guest Jill Wright shares valuable insights about self-discovery. The process provides a deeper understanding of our value and a healthy perspective on money. 


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How resistance doesn’t discriminate, and it presents itself in different ways. 
  • When we lean on our strengths, we can manage our weaknesses. 
  • 3 practical ways we can shift our mindset and position ourselves for success.
  • The importance of self-discovery and embracing who we are without comparison. 
  • Why coaching programs remain effective and popular and what they provide. 


About Jill Wright The Money Coach

Jill WrightJill The Money Coach helps coaches make money easier. Her no-nonsense approach helps coaches get past the STUCK and learn exactly how to MASTER the game of making money easy.

Everything in your business revolves around money, that’s why you need The Money Coach. Whether it’s pricing,  coaching on objections, or making financial decisions in your business, Jill makes it easier.

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