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Amplify Your Authority
Amplify Your Authority
Episode 59 How a Ministry Background Equips Online Startups

How a Ministry Background Equips Online Startups


I thought ministry and work were separate, and I never mixed the two. 🤔⁠

Years later, I realized I didn’t have to separate work and ministry. My work is an extension of my heart and not my head. 😊⁠⁠

  • Mindset is an extension of faith.⁠
  • Coaching is an extension of love and service.⁠
  • Marketing is an extension of gifts and skills.⁠


⁠As an online marketing coach and certified copywriter, my business means I bring all of myself to the table to help others succeed.

I believe there’s a movement of emerging online leaders that are Kingdom-minded, serving people through their businesses. 🙏⁠

Wherever God has planted you, leverage your gifts, expand your reach, and make a difference. 🌎⁠


Five key lessons I’ve learned that made a big difference in business: 

1. Learning how to communicate and connect with people is essential.

2. Challenging your leadership skills adds to your personal development.

3. Learning how to cultivate a team culture aligns people with your vision and mission.

4. Teaching and public speaking opportunities improve your communication skills.

5. Understanding “it’s not about you” helps create transformation.


When faced with challenges, ministry leaders have an unfair advantage.

Listen and discover the secret that will help you become unstoppable on your way to success.


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