The Unbeatable Advantages of One-on-One Coaching Over Group Coaching


If you’re an independent coach trying to get your practice up and running, consider this unbeatable advantage–one-on-one coaching over group coaching.

As an expert in relationship marketing strategies, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of personalized 1-2-1 coaching.

While group coaching has its benefits, the unique advantages of one-on-one coaching are often overlooked—particularly for coaches in the early stages of their business.

Here’s why you should consider one-on-one coaching as a viable, if not superior, option:


1. Evergreen Availability: Ditch the Open-Close Cart Frenzy

Benefit: With one-on-one coaching, you remove deadline stress. You’ll need minimal systems and less copy for customer acquisition.

Why It’s Important: The evergreen availability allows you to focus on the coaching journey, not the tech and backend systems.


2. Zero Pressure to Fill Group Coaching Spots

Benefit: In one-on-one coaching, there’s no pressure to fill multiple slots to make your coaching program successful.

Why It’s Important: You don’t have to create last-minute sales promotions for a cold audience or spend money on expensive ads.


3. Flexible Calendar: Your Time, Their Time, Anytime

Benefit: One-on-one coaching allows custom scheduling, completely sidestepping the need to find a time that suits a group.

Why It’s Important: Scheduling conflicts are common obstacles to group coaching programs. One-on-one coaching offers flexibility, so you reduce onboarding issues.


4. A Testing Ground for Your Material

Benefit: One-on-one coaching provides an intimate setting to test your material and get immediate, valuable feedback.

Why It’s Important: These insights allow you to fine-tune your content and methods before launching them on a larger scale, increasing your chances of success when you offer group coaching.


5. Premium Pricing: Higher Price Point, Greater Value

Benefit: Generally, one-on-one custom coaching allows you to charge a premium over group sessions.

Why It’s Important: You’ll attract seriously committed clients, providing a fertile ground for transformative results and testimonials.


6. Simplified Marketing: Start Earning With Just a Conversation

Benefit: Sales can be as simple as a Zoom or in-person conversation. No intricate funnels or tech is needed because you’ve built trust and helped them make an informed decision.

Why It’s Important: If you have a framework, a process, or a solution, you don’t have to wait to make money. You can monetize your
expertise immediately; the experience will build confidence and momentum for your coaching business.


But how do you start a conversation, Marisa? Take “random” out of random acts of kindness and begin to serve and help those on your list, social following, network, and peers. (See: Increase Your Revenue Using the Pareto Principle for productivity tips.)

If you’re considering the coaching route for your business, don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. One-on-one coaching can offer an incredible blend of flexibility, profitability, and depth of engagement before you launch a group coaching program.

If you’re curious about relationship marketing and want to start making more money in 2024, I’d love to share how.

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